Yoo Ah In News Bits April 2017: No.1 TV Performer, Chicago Typewriter, jTBC Newsroom, MMA Rebuts Paperworks Delay, Diesel & More

Picking up where we left, here’s another eventful month for Yoo Ah In and his Studio Concrete 🙂 Check them out!

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April 1 – Yoo Ah In posted Trolls animation movie’s screencapture with caption: “True colors are beautiful like a rainbow🌈 #Troll #pause”. Obviously, while he was watching this movie, he had the urge to share his favorite scene to us all that he pressed the pause button 😀


April 6 – Yoo Ah In and Park Hyung Sik are chosen as the joint advertising models.

Both actors star for a beverage/drink commercial advertising together as the joint campaign models. See full article and the commercial film here. And here’s the duo version of the CF that we’ve been waiting for~^^


April 7 – It’s Chicago Typewriter première day. All Yoo Ah In’s friends & colleagues posted the drama posters/stills in their instagram accounts and they were all excited.

Yoo Ah In’s designer-friend Nohant (who collaborated with Yoo Ah In in the Hangeul-Roman “Love City” t-shirt project) posted Yoo Ah In’s Chicago Typewriter image still, and actress Jung Yumi dropped her comment as well

The designer told his friend not to miss today’s episode. His friend told Nohant, “Let’s watch it and party then at Itaewon”.

Nohant then mentioned Jung Yumi, “And after we are done, we go to Yumi’s place”. [He’s jokingly calling her place the name of her restaurant in the reality she did in Bali ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, which also aired on tvN in the same night as Chicago Typewriter]. He asked her, “What’s the menu for today?”, to which she answered, “Bulgogi kitchen… :)” 😀

They all laughed at Yoo Ah In’s certain funny photo/news headline from the drama’s press conference too. His Studio Concrete’s curator posted this photo~

The title of photo article he posted is “Chicago Typewriter Yoo Ah In, the unbearably cute”. His friend’s caption reads, “kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fool”.

Yoo Ah In’s Studio Concrete photographer Kim Jae Hoon chimed in, “Effin cute”. The others too say, “Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk he’s a fool like this”, “Aiiishhhhh kkkkkkkkk he’s the world’s cutesttt!”.

Yoo Ah In dropped his comment as well with: “^^^^^^^^^^^^^”

Ahhh his friends are so sweet!


April 10 – Yoo Ah In & Produce101 Jang Moon Bok April’s NO.1 TV Performers

Good Data Corporation (hereinafter “Good Data”) announced the rankings of top TV performers in drama and non-drama for April TV coverage. This survey was conducted through online news, blogs, community forums, SNS, and video views of 423 performers who are onair or are scheduled to be broadcast in April with 2,715 participants.

According to the survey, Yoo Ah In and rapper/Produce 101 contestant Jang Moon Bok took the top spot respectively for drama and non-drama category. 

Yoo Ah In took the first place in the drama category with the cable TV tvN drama Chicago Typewriter. His co-star Im Soo Jung came in second place, and Go Kyung Pyo was also in sixth place.

Here’s the rank list of April’s TOP TV Drama Performers:
1. Yoo Ah In (Chicago Typewriter)
2. Im Soo Jung (Chicago Typewriter)
3. Choi Kang Hee (Mystery Queen)
4. Kwon Sang Woo (Mystery Queen)
5. Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Boong Soon)
6. Go Kyung Pyo (Chicago Typewriter)
7. Park Hyung Sik (Strong Woman Do Boong Soon)
8. Lee Sang Yoon (Whisper)
9. Lee Bo Young (Whisper)
10. Lee Hyun Woo (The Liar and His Lover)


April 13 – Yoo Ah In was seen filming drama Chicago Typewriter in Shinchon with Im So Jung. A lot of people were watching them on the street.


April 13 – Still in the same day, a person from Chicago Typewriter filming location posted Yoo Ah In’s signature picture that she got from him. She said she was very happy and that Yoo Ah In was taller than she imagined before^^  


April 14 – Yoo Ah In & Military Manpower Administration rebut false rumor spread by irresponsible media

“No documents have been unsubmitted” rumor: Yoo Ah In, MMA, a firm and clarifying stance from both sides.

Yoo Ah In has been involved again in a baseless military service controversy. Both sides, Yoo Ah In and the Military Manpower Administration, gave a firm statement, and that is: “The controversy is GROUNDLESS”.

