[FIXED TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Exempt From Mandatory Military Service After 5th Medical Examination + Full Agency’s Statement

(Note: Half of the article below is translated by soompi, but since soompi translation is lacking important words and forgot to add several facts, we made a bit corrections. The words that we bold are our corrections)



On March 15, the Military Manpower Administration ordered the fourth military service physical re-examination/check-up for Yoo Ah In. And once again he was given the 7th grade verdict, which means a “grading hold”. Again, MMA ordered the fifth reexamination for Yoo Ah In’s mandatory military service, and he underwent his medical exam on May 22.

Yoo Ah In had been repeatedly doing the physical examinations for enlistment, but he didn’t make through it. In December 2015, 2nd and 3rd May 2016, he was given the 7th grade verdict as the result of the draft physical examination, which means a “grading hold”. The final verdict regarding the actor’s military service has been delayed a number of times due to various past injuries as well as a bone tumor.

[Grade 7 verdict is a judgment to be given to a person who is under the military service examination and who needs a follow-up observation for an injury or a disease. It is not an ‘alternative service’ (social work, public service work) judgment that is equivalent to the 4th grade of military service, nor is it a 5th grade ‘military service exemption’.]

Finally, Yoo Ah In received a final verdict today on June 27. He was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier primarily because of his massive bone tumor, despite the fact that he has frequently expressed his desire to serve as an active duty soldier. While Yoo Ah In had been receiving treatment in order to maintain a tolerable amount of pain in his daily life, results from his re-examination deemed him unsuitable for life as an active duty soldier.

Furthermore, Yoo Ah In first injured his right shoulder muscle while filming the 2013 movie “Tough as Iron” and his condition worsened while filming the 2015 movie “Veteran” in 2014. [Read “Explanatory Timeline of Yoo Ah in’s Journey with Military Service” here]

The director of “Veteran” [Ryu Seung Wan] said, “The final scene was one in which Yoo Ah In had to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Hwang Jung Min. I was very grateful to Yoo Ah In because, although his hands were shaking the whole time [because of his shoulder injury], he showed fighting spirit until the very end and finished filming without a stand-in.”

He continued, “Even if others say disrespectful and rude things about [Yoo Ah In’s] shoulder injury, I, for one, could never do that.”


Yoo Ah In’s collarbone injury


In addition to his shoulder injury and bone tumor, it was reported that Yoo Ah In also severely fractured his left collarbone last year. So eventually both shoulders were injured [since the bone tumor is on the right shoulder and the broken collarbone was the left one, it means both shoulders hurt him]. His collarbone injury did not come to light until recently because Yoo Ah In received painkilling medication and participated in a hand-printing event at a film festival [2016 Baeksang Arts Awards] the day after the accident that caused the injury.

His agency, United Artist Agency (UAA), released an official statement on June 27. Here are the full translations:

We here inform you of the Military Manpower verdict regarding the mandatory enlistment of our affiliated actor Yoo Ah In.

Actor Yoo Ah In, on the 27th June 2017, and due to his preexisting illness, was deemed “unfit for active duty” by the military manpower, and was given an “exemption from the military service” verdict.

Our agency will consider the actor’s health problem as a top priority and will fully support his treatment. We will take careful observation and management of  the progress together.

Thank you


Upon the malicious and hate comments Yoo Ah In got, here’s a message from the Sassy Translator and I:

Only the most hateful haters would be nasty to Yoo Ah In and his exemption, after knowing about his bone issues. The most hateful and the most stupid would only care to bash him for something he doesn’t control. It’s even obvious that MMA didn’t play favorites with him. They made him go through the physical examination FIVE times to make sure. They didn’t even make him go the public service route! It means Yoo Ah In can’t handle even that.

I want you all to say this: f*ckkkkk the haters/malicious comments. Just have this attitude, and be happy that he’s surpassed this ordeal. Remember that he’s a strong dude. He shakes these things off easily- God bless him. He has matured beyond his years. He’s strong and he’s no simple idiot who would break down because of this. Remember, he received nasty rumors and hurtful lies at a very young age and managed to get over it and be bigger and greater. Now he can focus on his health. Now he can be 100 percent centered emotionally and mentally. And he will surprise us with more works!

To all Sikseekers, we should always remember that K-netizens are not representative of the nation. They only represent themselves. Koreans, like all nationals in all countries, are more mature than their online netizens. They have their personal worries and issues. Personal issues of celebrities are not a priority to them. The average Koreans would want Yoo Ah In not to enlist if it could cause him health troubles. Average Koreans would feel heartbroken to know that a good superiorly talented kid like Yoo Ah In is having health problems. If they had any feelings about it, it would be pure sympathy. I’m sure that they are praying for him, wishing him to get his health in order. They are not the stupid heartless monsters who have sooo much time on their hand to spew hatred towards him or other celebrities.

I know Yoo Ah In must feel upset because he really wanted to serve so bad, and we all know he really loves his country and its well being. But putting that feeling aside, we all know this is the best decision they could come up with for the sake of his health, because military is no joke. It would be better to focus on his health for a year or two, while analyzing future good projects, studying his favorite subjects (such as philosophy), guiding Studio Concrete’s artists and expanding the business. There are abundance of opportunities waiting for him out there because he’s one effin genius. I believe this is not the end of his career, but the beginning of the new chapter in his life.

Borrowing Jung Hee Jae’s “Perhaps, The Words I Wish To Hear Most”: Dear Yoo Ah In, I now know, you must endure things you cannot endure, be worn out by the things you cannot accept, that there are nights when your eyes are brimming with tears. And daresay I know what you’ve dreamt of, and what you’ve lost. I place my hand on your forehead. You, have lived diligently. Please place a hand on my forehead too. The moment one person leaves their fingerprints on another forehead and comforts him, all the frivolous things fall by the wayside, and the silence we never took advantage of while we were engulfed with desire will embrace us. You’ve, worked hard, to live, to survive, you’ve worked hard to get this far. I pray that the happiest moments of your life are yet to come.

