Yoo Ah In News Bits 21~31 May 2017: poetry discussion with a fan, Chicago Typewriter’s ice cream, and a business savvy

Picking up where we left off, here’s May News Bits Part 2 (from May 21 to 31)!   

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May 21 – Yoo Ah In posted the song he was listening: “When I Was A Boy” by Electric Light Orchestra’s mastermind Jeff Lynne’s single record “Alone in the Universe”.

Listen to this song here 


May 26 – Yoo Ah In posted the piles of garbage photo

삶의 뒤편

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption says:

“The back of life”


May 27 – Yoo Ah In wittily posted his “selfie” while wearing a funny wide-eyed mask and sporting a witty tee that reads “Team Serious” on it.

#selfie #아무것도몰라요

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His caption says:

“#selfie #I know nothing”


May 28 – Yoo Ah In posted a poem with long caption. He also had a nice discussion about the poet and this poetry with a fan in the comment box.

언젠가 콘크리트가 시라는 것을 우리의 움직임으로, 전시라는 것으로 엮어 세상에 내보인다면, 그 작가는 반드시 황병승이어야 한다는 '희망'을 품었었다. 그 희망은 여전하다. '희망'이기 보단 '간절한 소망'에 가깝지만. 그는 매우 중대할만한 것, 꺼내야 할 만한 것들을 기어이 꺼내고, 자신만의 건축으로 하나의 세계를 직조한다. 그 시는 너저분하지만 간결하고, 드럽게 추잡스럽지만, 숨 막히게 간결하다. 숨 막히게 순결하다. 견고함의 수준, 시라는 문학의 수준에 대한 평가는 직조된 시간의 시를 거슬러 기성의 잡다한 형태를 기준으로 삼아 전혀 위대할 것 없이 오판되어 오지 않았던가. 시가 대체 뭐길래. 견고함의 아름다움은 경외심의 감탄을 부르고, 거칠고 무자비한 아름다움은 의식을 전환시키며 새로운 감각을 깨우는 감동을 만든다. 아름다움. 중요한 것은 그 것이다. 그는 두 가지를 다 방법으로 해서 아름다움을 생성해내고야 마는 가장 불행한 그래서 가장 아름다운 시인 중 하나다. 그의 시는 포털 사이트 링크 따위에서 저마다의 값으로 적게, 또 크게 팔려 나간다. 그의 시는 세상에 더 잘 보여야 한다. 더 많이 팔려야 한다. 아주 슬플 만큼 더 먹음직스럽게. 나는 고작 너의 몇조각을 보았는데도 이렇게 배가 부르고 단단히 열이 오르는데 저들은 어떨까. 먹고 또 먹어도 공허해서 먹고 또 먹었다. 궁금하고 두렵다. 미치게 흥미롭다. #황병승

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Yoo Ah In posted a short story by one of his favorite poets: Hwang Byung Seung titled ‘A Picnic Spot With a Rat’. He only posted a short part of the full story. The jist of the story: a guy talking about the girl he has been loving for a long time. And she doesn’t seem to be really in love the way he is with her. Here are the translations of the only part that Yoo Ah In posted~

The courage vanished,
On untimely gaudy Monday,
I want to destroy all the paintings I painted,
No matter what kind of pattern, the clothes and nature unmatched,
I don’t know how much is ‘tomorrow’ left for us,
One day, on that day, the petals will eventually fall off.
– I love you…. Can you tell me?
— cheer up
In the picnic where the rats stayed,
They looked at each other’s face,
As if to tell the other side of the last words:
Cheer up, for I love you.
On the red card painted with a flower blush, for the first time I wrote this sentence.

Hwang Byung Seung – A Picnic Spot With a Rat

Yoo Ah In added a long caption under the poem excerpt where he expressed his admiration for this poet, and how underrated he is. He even replied to a fan who expressed her dislike for the poet’s writing style. Here’s the translations on his caption:

If you want to move into the concrete with poetry, if you want to showcase this woven world through exhibitions, the writer who would nourish that “hope” must certainly be Hwang Byung Seung. That hope remains unchanged, although it’s more of an “ardent desire/wish” rather than just “hope”. He’s very worthy of his significant status. He raises topics that should be brought up, and he weaves a whole world with his own structure.