On April the 14th, some certain media outlets reported that the MMA have requested Yoo Ah In, who was examined for the fourth time, to submit supplementary documents that are necessary for the re-examination, and Yoo Ah In has not submitted the documents within that period of time. Reports have claimed that the MMA have “encouraged” him to do so [implying that the MMA are giving Yoo Ah In a preferential treatment, and helping him to delay his enlistment]. Reports claimed that Yoo Ah In, who was re-examined on March 15, was informed by the MMA office about the submission of the supplementary documents by the 29th of the same month, but he did not deliver the documents on time.

However, Yoo Ah In’s agency has disclosed, “These information are absolutely unfounded. All the documents that were required by the MMA have been submitted. We checked again with the MMA, and they answered that there are no documents that haven’t been submitted”.

The MMA officials have said: “The expression ‘encourage’ itself is inappropriate. Yoo Ah In is an enlistment obligor [means: bound by legal obligations to enlist] who has been re-examined the same way as similar subjects. He’s in a situation where he’s waiting for the judgment (of the officials). He’s treated the same way as others without any discrimination.”

In addition, “It is also unfounded that Yoo Ah In has not filed documents on time. Depending on the health status of the person being examined, the timing for submitting documents can be different. It undergoes a normal procedure at the discretion of the doctor. No appointments have been broken by Yoo Ah In. The results of the re-examination were postponed according to a series of procedures. The results will come out in May. Please wait.”

Yoo Ah In has given his explanation about his military in the Chicago Typewriter production conference. He said, “When you are being re-examined, you will receive the results on the spot, but I still haven’t gotten the results from my follow-up examination from March 15. My case is very unique. Since this particular case is receiving a lot of attention, it appears that the military is carefully taking more time to make the best decision. There are people who are questioning why I’m filming a drama when I’m sick. But the fact of the matter is, I rested for a year until now without being able to enlist; however, I came across a great project called ‘Chicago Typewriter,’ which is why I am working again. A lot of people ask whether I would choose my drama over my mandatory military service; however, enlistment is not a choice at all. I am not someone who has the power to [evade enlistment]. Instead of trying to twist the situation into something negative, I would be very grateful if everyone would view the situation in a warm light and wait patiently.”

The writer of this article is also criticizing the journalists who didn’t wait for the results and talking unjustly about a preferential treatment, by writing, “Some of them/journalists don’t want to wait for the results, although it’s a part of the process. Even Yoo Ah In himself is eagerly waiting for the result too. If his disadvantage is considered as a special case by MMA, there is nothing that can be explained or revealed even from Yoo Ah In’s perspective. It’s time to learn that the virtue of waiting is important.”

Netizens comments :
1. [+7044, -261] Journalists are the problem really. It’s not true. Please write justly. Write nothing but facts.

2. [+6431, 278] Sincerely, I’m not a fan nor an anti of Yoo Ah In, but those journalists are really not good. It’s not even the 29th of April yet, and those people are making stupid fuss like this?

3. [+5122, -166] Really, that looks like a stress-free illness [this is a sarcasm, because they/journalists are stressing Yoo Ah In despite his illness]

4. [+4408, -144] Since he’s doing things according to the MMA, why are they/journalists tormenting him like this?

5. [+823, -80] What?! Reporters didn’t fact-check this and still wrote it?! Dont they feel ashamed?


April 15Yoo Ah In is TOP 5 April Brand Reputation Movie Star

The Korea Research Institute for Corporate Identity held a survey of 25 brand-name movie stars who are loved by Korean consumers from March 13 toApril 14, 2017. Around 39,885,503 brand data participated to measure consumer participation indicators, media indicators, communication indicators, and community indicators.

Brand reputation index is an index that extracts brand big data, and analyzes consumer behavior and classifies it as participation value, communication value, media value, community value, social value, and positive-negative ratio weight.

The April 2017 movie actor’s brand reputation rank reveals that Yoo Ah In spotted the 5th rank of all film actors, even though he doesn’t have any movie to release yet. Nice! 😀

April 2017 TOP 20 Brand Reputation Movie Stars:
1. Gong Yoo
2. Han Seok Gyu
3. Kim Rae Won
4. Kim Yoon Jin
6. Kim Soo Hyun
7. Kim Nam Gil
8. Yoo Hae Jin
9. Jeon Ji Hyun
10. Choi Min Shik
11. Yoon Je Moon
12. Jo In Sung
13. Lee Byung Hun
14. Hyun Bin
15. Jung Woo Sung
16. Joo Jin Woong
17. Kang Dong Won
18. Han Hyo Joo
19. Ha Jung Woo
20. Kim Hye Soo


April 15 – SNSD/Girls Generation member Yoona posted Yoo Ah In’s Chicago Typewriter screencap in her instagram. In her caption she says: “Today I started watching this in my room📇 #reallyfun


April 16 – Im Soo Jung shares how she feels about Chicago Typewriter co-star Yoo Ah In

Im Soo Jung is the cover model for the May edition of fashion magazine InStyle, and she expressed her thoughts about her drama Chicago Typewriter and co-star Yoo Ah In.

