Yoo Ah In News Bits June 22-30: David Hume, FaceTime, Kwak Si Yang, The Peace of Holiday & More

Picking up where we left off, here’s June News Bits Part 2: June 22 to 30~^^

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June 22 – Yoo Ah In posted a word “moral” taken from David Hume’s Morals philosophy in Hangeul and Chinese. It reads:“도덕 – 흄 (morality – Hume) moral, 道德”. He posted the word without any caption.


June 22 – In the same day, Yoo Ah In posted a ray of lights/sunset photo, without any caption either


June 22 – Following the sunset photo, Yoo Ah In posted a full passage of David Hume’s Moral

도덕 같은 소리 하고 자빠지자 🕺🏽

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The essay-like page he posted is not actually an article, but an entry, like an encyclopedia entry. Yoo Ah In must have gone to the Naver’s encyclopedia of knowledge first, and he looked up these two words: 도덕 – 흄 (Moral – Hume). The results are 124 entries on the subject from various sources. The one he chose is the first result. And its source is the Research Institute of Philosophy at Seoul University. I’m sure Yoo Ah In read many many entries (and maybe pdf books on the matter), but I guess he preferred this entry for some reason. Yoo Ah In posted the second paragraph of “Moral – Hume” description from this source.

The full second paragraph reads:

In other words, our mind is manifested only through perception, and judgment of good and evil is also a kind of perception. If the judgment of good and evil is only a perception, there may be a question as to whether the judgment of good and evil is indeed based on two kinds of perception; impression and notion. Hume asks about this question: When we distinguish between virtue and vice, and judge what actions are praiseworthy and what are reprehensible, is the ground for this (judgment) an impression, or an idea?

Yoo Ah In underlined these words:

When we distinguish between virtue and vice, and judge what actions are praiseworthy and what are reprehensible, is the ground for this (judgment) an impression, or an idea?

He also added a caption that reads:

도덕 같은 소리 하고 자빠지자🕺

Our Korean angel Passerby explained about the caption translation. According to her, there’s an expression in Korean: “[Noun] 같은 소리 하고 자빠졌네!”. It is a sarcastic expression that one would say to his friends when they are talking about something at the wrong time. It’s like, “Stop it with this talk!”, or “Do you think it’s appropriate to talk about this now?!”

Yoo Ah In used this expression, but he changed the suffix in the last word. He wrote “도덕 같은 소리 하고 자빠지자“. Instead of “자빠졌네”, he wrote “자빠지자”. And this way he gave it a whole another meaning (as expected from the witty Yoo Ah In 😁). This way, Yoo Ah In is already assuming that his fans (and people who check his instagram) might not find this interesting or might even laugh at him, but he’s posting it anyway 😂 The tone of his caption is humorous, not serious. He’s joking with his readers.

So, the caption that Yoo Ah In wrote will be:

So… Let’s talk about morals, even though I know that you might laugh at me🕺

Regarding the words that he underlined: According to the few readings I did on Hume and his views on morals, Hume argues that we base what we think of as virtues and vice on our impressions (and passions), not ideas (not logic). So, I guess Yoo Ah In found this part interesting. Yoo Ah In is one interesting fella. When I googled Hume’s theories, the results were mostly PhD dissertations discussing those theories. And Yoo Ah In is reading these stuff for fun. Dude is beyond intelligent 🙌 it’s truly endearing to see how he loves to read on all those difficult topics. Truly inspiring!👍


June 23 – Kwak Si Yang: “Acting with Yoo Ah In is the most important experience in my life”

Actor Kwak Si Yang, who has completely transformed to a villain in the drama “Chicago Typewriter”, praised Yoo Ah In’s acting skill.

Recently Kwak Si Yang conducted a photo and interview with Star1 Style for the July 2017 issue. In an interview following the photoshoot, Kwak was asked about his experience acting alongside with Yoo Ah In in “Chicago Typewriter”.

