Yoo Ah In News Bits June 1-18: Oscar Wilde, Sergei Polunin, More Chicago Typewriter & Throwback Photos

Here is another most eventful month of June! Yoo Ah In has been on a roll with the insta posts in June 😀 Therefore, we divide the June News Bits post into two parts, just like the May News Bits. Here’s Part 1 from June 1 to 18~

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June 1 – Yoo Ah In quoted Oscar Wilde in Korean, a line from the play “Lady Windermere’s Fan”:

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Oscar Wilde

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption only reads: Oscar Wilde


The same quote was posted in CCRT Aeropace instagram at the same time (we presume it was Yoo Ah In himself who posted it in this account too), but this time he wrote the caption in full English~

His caption says:

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the star.-Oscar Wilde #CCRTAerospace


Here’s an excellent explanation for the quote within the context of the play by Shelley Chen from Quora:

The quote comes from Lady Windermere’s Fan, a play Oscar Wilde wrote early on in his career. It takes on a quite a different meaning from the other answers when you look at it in context.

The speaker is Lord Darlington, variously described by other characters as “thoroughly depraved”, “trivial”, and “a charming, wicked creature”. He confessed his love to Lady Windermere, a married woman, on the terrace of a ballroom.

Now, Lady Windermere is no ordinary pretty little thing. She has a reputation for an unflinchingly moral outlook on life, in an age where life is looked up as a speculation. When she rejects him, Lord Darlington is heartbroken and angry and anguished and he leaves on the ending violin trills of the waltz. Thus the ball ends. The carriages are called. Cloaks are draped around the shoulders of lady guests.

The men decide to go for the Victorian version of an after-party, taking several stops through various gentlemen’s clubs, until they call on Lord Darlington and demand a game of cards. During the card game, the conversation turns to good women and bad men, a recurrent theme in Wilde’s works.

Dumby: I don’t think we are bad. I think we are all good, except Tuppy.

Lord Darlington. No, we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

To me, the quote is inexorably colored by the conversation and Darlington’s rejected love. It draws up irresistible imagery and symbolism from juxtaposition of “gutter” and “stars”. It reflects not only what Darlington thinks of the distance between himself and Lady Windermere, but also how unreachable and untouchable Lady Windermere is to his mind. The chasm between them is as wide as that between heaven and mud. They move in different worlds (or atmospheres if you want to be technical).

The metaphor reveals the ideals that she represent to him. Think of the connotations of “stars”. Pristine, divine, unattainable, constant, beautiful, poetic. The North Star is known as unmoving and unchanged (just see how Shakespeare used it!). The Southern Cross guides sailors and aviators. Consider the wistfulness of that image, of someone lying in the gutter, but gazing up at the bright star in heaven.

It’s an extremely poetic expression, it never fails to give me the shivers in a performance. And I think we can all relate to it at some level. Haven’t all of us longed, hungered, ached, or dreamt for something we believed to be out of reach? In Lord Darlington’s case, he not only believes “the star” is out of his reach, but that he isunworthy of her.

Praveen Khumar Singh from Quora gave another simpler and more general explanation:

“I think it means that while all humanity, whether rich or poor, health or sick, is struggling and fighting their own daily battles and feels so low that it is so miserable as being in a gutter, there are some who have the will and determination to have lofty ambitions and a desire to fulfill them. Their current circumstances don’t hold them back from dreaming, from thinking high and persevering to change the world (their world and eventually other’s). Perhaps it also hints at the fact that most of them would continue to be in the gutter, because of their consciousness of their state, while the ones who are conscious of looking ahead and high would continually move ahead in life and might eventually move out of their gutter.”


June 2 – Yoo Ah In posted Studio Concrete’s Series 1TO10 Version 2 teaser video (read more about 1TO10 Series Version 2 “Masterpiece” here)

His caption says:

#series1to10 ver.2 @StudioConcrete 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣🔟


June 4 – Yoo Ah In posted a photo of Chicago Typewriter‘s crew and expressed his appreciation to the crews before bidding his farewell to the drama

A Real Hero. #남의집귀한아들 #빠잉 #시카고타자기

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

In the caption he says:

A Real Hero. #someone’s precious son #bye #ChicagoTypewriter

Aww, so nice of him~^^


June 6 – Yoo Ah In posted a screencapture from Youtube. It’s a performance from an indie band Yeonamdong Dumb & Dumber. Watch the full video here. Yeonnamdong Dumb & Dumber is a Korean modern folk band that is well-known for humorous and funny performance. 