“When an actor meets a drama or a movie, it’s like meeting a lover. I agree to work on it only when I get the right feel from it. The moment I read the script for Chicago Typewriter, I wanted to do it. That’s how interesting and fresh the story and characters are.”

Im Soo Jung plays the role of Jeon Seol, an avid fan of Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In). In accordance with her character in the drama, she revealed, “I’ve always been a fan of Yoo Ah In,” and continued, “He fits his character so well that I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role, and I’m sure viewers feel the same way as well. Being on set is fun too. Although Han Se Joo has a cold personality, sometimes he can be cute and funny. The scenes where Han Se Joo and Jeon Seol appear together are especially fun. I like how we interact with each other.”


April 17 – Yoo Ah In’s photo and his political statement (his 2012 political tweet) appear in jTBC Newsroom Anchor Briefing/JTBC News Scoop about “Lonely Voters”.

The anchor, Sohn Suk Hee, displayed an old article of Yoo Ah In. ️The article writer/journalist wished that Yoo Ah In would join the National Assembly because she admires his political views. The article also mentioned when Yoo Ah In helped with the campaign to provide free lunch meals for poor school students, and it quoted the letter he penned for the charity organization The Beautiful Foundation.

The article quoted something Yoo Ah In has said in an interview, “I want to be a young man who is deeply concerned for the relationship between politics and life.” And this big time anchor has quoted Yoo Ah In from this article with big letters on the screen.️ That’s so amazing!

Since the presidential election were about to start that time, perhaps it’s the jTBC’s way of encouraging young people to cast their votes at the presidential elections, they want the young viewers to follow in Yoo Ah In’s footsteps, and be politically conscious.

The news anchor Sohn Suk Hee and his program are frikkin famous. Sohn Suk Hee is one of the most famous South Korean TV anchors, professor at Sungshin Women’s University, and president of JTBC’s news reporting division. He is considered one of the most influential figures in South Korean media. It’s a big big deal that this respected man is using Yoo Ah In’s line to encourage youngsters to vote. Let’s hope someday they invite him to the newsroom to talk about his view directly 

Watch the video here:


April 19 – Studio Concrete joins Diesel’s world campaign “Make Love Not Walls” through an exhibition. The exhibition was held from 27 to 30 April. “Make Love Not Walls” is Diesel debut anti division campaign created by David La Chapelle, which put forward a message of love and unity. Read more here.


Make Love Not Walls.
Diesel has joined hands with studio concrete for the Make Love Not Walls exhibition in Seoul. Diesel’s artistic director, Nikola Formicherty, emphasizes that Diesel has taken a firm stand on the hatred that has separated us and explains that “love and harmony are the decisive factors for a beautiful and happy future that we all want.” Studio Concrete responds to Diesel’s significant campaign with the theme “We loved.” “We Loved” is not a simple past sentence. It means the greatness of love that transcends time and space as the starting point of love, like fate, that all beings have to go through to be born in this world. “We loved” is also another slogan for “Loving” or “I love you all”.


Kim Jae Hoon’s “THIS IS OUR SIGN”, which is installed on the first floor, will guide the audience to the center of the demonstration site. There are various characters laughing brightly with the blue sky as the backdrop, and there’s a blank canvas to be filled with the sensible phrase. ‘The Power of the Square’ makes our smile unfamiliar to ourselves. In the photos, they are the members of Studio Concrete and their families, participating directly in Diesel’s YES! Campaign. Kim Jae Hoon ‘s photos reflect the audience as invisible mirror, and you are the main character who changes the world through love. “THIS IS OUR SIGN” in the exhibition hall emphasizes that a warm smile is our powerful weapon.


“HUG” Drawing by Kwon Chul Hwa using the wall on the second floor is completed through active participation of the audience. The anonymous forms that fill the walls are full of irony and fascination of life and love. The story of a secret love extends to the public realm through murals. The audience uses the tools such as crayons and color markers to fill in the walls as if they were coloring books. The playful moments are naturally transformed in this painting by intimate communication between the artists, Diesel campaign, and audiences.


On the second floor of the Studio Concrete, they show the complete photographs and images of the campaigns by American artists, David La Chapelle and Nikola Formicherty, whose works have been dedicated to diversity and human rights. The lounge space, which reinterprets the flower of the hippie generation that cried for world peace in contemporary context, serves as a unique shelter for the audience who visited the exhibition hall.