When asked if he learned something from it, he answered, “I had so much feels. I learned a lot and felt a lot [by working with him]. Working with him made me realize even more how important experience is as an actor. My character was one that conflicted with Yoo Ah In’s character so I prepared a lot in order to keep up with him,” he laughed shyly. Well, you did a good job, Mr. Kwak^^


June 25 – Yoo Ah In posted his Facetime self-view 😀


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He looks so squeezy! 😆 His caption says:



June 25 – Yoo Ah In posted Sister Nancy’s soundhound “Bam Bam” without a caption.

Sister Nancy is a dancehall DJ and a singer. One of her most famous songs is “Bam Bam” (1982), labeled as a “well-known reggae anthem” by BBC and a “classic” by The Observer.Read more about Sister Nancy here. Listen to “Bam Bam” here


June 26 – Yoo Ah In posted Shim Bo Seon’s poem “The Peace of Holiday”.

He quoted the poem in the caption:

I don’t think there will ever come a day as peaceful as today #ThePeaceofHoliday #ShimBoSeon

A fan commented: “Don’t worry, it (the peaceful day) will come back again next week”

Yoo Ah In replied: “Genius”  

Yes, Master Sik, this too shall pass 😀 Here is the full translations of the poem:

The Peace of a Holiday by Shim Bo Seon
Translated by Toji

Today is a holiday.
It was peaceful in the morning.
I watched Tom and Jerry with my nephews.
My younger brother and his wife smiled quietly.
My younger sister drank a cup of mild coffee.
My mother aged ever so slightly.

Today is a holiday.
It is peaceful in the afternoon as well.
My second nephews asks, “Uncle, when are you getting married?”
I see that he has learned about divorce.
My first nephew stands in silence
before his father’s memorial portrait.
I see that he has learned about death.

Today is a holiday.
I hope it will be peaceful throughout the evening.
I have two missed calls.
I bring you to mind, my beautiful.

I bring you to mind, my love.
I grow curious of the scenery outside the window.
If there is empty space, I want to jump off.
If there are clouds, I want to jump on.

Today is a holiday.
I don’t think there will ever come a day
as peaceful as today.


We hope you find peace in every single day, Master Sik 🙏


June 30 –  Studio Concrete holds the 1To10 Series Version 2 “Masterpiece” Launching Party at Comme des Garcons, Seoul. Actress Jung Yumi and actor Bae Jung Nam attended the party as well as Yoo Ah In’s friends. Too bad, he wasn’t seen everywhere in the photos. We presume he did come to the party because he’s the CEO, but he just wanted to lay low, as usual 🙂 Let’s check out some photos from the event.

Jung Yumi, Bae Jung Nam and friends~

SERIES 1 TO 10 Ver.2 <MASTERPIECE> “How do you feel 1 to 10?” 다양한 컬러와 아름다운 명화 그리고 인간의 감정을 대표하는 단어가 새겨진 티셔츠를 입고 자신의 메세지를 전달할 수 있는 'Series 1 to 10'의 두 번째✌🏻 프로젝트 <MASTERPIECE>가 드디어 전국 무이(MUE)매장과 꼼데가르송 한남점, 그리고 갤러리아백화점WEST 3층 팝업스토어(7/6까지)에서 만나실수 있습니다. 💥유니섹스로 입을 수 있는 티셔츠와 캡으로 구성된 컬렉션을 만나보시기 바랍니다🙏🏻 ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ #mue #commedesgarcons_seoul #studioconcrete #series1to10ver2 #무이 #꼼데가르송한남 #갤러리아팝업스토어 #시리즈원투텐ver2

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The 1TO10 series Ver.2 “Masterpiece” is available now in: Comme des Garcons Seoul, Mue Seoul, Hannam Store, Barneys New York Japan, Lane Crawford Hong Kong & China, and global online store http://global.ccrt-stores.com/


June 30 – A Chinese fan from Weibo said that Yoo Ah In appeared in a giant French Cafe billboard in Seoul Subway 😀 Looking hawt as always with that contagious smile! 


Let’s keep sending the good vibes to Yoo Ah In and praying for his fast recovery 🙏🙏🙏

More power to our Master Sik! 💪💪💪


Translated & Additional Notes by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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