[FULL TRANS] Yoo Ah In’s Agency to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors About His Military Exemption

Finally. It’s about damn time they speak up, stand up, and do their job properly.

On July 3rd, Yoo Ah In’s agency United Artist Management (UAA) announced its official stance and will be taking firm action against blind speculation, insults, slanders, malicious rumors, comments and accusations being made against him and his health which brought serious damage reputation. Here’s UAA full official statement:


Hello this is UAA, the agency of actor Yoo Ah In.

On June 27, 2017, there was media coverage of the actor Yoo Ah In’s military service. The actor and his agency would like to accurately communicate the facts and give additional statements.

As it is known through media reports and actors’ past statement, Yoo Ah In has undergone physical examination for military service for the past three years due to long-term health problems such as injuries and illnesses, and on May 22, 2017 he had his re-physical examination conducted. Then, on June 26, 2017, he was informed of the final military service exemption decision by the Military Manpower Administration.

It is clear to us that all the process of the judgment has been made through proper procedures such as thorough inspection and verification by the state agency without any irregularities, such as abuse or refusal. In addition, all personal information contained in this process, results, etc, should have been be protected by law.

However, the actor’s health problems and personal information such as ‘bone tumor’, ‘fracture’, ‘muscle rupture’ have been announced several times without regard to the actor or his agency’s statement, which added unnecessary constraints and controversy.

The health problems and their resulting physical and mental suffering are completely personal problems that no one can easily assume, and the career issues that can be caused by the inevitable decision of military service exemption are also entirely up for the actor.

The unintended controversy over the years has kept many people concerned and tired, and that saddens Yoo Ah In and his agency. In addition, we felt sorry/sympathy for those who have been disappointed and worried because they haven’t been able to enlist and had been informed of their exemption from military service through health problems.

Accordingly, the agency would like to inform you that we will take legal actions against the illegal harassment and malicious controversy, which are void of facts, and only add to the suffering of the actor, causing slander of the actor’s career and image, and insulting the personality and authenticity of the actor. We will respond firmly to all malicious acts such as the dissemination of false facts and infringement of personal information.

The actor and his company would like to express their gratitude to the many people who gave their support and comfort. And with the best of treatment and (health) management, We promise that he will be back again in good health.

Thank you


Important points:
Through this statement we can understand that what he actually has is a bone tumor (not bone cancer as the media reported), because the statement suggests that his personal health information (bone tumor, fracture, muscle rupture) were all leaked without his permission. It’s still painful, but thank God it’s benign. And whether it’s benign or malignant, it does not brush off the fact that he is not able to perform military service. They also underlined the fact that the final decision, after they made him going through five examinations, has been made by Military Man Power Administration fair and square.

Let’s keep sending positive supports and prayers to Yoo Ah In’s instagram and twitter!


Translated by Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


10 Responses to “[FULL TRANS] Yoo Ah In’s Agency to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors About His Military Exemption”
  1. Miko says:

    Always thanks for the input. At last UAA gave an official statement. I wanted UAA to start it earlier. I felt relieved in this a little. YOO AH IN uploaded Instagram yesterday. I’m convinced that he does not yield to the present situation. After all OUR STAR is splendid!!!!!(*^^*)v I keep sending positive supports and prayers to him.

    • Furbabe says:

      Yes, our Sik posted two photos to reassured us all that he’s fine and stronger than ever 🙂 Thank you for your kindness and support too, Miko ❤

  2. Sophie says:

    I felt relief it’s a benign bone tumor. It’s true that UAA need to step up to prevent further damage they’ve contributed earlier. I hope they walk the talk for real. Sue those malicious commenters!

  3. Mari says:

    Yoo Ah In is stronger than what people could ever imagine. He’s been treated unfairly too often since his early days, and this one is just another period of that days. MMA won’t stop him, and neither will these keyboard warriors. He’ll come back and make them love him again.

  4. Eugenia Ekwesi says:

    Beautiful! Good to take a legal action against any malicious comment. Quite a relief the issues are resolved. Yoo Ah In is keenly supported by a lot of fans, which includes me. Haters should go to sleep. Please is Yoo working on any drama at the moment. Can’t wait to watch his new productions. Wishing him the best. 💛💜💚❤💙💓👯

    • Sakura says:

      @ Eugenia Ekwesi, yeah a new drama or movie that would be great!!! I have already started re-watching YAI dramas.

  5. Yasuyo says:

    Many thanks for the quick translation. It’s finally the first step for the agency to act out. Zip your mouth, the malicious controversists! We will wait until he’ll be back in good health!!!

  6. Michykdrama says:

    I think everyone is confused because to medical people “bone tumour” can be benign or malignant. Tumour just means an abnormal growth of tissue. However osteosarcoma is definitely a malignant form of bone cancer.

    Also, a benign bone tumour doesn’t mean the patient is asymptomatic- they can have pain, or the bone with the tumour can be weaker than abnormal bone. Which is what I suspect is the case for YAI. Also, his previously broken clavicle could also contribute to his shoulder being weaker overall, and therefore unfit for active duty.

    I’m generally just a bit confused about SK’s military conscription process as I don’t understand why such men like YAI and SIG cannot serve in a non combat role like as a driver/clerk/admin person in the army like how it is done in the country I come from.

    Anyway just my thoughts as a medical doctor whose country also has manditory conscription.

    • Michykdrama says:

      Just to clarify the reason I bring up serving in the army in a non combat role, is because that would enable him to do his military service but not endanger his health, and not suffer from the current controversy from the nasty knetizens because he is totally exempt. Which would be an ideal situation for him in my opinion.

      • Furbabe says:

        As far as I know, before Koreans go to the 2 years mandatory service, they, who are judged Levels 1 through 4, must enroll and pass a 5 week military basic training in the training center/boot camp, and it’s just similar with the military training: learn how to shoot rifles and throw grenades, learn how to march and patrol, go through marches with full gear (around 55 to 60 pounds) during the day and at night, learn how to fight with bayonet, learn how to dig trenches and encamp, etc. So I presume that both Yoo Ah In and Seo In Guk are incapable to pass even this basic training. I think SK military should think of the new policy on how to make these people able to serve in military without the basic training.

        Read SK military service information here http://askakorean.blogspot.co.id/2009/04/military-service-series-part-ii-life-in.html

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