His caption reads:

Great hyungs/big brothers #yeonnamdong dumb and dumber #I have a conniving power  👁

Note: “I Have A Conniving Power” is one of their single from “Good Boy” album.


June 7 – Yoo Ah In posted a Korean flag drawing made with crayons. He didn’t add any caption.


June 7 – Chicago Typewriter cameraman posted his photo posing together with Yoo Ah In from the filming set. In the photo, Yoo Ah In smiles so cutely while looking at the camera 🙂

The cameraman wrote his praise to Yoo Ah In:

He will be an actor with a high degree of freedom! Actor Yoo will be a fierce actor whom people used to be biased against. As the work progressed, I felt like he’s really smart and professional! Actor Yoo acted well while caring for his feelings and even his angles! I hope that we will work together again in a good movie! #ChicagoTypewriter #Sejoo #Hwiyoung #ActorYoo #YooAhIn #UhmHongSik-ssi #justsaying

Aww thank you, Mr. Cameraman!


June 8 – Yang Jin Sung: “Watching Yoo Ah In acting is like watching a movie”

On the June 8th interview with the Star, actress Yang Jin Sung shared her experience acting with Im Soo Jung and Yoo Ah In.

Yang Jin Sung plays Bang Ji, a woman who can see ghost in tvN series Chicago Typewriter. In the interview, she said that Im Soo Jung welcomed and treated her warmly like an older sister from the first time they met. She praised Im Soo Jung for her natural acting and her own class.

To the question asking about her impression on Yoo Ah In, she answered, “There were not many scenes with Yoo Ah In, so I had not much opportunity to act with him. Before I joined the drama, I thought he was an actor with rough image, as if he was wrapped in a veil (he was a mysterious actor). But (after we met on the set) he said hello nicely to everyone with his style.”

She added, “Watching Yoo Ah In acting is just like watching a movie”. That’s right, girl!


June 10 – Yoo Ah In narrates KBS “June Story” documentary program

KBS and the Democratic Hwaseong Memorial Foundation produced a documentary titled “June Story” through a story contest. Yoo Ah In took the microphone and became the narrator of the documentary. KBS Special Documentary ‘June Story’ was broadcast on KBS 1TV on June 10th. Here he was recording his narration in the studio~

Apparently, June is Korea’s historical month as they commemorate “The June Struggle for Democracy”.

In 1987, the democratization movement for overthrowing the military dictatorship which had lasted for almost 30 years and for achieving democracy to the country was conducted incessantly from every walk of life for one year.

The grand struggle for democracy in June 1987 was sparked by the mass protest on the occasion of the death under torture of Seoul University student Park Jong Cheol, who had been taken to the Namyeongdong detached office of the National Police Headquarters on January 14, and developed into a grand June struggle for democratization for sending the military dictatorship and winning a constitutional amendment for direct presidential election system.

The grand June struggle for democracy had been staged for 19 straight days with a total of more than 4 to 5 million people in general taking part in 34 cities and 4 counties across the country. And the number of struggles by workers was more than 3,000 and it was disclosed that over ten million people all told had participated.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Gwanghwamun Candlelight Rallies that Yoo Ah In participated last year? It’s an honor for Yoo Ah In to be chosen by the foundation as the narrator of this program!

Watch the “June Story” teaser with Yoo Ah In’s narration here~


June 14 – Yoo Ah In screencapped another music video from Youtube. This time from a hip hop/rapper Genius Nochang with the song “Ching Chang Chong”. Watch the video here.

