Im Soo Jung Talks About Yoo Ah In, Chicago Typewriter broadcast in Japan this month + BTS clips

Actress Im Soo Jung graces the covers of InStyle, May 2017, and Grazia, July 2017 edition. In the interviews with both magazines, she talks about Yoo Ah In and Chicago Typewriter. Let’s find out what this lovely lady has in mind about our smexy Han Se Joo/Seo Hwi Young~^^


In the May interview with InStyle, Im Soo Jung says, “When an actor meets a drama or a movie, it’s like meeting a lover. I agree to work on it only when I get the right feel from it. The moment I read the script for Chicago Typewriter, I wanted to do it. That’s how interesting and fresh the story and characters are. I’ve always been a fan of Yoo Ah In. He fits his character so well that I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role, and I’m sure viewers feel the same way as well.”


A day after Chicago Typewriter finished broadcast, Lim Soo Jung set off to Hawaii for Grazia photo shoot for the July issue. During the photoshoot, she shares her experience working with Yoo Ah In in Chicago Typewriter and what she thinks about him. Here are the translations:

Q. The recent drama “Chicago typewriter” was your TV comeback after a long time.

A. This work was interesting in so many ways. I liked participating in this piece especially because I got to work with actors whom I wanted to act with; Yoo Ah In and Go Kyung Pyo and so on. Meanwhile as an actress, I thought that the drama was really charming. I kept my eyes on it, and was offered the role, and I didn’t worry much about it. I just chose it as an opportunity to act with Yoo Ah In.

Q. Go Kyung Pyo, whom I met before the airing, has said something similar.

A. For this reason, I think the actors were in perfect harmony together. Though the ratings were not as satisfactory as I originally anticipated, but I think that it will be a memorable work for me, because the actors, in this work, had lots of brotherly love [were close to each other] and led each other so well.

Q. If you had to choose between Yoo Ah In and Go Kyung Pyo , who would it be?

A. I’m sorry Kyung Pyo-ssi, but I choose Yoo Ah In (laughs). If he [Go Kyung Pyo] were here with me, he will understand and say, “of course, of course” [she thinks that he will agree with her^^]. Although I like the acting that Yoo Ah In-ssi displays, but I also like how he behaves like an artist. Or should I say that, from one artist to another, he’s very inspiring? I think that his walk, his acting, and his voice all have an inspiring and impactful style/feel to them. That part, in particular, feels really great.


Awn, Yoo Ah In inspires many people for sure 🙂

Now there’s a good news for Japan fans. Chicago Typewriter starts airing in Japan for the first time in July through Mnet Japan! 😀 

Broadcast Schedule:

Episode 1 & Introduction: July 2, 19:35~22:00
Main broadcast: start from July 15, every Fri & Sat 22:00
Rebroadcast: Sat & Sun 6:30, Mon & Tue 1:00, Fri 14:15


Last but not least, let’s refresh our good memories with Chicago Typewriter Behind the Scenes (BTS) playlist from episode 1 to 15~~


Adorable gifs of our adorable OTP having the lovey dovey times in the liberated Joseon for the bonus 😀


Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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3 Responses to “Im Soo Jung Talks About Yoo Ah In, Chicago Typewriter broadcast in Japan this month + BTS clips”
  1. Gear says:

    Thank you for the post, Furbabe ❤ I love this couple. They're so mature (first time I saw a couple who don't do merry-go-around in K-Dramaland) AND so adorable!

  2. Sophie says:

    Why did I miss this interview? Aww LSJ is so sweet and what she said about YAI is so true.

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