As the old saying goes; expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself, the most comforting words of all; this, too, shall pass. 

Dear fellow Sikseekers, in this hardest time, let’s band together to support Yoo Ah In all the way, pray for his health, wish him a speedy recovery, return to his acting work again in the future 🙂

Last but not least, please send your support messages to Yoo Ah In directly via his instagram and twitter. He does read all the comments. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to him. Thank you, and fighting for Yoo Ah In and us!


20 Responses to “[FIXED TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Exempt From Mandatory Military Service After 5th Medical Examination + Full Agency’s Statement”
  1. yosics says:

    So sad to know the condition he’s in now! 😦 He’s that ill and netizens are still talking bad about him. Wishing him good health!!

  2. Laura says:

    “So eventually both shoulders were injured” – Can’t imagine how much physical pain he endured for 4 years, plus malicious comments this year. Only for his big passion on acting he endured them all. I pray for you everyday, Master Sik. Don’t give up. You will rise and shine again!

  3. Yasuyo says:

    Stay strong, Master Sik! We wish you can recover from outside and inside problem.

  4. Mari says:

    He will come back with better condition. Don’t worry, no matter how long it will be, he surely will come back 🙏 GBU, Master Sik 🙏

  5. SoRyuu13 says:

    Is the reaction toward his exemption that bad? I know that knetz do not represent all koreans but i’m worried that those hurtful comments will make him feel worse. He’s strong, yes, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Damn. I bet those hateful comments are from good for nothing losers who like to put people down just to feel a little better about themselves. Wait and see, haters.

    • Furbabe says:

      It’s natural that any “controversy” related to army in Korea, no matter how small it is, will get huge backlash. This time is the same. We’re worried too, but instead of dwelling in negativity, we’d like to ask you all to send positive vibes and energy to Yoo Ah In 🙂

  6. Mia says:

    I am a netizen and I feel the Korean Army made tthe right decision in exempting Yoo Ah In. As in America, there are procedures to follow for the safety and health of not only the armed services but mainly to the individual who is trying to enlist. This does not mke you any less of a person. I hope you can heal from your physical ailments so you can live a better quality of life. We love you, never forget.

  7. Sakura says:

    Ah, the two films I absolutely loved him in. Veteran — I am not surprised that such a good performance has a price and that it was the ending scene, ‘that kid can fight!’. I loved Kang Chulee mainly because I loved the sound of his voice in it. So with even with no subs I relied heavily on Ah In’s line delivery. Highly advised for all Ah In films, especially because you could just watch it again with subs for what he actually says, because who reads subs when you watch his work for the first time anyway? Now I appreciate what certain actors do and how they are in real life doesn’t really concern us — it is just real no pretenses on there part. Out of a long list of military goers this year active/non-active in kdrama land, Yoo Ah In I certainly already miss him most.

    • Furbabe says:

      Thank you, Sakura. Kangchuli and Veteran are two heavy action movies. Yoo Ah In had to pay the price for his passion in acting, especially in this two movies. We’ll surely miss him most 🙂

  8. Medina Yip says:

    Hope you take great care of yourself mastersik, don’t worry what others say,just take care, love your acting. Be well

  9. shamrockmom3 says:

    Thank you to Sassy Translator and Furbabe for your dedication to accuracy in the translation. Details matter! That collarbone X-ray is shocking, to say the least. A break with displacement is so painful. MasterSik–Fighting!
    Also, was there any indication of what the next medical step for YAI could be? Perhaps surgery? More physiotherapy? I am sure I speak for all his fans who want him 100% healthy as soon as possible.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi, shamrockmom3, you’re welcome 🙂 His agency didn’t say anything about the next medical step for him, but some media interviewed experts regarding his condition. They said some benign tumors occasionally are locally aggressive tumors that can progressively destroy the infected area. The solution for it most of the time is: surgery. And like what the doctors have done with Yoo Ah In: it needs observation first to ensure that the tumor is not growing or showing signs of being aggressive. Then and only then, doctors perform the needed surgery.

      • Sakura says:

        So then… in Yoo Ah In’s case he is more at risk of fracture to the area where the tumor is located? As this tumor-area may not become worse and spread but it is more likely that the bone there may be weaker and thus at risk for severe injury?

        And that is interesting because that is why he is exempt because of the tumor and not because of the two other injuries he already has. He has definitely been put off active duty not because of his injuries but because of a natural occurrence — the tumor — which he could not have foreseen or been aware of. How are knetizens overlooking this when it is written in Korean?

        So anyway, on the hopeful side if the problem is removed via surgery hopefully the pain would have diminished.

  10. DIlu says:

    Just a quick question, as you have suggested, I would honestly like to write a letter to Yoo Ah In to support him and encourage him to be strong during this difficult time.
    Do you happen to have the address of Yoo Ah In’s agency? I assume that’s where I have to send a fan letter. Or is it to Studio Concrete?
    Would appreciate your info. Thank you again for your hard work and support.

  11. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    It’s very clear why Hong was announced as a medical unfit citizen by the military authorities.Hong seemed to suffer a lot during this enlisting process. Yeah, Poor Hong that he had to overcome these great hardships alone while the haters were severely and heartlessly bashing him on line. I even can’t find words on how to express my feelings of empathy towards Hong. Thank God he does have a fighting spirit all along.

    Please let me share this to my facebook timeline, explaining about this mishap of a popular Korean Artist to my fellow citizens. In our country, military service is optional so, I wanna let them know how lucky they are.

    Thank you so much.

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