건강스윀 #천재노창

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He wrote the caption:

Healthy swag #geniusnochang

“Healthy swag” is taken from Ching Chang Chong’s lyrics: “I drank an Acai berry smoothie. Healthy swag”. If you want to know the full meaning of this song, find the English lyrics here 


June 14 – A staff from Sesa Living posted a throwback photo of Yoo Ah In and other staff from the advertisement shooting (actual shooting was December 2015). He looks handsome 🙂

Her caption says: 

Ah In-ssi, hello👋 (she wrote in a cute way)
It was a year and half ago ☺️
#sesaliving ex model #yooahin #uhmhongsik #advertising shoot 


June 14 – Still in the same day, apparently Yoo Ah In was whipping a Thai watermelon juice (ddangmopan) for his friends 😀

His friend wrote the caption:

Hongsick’s Ddangmopan 🍉 It’s delicious

Such a sweet and generous Sik! The handwriting on the paper cup is too cute~^^


June 16 – Studio Concrete’s co-founder posted a video of Takku the dog with Yoo Ah In 😀

We can recognize instantly his skinny legs and favorite sandals lately. He wore the sandals when the Chinese fans brought their support snack trucks to Chicago Typewriter location (see the photos here). Her caption reads:

Even though you want to get close (to him), you can’t get close 🐶 #Takku #secret crush/one sided love

I guess she wrote this caption because Takku is trying to have Yoo Ah In’s attention but he’s chattering away and not being mindful of her cute attempts 🤣 I guess Takku likes uncle Ah In the most because she doesn’t see him often like the rest of the Concrete crew 😫


June 18 – Another throwback photo with Yoo Ah In was posted by a supporting actress from “Like For Likes” 2016 movie behind-the-scene. Supah cute and hawt!


June 18 – In the same day, Yoo Ah In commented the owner of the gym place where he exercises regularly (DC fans pointed that Yoo Ah In exercises regularly as a physical therapy to heal his bone fracture too). The man seems very close with Yoo Ah In and his friends. He, his wife and kids were always invited to Studio Concrete events. He posted “Dancer” documentary clip in his instagram. It looks like Yoo Ah In has recommended this documentary film to him.

Yoo Ah In’s comment under the video, “So you have seen it! ㅎㅎ” , to which he answered, “Yes. ^^”


“Dancer” is a documentary of the world’s renown dancer Sergei Polunin. At the age of 19 Sergei Polunin became the dance world’s brightest star. He was appointed principal dancer at the Royal Ballet. Then two years later he stunned everyone when he abruptly walked away from the prestigious role. At 25, at the peak of his powers, he announced he was to quite dance to become an actor. He claimed his talent had become a burden. “Dancer” looks into the extraordinary world of the ballet’s bad boy, often touted as “The James Dean of The Ballet World”. Read more about him and the “Dancer” here.

Check out “Dancer” trailer~

Yoo Ah In has such a refined taste fosho! ^^


June 18 – Still in the same day, he dropped his comment on Vogue editor-in-chief’s post too~

The guy in the video is the first generation idol Kim Sung Jae. He was a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, and model, best known as a member of Deux, an influential early K-pop and Korean hip hop group that rose to fame in the early 1990s. The singer was as popular as Seo Taiji And Kids. Kim died of an apparent murder in 1995 at the age of 23, the day after he released his solo debut album, although to some the exact circumstances surrounding his death are considered an unsolved mystery. It seems the editor listed the day of his last TV performance under the video. Yoo Ah In seems to stan Kim Sung Jae, because his comment was: “my number 1”. [Thanks for the information about this photo, Ayse!]

Interesting to note: Kim Sung Jae was wearing a shirt that reads “Team Serious” on it, just like the shirt that Yoo Ah In wore in his latest “selfie” insta post ^^ 


That’s all for part 1. June News Bits Part 2 will be rolling soon, so stay around!


Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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  1. Gear says:

    Thank you Furbabe. I didn’t know he love ballet, or maybe because Polunin is a rebel and an innovator like himself.
    And Takku is too cute ❤ I hope YAI pampers her more often

  2. Mari says:

    Oscar Wilde my fave. And I just knew about Polunin. Thanks for sharing. YAI the genius has a refined taste for real.

  3. yosics says:

    How come you guys find tagged photos of him and know where he drops comments? Are you guys dispatch? LOL 😆 thanks so much for dilligent updates! Keep it up!!

  4. Ayse says:

    that man should be Kim Sung Jae, not athlete but an idol, who died young in 1995

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