This poem, albeit sloppy/messy, is concise. It’s really vulgar, yet breathtakingly brief. Breathtakingly pure/innocent. With this level of solidity/strength, I wonder if the assessment of the literary level of the  poem has been misjudged as “nothing great” because of its non-linear narrative? Because it defies  miscellaneous forms of the pre-established literature?

What on earth is poetry all about? It’s the beauty of strength that calls for reverence and admiration. While the rough and merciless beauty is changing consciousness, it creates an emotion that awakens a new sensation. It is Beauty. That’s what’s important. He creates beauty by means of these two ways [changing consciousness & awakening new sensations].

However, he’s one of the most unfortunate and most beautiful poets. His poems in each of the portal sites links are under-appreciated, yet his books sell amazingly. His poems should gain more favor in the world. His poetry must sell much more. His poetry is extremely sad yet very tempting.

Although I’ve barely seen a few fragments/pieces of you [directed at the poet himself], I feel full [satisfied] and my temperature keeps on going up [Note: It’s like he’s having a fever. He has contradictory feelings because of the poems]. What about others? [He means to say: What type of feelings do people have when they read your works?]

I eat and eat again, and I feel so empty. So I eat some more [he’s devouring those poems over and over again]. I’m curious and fearful. It’s maddeningly exciting. #HwangByungSeung

And then, Yoo Ah In replied to a fan who disagreed with his thought on Hwang Byung Seung and they engaged in a civil discussion. The girl (who is a student of Korean literature) is basically arguing in her comments about how Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry is no good because he doesn’t follow the traditional forms and values of poetry. He defies the rules and obviously chooses unconventional themes [unconventional for the Korean literature world, I guess?]. Hence, it’s thought of as “meaningless”. She kept going on about this point. So, Yoo Ah In argued with her in a very calm and refined manner and ended the argument politely with his very profound and knowledgeable answer 🙂 Here are the translations on their conversations:


historiajin: Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry shows a challenging spirit to the meaning of poetry. But it also shows autism because of how closed in it is. Since autism abandons the social nature that makes human beings human, his poetry can be called as such indeed. The nonstop criticism and challenging of authorities (literary authority) is a positive thing because it prevents corruption. However, as a result, Hwang’s poetry makes nonsense of the value of literature and the meaning of humans itself. So from that point of view, what does this challenging spirit create other than freshness? When one rejects everything except for freshness, that freshness becomes meaningless. Nevertheless, as a fan of Yoo Ah In-ssi, and as a passionate fan of literature too, I think that it’s really wonderful that you have such worries while reading literature ☺❤️ It seems that having deep thoughts is the reason behind your profound/deep acting!!!😆


Yoo Ah In to historiajin: I’m not obsessed with the forms of beauty. I rather care about creating new forms that illuminate the truth. And that is of course beautiful. Whatever we feel about any part of it is a matter of individual freedom. That’s the truth of literature, right?



historiajin to Yoo Ah In: Within literary circles, they almost have abandoned critiquing Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry. That’s because Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry is essentially almost impossible to critique meaning-wise. His poetry focuses on the individual things, but rejects to focus on the whole meaning. He’s a poet who refuses to have his own poetry get interpreted and be meaningful. This poet seems to write meaningless forms of poetry as an objection to the pre-established literary belief “literature must carry a meaning”, rather than creating poetry with the intention to illuminate truths. Of course if I looked at it from Yoo Ah In-ssi‘s aesthetic* perspective, Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry can be regarded as a new form of beauty. As you said, we are free to have our own perspective on understanding art ~,~ However, literature is essentially a part of art. This is a comment where I evaluate whether literature should contain a human essence and give meaning to the world or not!0!

