Yoo Ah In is effortlessly sexy for the 2017 French Cafe CF

Yoo Ah In returned to the commercials this year as the brand ambassador for premium instant French coffee Namyang French Cafe Roastery, a combination of fresh milk and rich coffee extracted from the highest quality coffee beans, the Arabica.

Together with his new label mate Park Hyung Sik, who just joined UAA last April, Yoo Ah In shot two different commercial films. Besides starring together in one CF, they both appeared in a single or their own version as well.

Looking fresh in casual white sweatshirt, Yoo Ah In shows off his contagious smile and pretty dimple in the print/web ads too~


In the CF, Yoo Ah In oozes the masculine aura while playing with his own camera. The plot fits his real life, as he’s into photography too. He delivers raw effortless sex appeal in a way that’s different from the type of “cliché sexy” we find among other celebrities. The last shot of him sipping through the straw just makes us feel thirsty. Real thirsty 😀

There’s a “Chicago Typewriter” vibe in the CF as well, since it shows a man typing with an antic typewriter just like Yoo Ah In’s character in the drama.


Yoo Ah In – French Cafe Roastery CF 30″ version


Yoo Ah In – French Cafe Roastery CF 15″ version


Unfortunately, the duo version hasn’t published on youtube yet. Luckily, the DC residence uploaded the CF in kakaoTV. Here’s the link to the CF:

Yoo Ah In & Park Hyung Sik – French Cafe Roastery CF


Thanks to this GIF, we still can see the CF here~


Update: The duo version Yoo Ah In & Park Hyung Sik is released on Youtube now~

Yoo Ah In & Park Hyung Sik – French Cafe Roastery CF 15″ version



30″ version

15″ version


Delicious! Can we have more hottie Master Sik, please? ^^


Gif source: ND

12 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is effortlessly sexy for the 2017 French Cafe CF”
  1. Katarina says:

    Now i can die in peace 😌

  2. Mari says:

    I’m happy he’s moving forward!

  3. yunakyeon says:

    I love to see him in commercials!

  4. Sakura says:

    I am going to miss him.

    Two questions when is he leaving and when is he coming back?

    That was question one, can Drama universe please cast Yoo Ah In and Ji Soo in the same drama, preferably as brothers in possible mma fights, but they don’t know they are brothers, whoops that’s the whole plot to a movie, so the twist is they both get a lead part and a lead girl?

    Okay those are wishes…

    • Furbabe says:

      First question: He’s still under examination by military manpower administration. He just got re-examined for the 5th time last week and the result has not come out yet. If he passes the reexamination, he will have to join the 2 years mandatory soon this year. So, it means he will discharge from army in late 2019.

      Second question: Such an interesting plot 😀 But only writers and PDs can answers that. Just keep praying for the collaboration to happen in the future ^^


    Such a hot cf from a hottie endorser — my beloved oppa! ♥♥♥ That cute zip on his mouth, awweee! Though I just learned to watch it through the web only but still I felt “kilig” hehe.. (blushing here)….

    I’m starting to miss him already since next week will be the finale of chicago typewriter. 😦 I’ve used to watched it every Friday and Saturday night here in the Phils. but then it has to end soon. Sigh!… Also this year he will be joining the military service if he will pass the 5th re-examination. Just thinking of it made me lonely already… 😦

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi Abegail 🙂 We’ll be missing him so much for sure! Let’s hope that he’ll serve well and come back soon with more great works. And perhaps we can rerun his old works while waiting ^^

      • Abby :) says:

        Yeah, sure thing, I’ll certainly rerun his old works — (re-watch many times those old films, dramas, and interviews, re-surf those interesting articles and photos about him, his studio concrete)! Same here, been praying that he’ll be in all his best obeying rules and serving military service with utmost care of his body until his exit.

        By the way, the finale of chicago typewriter will be airing tonight 7:30 pm, here in the Philippines while 8:30 pm KST (since SK is 1 hr. ahead) time gap advance here. I apology for commenting you the wrong date. I was just carried out with my thoughts and emotions last time. 😦 😦

        I just wished that somehow in my prayers I could cheer him up, boost his strength and confidence before his admission in the military entry. Fighting oppa! I’m one of your big fans here supporting you all the way. 🙂 Big cheers! ♥♥♥

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