“Chicago Typewriter” releases Original Soundtrack CD, fanmade videos ensue

Chicago Typewriter is known for its beautiful soundtracks, and several of them are in English. The original soundtrack (OST) DVD is out worldwide in Yesasia.

Yesasia quoted as saying, “tvN drama Chicago Typewriter revolves around the modern-day reincarnations of three 1930s revolutionaries whose destinies interplay into a whimsical romance because of an ancient typewriter. Yoo Ah In stars as fussy and sensitive best-selling author Han Se Joo who suddenly faces a creativity bottleneck. Lim Soo Jung co-stars as his first fan and Go Kyung Pyo plays the mysterious ghostwriter who suddenly appears in his life to help him write a novel that recalls their previous intertwined lives.”

“Under the direction of music director Nam Hye Seung, the songs and score of Chicago Typewriter convey the unique dual atmosphere of modern and vintage. The soundtrack includes Salt’n Paper‘s Satellite, Baek Ye Rin‘s Blooming Memories, SG Wannabe‘s Writing Our Stories, Super Star K7 winner Kevin Oh‘s Be My Light and Czech boys choir Boni Pueri‘s Come With Me and Time Walk.”

Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기 OST (tvN 드라마) Track List:

01. 시카고 타자기 (Main Title)
02. Satellite (위성)
03. 아주 오래된 기억
04. 우리의 얘기를 쓰겠소
05. Be My Light
06. Come With Me
07. Time Walk
08. Satellite (위성) (Inst.)
09. 아주 오래된 기억 (Inst.)
10. 우리의 얘기를 쓰겠소 (Inst.)
11. Be My Light (Inst.)
12. 유령작가 유진오
13. 총을 겨누다
14. 한세주의 전설
15. 시간여행
16. 그날의 소설을 함께 기억해

Unfortunately, the album doesn’t include “The Wind” song that Ryu Soo Hyun (Im Soo Jung) sings in the drama. “The Wind” (or “The Wind Blows”) was originally sang by Park Dan Ma in 1938 (watch original song video here).

But still, we’re lucky that we’ve got passionate drama fans who posted Im Soo Jung’s “The Wind” version and the lyrics in a video. Here you go~


Thanks to the OST, many passionate international fans of Chicago Typewriter made the beautiful OST fanmade videos (FMV). Let’s check the OST and some nice fan videos below~


Chicago Typewriter OST FMV: Salt’n Paper – Satellite


Chicago Typewriter OST FMV: Boni Pueri – Shine The Light


Chicago Typewriter OST FMV: Boni Pueri – Time Walk


Chicago Typewriter OST FMV: Kevin Oh – Be My Light


Chicago Typewriter OST: SG Wannabe – Writing Our Stories


Chicago Typewriter OST: Baek Yerin – Blooming Memories


Now here are some more beautiful fanmade videos~^^


If you guys find another nice fanmade video, just drop your comment and the video link below 😀

Preorder Chicago Typewriter OST CD now on Yesasia


3 Responses to ““Chicago Typewriter” releases Original Soundtrack CD, fanmade videos ensue”
  1. Mari says:

    Thank you for the videos. The CD is worth buying 👍

  2. aaaaah all I can say to this drama “and the moments with you shine the light on my heart”😊 thank you so much admin❤️️

    and this one I think must be posted, Incomplete by SweetChan91, super beautiful❤️️ https://youtu.be/_E4befuZj5w

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