[*Notes from Wikipedia:

  • Aestheticism (also the Aesthetic Movement) is an intellectual and art movement supporting the emphasis of aesthetic values more than social-political themes for literature, fine art, music and other arts.
  • The artists and writers of Aesthetic style tended to profess that the Arts should provide refined sensuous pleasure, rather than convey moral or sentimental messages. As a consequence, they did not accept John RuskinMatthew Arnold, and George MacDonald‘s conception of art as something moral or useful, “Art for truth’s sake”. Instead, they believed that Art did not have any didactic purpose; it only needed to be beautiful.
  • The aesthetic movement was particularly prominent in Europe during the 19th century, supported by notable figures such as Oscar Wilde.]


Yoo Ah In to historiajin: Whatever side the poet has taken, making a confident statement that he writes meaningless poetry is very dangerous. It’s so startling/shocking. I also talked about his beauty in terms of literature, which is the most comprehensive form of art, in a way that includes aestheticism [he means: “I find his poetry beautiful in the general sense because of many elements, aestheticism is one of them. Aestheticism is not the only element that I would use to describe his poetry”]. Art doesn’t only refer to beauty, right? And Art itself is literary too. There can be different approaches depending on how the standards of literature and literary values are interpreted. I respect that. We have different views. And I’m thankful that we were able to speak with each other.


historiajin to Yoo Ah In: ..🙈❤️ Actually, right now, as a fan, I’m very happy that Yoo Ah In-ssi has replied to me ㅎ. In fact, his poetry being impossible meaning-wise is not my own personal opinion! It is the main point of criticism of poet Hwang Byung Seung’s poetry in the Korean literature academic world..! Although it was difficult for me to speak easily as someone who is just studying Korean literature, I’m thankful too for sharing opinions with different perspectives with each other! When I see you having such worries about literature and art, I feel fortunate and grateful that I have been a fan since Banolim🙈 Yoo Ah In-ssi‘s works are my school days memories. Even now as an adult, I know the lines of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Six Flying Dragons and watch their scenes. As an avid fan, I feel really proud and happy that actor Yoo is a wonderful person like that..!!❤


May 28 – Yoo Ah In posted Seo Hwi Young’s screencap from Chicago Typewriter episode 14

He writes:

“I will punish those who block the liberation of Joseon. 🇰🇷 #ChicagoTypewriter”

He sure loved this scene! And his Six Flying Dragons bodyguard Yoon Kyun Sang liked this photo too~ 

Comedienne Yoon Hwa Hong posted her fangirling comment in the photo as well with: “Waa~ Chicago Typewriter. I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!”


May 28 – Actor Kang Dong Youn, who played as one of Hwi Young’s comrades and a new dad in Chicago Typewriter, posted his photo with Yoo Ah In from the filming location.

In the caption he says:

“I really admire you, Yoo Ah In sunbaenim and Go Kyung Pyo sunbaenim 📸 I want to work and learn harder and meet you again with good acting. Thank you.”

Aww so sweet!


May 30 – Yoo Ah In tweeted his interview with Design Press about Studio Concrete and his artist crews  Yoo Ah In seems to have answered the questions in writing, maybe email or text messages, because he was busy filming the drama.


We will post the full translations on his interview later. For now, these are some very interesting points we got to know from these two parts of interview:

  • Both Kwon Chul Hwa (illustrator) and Kim Jae Hoon (photographer) are exclusive artists for Studio Concrete. They can do exhibitions anywhere. But they can sell their art pieces through Studio Concrete only.
  • Kwon Chul Hwa said, “We signed the contract as ‘절친한 친구들’ [meaning: bestest friends, something like childhood friends/brothers], so we must do better”. [“Since we signed the contract as a group of bestest friends, we ought to do well. Unlike if we signed it with complete strangers”].

And we didn’t expect that, to be honest. We assumed for some reason that he’s doing this Studio Concrete project without making his friends sign contracts that would legally bind them to Studio Concrete since he’s working with his closest friends but we thought wrong. Yoo Ah In is obviously so kind and angelic with his friends, but he doesn’t play when it comes to real business.