The “Love Tank” on the rooftop of the studio concrete has traveled to Berlin, London, Milan and New York, and has become an icon of hope. It is a pleasant and quirky idea that the tank, which is a weapon symbolizing the dark side of human civilization, is reborn as a rainbow-colored, inflatable balloon! In this world filled with disgust, fear, fake news and distrust, the spell of magic we now desire is “love again”. It is the ‘tank of love’ that breaks all the walls.


April 20 – Go Kyung Pyo, “I joined Chicago Typewriter because of Yoo Ah In”

Go Kyung Pyo sits down and talks to Grazia about Chicago Typewriter in a photoshoot session for May 2017 issue. The actor admitted that a big factor in his decision to participate in Chicago Typewriter was because of Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung.

He said, “In all honestly, after I heard that Yoo Ah In was taking the lead role, I told my company that I wanted to do whatever it takes to be a part of the cast. Also, I heard talks that Im Soo Jung was also joining the cast after 13 years of being off the small screen. I eagerly waited to hear news to confirm their casting.”


April 21 – Once again, Yoo Ah In was seen filming drama Chicago Typewriter in Seoul with Im So Jung and a lot of people were watching them on the street.


April 22 – Park Hyung Sik, “New Agency Confirmed, Yoo Ah In Influenced Me”

Park Hyung Sik shares which actor played a role in his decision to sign with new agency.

A few weeks ago, it was officially announced that Park Hyung Sik signed a contract with United Artists Agency (UAA), which houses star actors like Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo. Although the actor received a great number of love calls from various agencies, he explained, “I am now just beginning [my career as an actor]. As I moved agencies, I thought my first venture into this part of the industry was the most important and I wanted [to sign on with] an agency that would carefully consider every step in my career. UAA did a lot to meet my wishes, which is why I came to the decision to the join UAA.”

The actor also expressed that actor Yoo Ah In played a role in his decision. Park Hyung Sik explained, “I have been a fan of Yoo Ah In for a long time. Every time I watched one of his films, I would think to myself, ‘How does he act like that?’ and greatly admired his acting abilities. I felt that I would be able to learn and improve a lot as an actor, just by observing.”

Due to the fact that Park Hyung Sik has had a full schedule since the completion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he has not had time to have a welcome party and has not met Yoo Ah In or Song Hye Kyo yet. The actor stated, “I’m both very nervous and very excited [to meet them].”

Korean netizens reaction:

1. [+4829, -298] Ah ha! Hyungsik really has excellent eyes. YOO AH IN is the best actor within actors of his age group. He’ll learn lots from himㅎㅎ

2. [+3882, -299] That’s right, there’s no other people in his age group except YOO AH IN who’s such a great actor

3. [+2589, -139] He’ll do well wherever he does.. Like right now~^^

4. [+2429, -126] Hyungsik-ssi, if you act yourself and use your friendliness anywhere you go, you’d do well. I’ll always support you

5. [+1896, -144] Why do I only learned about Park Hyungsik now… I regret so much. Thank you for being in DBS!!!

6. [+420, -47] He’d do much better being in a small, but reputed agency with people like YOO AH IN and Song Hye Kyo than a company jammed packed with actors~ There’s so many actors choosing YOO AH IN as their role model

7. [+395, -40] YOO AH IN is a good actor, They have Park Hyungsik, YOO AH IN and Song Hye Gyo, such a nice company

8. [+381, -55] Seriously he’ll do well learning from a sunbae like YOO AH IN. Park Hyungsik is still green, so he’ll succeed even more


April 21 – Yoo Ah In posted the BTS photo of W Korea March 2017 edition (read his interview here). His caption is the laughing sound “#까까” (“kka kka”)


A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He must love the photoshoot results 🙂 


April 25 – Yoo Ah In is Top 4 Fashionistas in Korean Showbiz

The April 24 broadcast of tvN’s ‘The List 2017’ revealed their official list of the top fashionistas in Korean entertainment as selected by top industry professionals.

Coming in fourth place was actor Yoo Ah In.  The panelists discussed, “Yoo Ah In is not your average joe. He has his own taste when it comes to style. He has always been interested in design and fashion.”

1. G-Dragon
2. Ryu Seung Bum
3. Gong Hyo Jin
5. Ryu Jun Yeol
6. Jung Ryeo Won
7. f(x) Krystal
8. Choi Ji Woo


April 26 – Yoo Ah In posted Studio Concrete’s Diesel Exhibition “Make Love Not Walls”. 

He must be proud of Studio Concrete’s achievement ^^ Keep up your good work, Master Sik!


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