  • Through Kim Jae Hoon’s interview, I’ve learned that the Concrete crew don’t just launch exhibitions as they please because they are Ah In’s best friends. They actually pitch their exhibitions! They make proposals and have to be prepared with works sufficient for a full-fledged exhibition. [My understanding: Obviously they make their proposal to the CEO Uhm Hong Sik, and If he was not available due to work, they pitch their proposals to the co-founder/director Cha Hae Young]
  • The project manager, Park Jae Hong, who’s the oldest crew of them all, also described Yoo Ah In as a true leader, and that his directions contain answers for everything, and that he had prior knowledge of how smart Ah In is, but he didn’t expect him to be THIS knowledgeable about art.

All of this leads us to think that Yoo Ah In doesn’t play when it comes to his work 🙂 Superb!!


May 30 – Yoo Ah In posted a view photo from the top of the hill with a tree in the middle. He took this photo from Chicago Typewriter filming location at the Jirisan National Park, Sancheong. This is the place where his character Seo Hwi Young died in episode 15. So, obviously he was filming that scene at the time. 


May 31 – Yoo Ah In posted a photo of TEAM BABY album from a Korean indie band The Black Skirts, and he highlighted one lyric from the song titled “난 아니에요” (“That’s Not Me”). The lyric that he highlighted reads: “그대 알잖아요” (“you know that”).


A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption says:

TEAM BABY  #TheBlackSkirt

Full lyrics here
Listen to the full audio here


May 31 – Yoo Ah In gave ice cream to a group of students in Chicago Typewriter‘s filming location 🙂

On May 31st, a university student wrote her experience during her university group trip in her blog. They came to Hapcheon on 29th of May, left on the 30th of May. They stayed at the the MT Lodging in Hapcheon near Chicago Typewriter filming location.

She said that right in front of the lodging, extras from Chicago Typewriter were rehearsing! She felt bad for them and the actors because the weather was scorching hot, and they were wearing jackets and layers. They were told that the lead actors will come by 4 p.m. and they will film right in front of the lodging!

She wrote that she first saw Go Kyung Pyo and they screamed to him, “You look handsome!”. He laughed a lot and bowed to them. The crew told them that they will let them watch if they didn’t interrupt the filming once it begins. They told them not to take photos of the filming too.

She wrote that they saw Yoo Ah In up close! She said, “He was much skinnier than I thought. His head was really small too 😭😭😭 However, the look in his eyes was very intense/powerful ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ [note: “ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ” is the sound of trembling in fear]. As he was passing through, we only stole a glance at him as we were passing by. Then, in the evening, Yoo Ah In-nim bought ice cream for us and the whole students 😭😭😭😭 Jinjja daebak, right???? When will we ever get the chance to eat ice cream bought by Yoo Ah In-nim?!!!! We ate the ice cream and it was the most delicious ice cream ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yoo Ah In-nim, kamsamnida“.

Major awwww!! ♪

Moore Master Sik’s monthly news bits coming soon~^^


Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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  1. Sophie says:

    A beautiful man with deep and beautiful thought, a poet and a writer himself, an angel, inspiring person and a business savvy. Why so perfect??

  2. Sakura says:

    Ice-cream, seriously I want that! Totally awesome! Since reading From April news bits I am really looking forward to these. It’s really interesting and I like how elaborate but concise everything is whilst still kept in one place as not to get distracted with other indirect k-star news, keep it up Furbabe!!!

  3. Laura says:

    Aaarghhh asdfghjkl I’m falling hard for YOO again! The ice cream! Chatting with a fan! Lucky fan! And his business attitude ❤❤❤ Thanks a lot for the compilation, Furbabe & Sassy T!

  4. Mari says:

    This fan called Historianjin said: “Since autism abandons the social nature that makes human beings human, his poetry can be called as such indeed.” What kind of negative judgement towards autism is this? Are authistic people less human, then? :\ Thank you Hongsick for your humble and intelligent answers.

  5. Sophie says:

    He’s super genius and generous. Studio Concrete is lucky to have him, no, Korea is lucky to have him.

  6. Gear says:

    Love love love the way he discussed the poet & poetry with this fan. He’s so humble and smart ❤

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