Yoo Ah In Writes for Vogue As A Special Journalist: Interviews Actress Jang Yoon Ju & Does More!

Having featured many times in VOGUE Korea that includes being the first Korean male actor who graces 3 covers of Vogue, this time Yoo Ah In is selected by Vogue to be the special journalist for Vogue Korea special edition, August 2017 issue. His mission is to interview Korean actress-slash-top model Jang Yoon Ju in celebrating her 20th anniversary of her debut.



Jang Yoon Ju is a top model, TV personality, singer-songwriter and actress. Jang began modeling in 1997 when she was 17 years old, and became one of the most successful Korean fashion models, with a career spanning two decades. She also hosts Korea’s Next Top Model, and won Best Radio DJ at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards for KBS Cool FM’s Rooftop Radio. As a singer-songwriter, Jang has released two albums, Dream (2008) and I’m Fine (2012). She made her acting debut in 2015, playing a sassy detective in Ryoo Seung Wan’s crime thriller “Veteran”. In the film, she played a character named Miss Bong and acted alongside Yoo Ah In. “Veteran” is Korea’s all time 3rd highest grossing movie. Imagine, she’s got into the 10 million actors club in her first acting debut!



Before Vogue published the August edition, Jang has given the hints about her special interview with “journalist Hongsik” in her instagram on July 4th.

In the caption she says

You’re the inspiration!! @hongsick #an interview that blew my heart away #special journalist #Vogue August issue #❤️


And, surprisingly, the interview took place at Yoo Ah In’s home! The photo that she posted above was taken in his garden. They were talking for 4 hours, and during the interview Yoo Ah In cooked for her! Whoaaa! 😊😊😊

Jang Yoon Joo showed off the dishes photo that Yoo Ah In cooked for her in her instagram on July 30th.

In the caption, she gushes about Yoo Ah In’s cooking and writing. She says:

We met in the movie “Veteran”, and occasionally we would send each other text messages out of the blue. (The messages range) from very serious topics to light jokes. Then Ainie interviewed me for this August issue of Vogue and even wrote an article about me.
 I found out that Ainie, who is a person one can learn a lot from and a very smart writer, can cook really well! Are you really like this? 😊😂😍😘[She’s joking: are you truly perfect like this?] #Uhm Jang Geum #Rimbaud Uhm #a precious relationship #a person who understands me/a person who speaks my language/a person with whom I click #next time cook a Galbi-jjim for me😆 [Galbi-jjim is a braised beef short ribs]

Names mentioned in her hashtags:

1. Jang Geum: is taken from the name Dae Jang Geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty. She was an orphaned kitchen cook who went on to become the king’s first female physician. In a time when women held little influence in society, young apprentice cook Jang Geum strived to learn the secrets of Korean cooking and medicine in order to cure the King of his various ailments. The highly successful 2003 drama Jewel in the Palace was centered around her character. Obviously, Jang Yoon Joo wrote “Uhm Jang-Geum” about Yoo Ah In/Uhm Hongsik to describe how great of a cook he is 😂

2. Rimbaud: is taken from the name Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891). His name is mentioned in “Chicago Typewriter”.


He was a French poet who is known for his influence on modern literature and arts, which prefigured surrealism. Born in Charleville-Mézières, he started writing at a very young age and was a prodigious student, but abandoned his formal education in his teenage years to run away from home amidst the Franco-Prussian War. During his late adolescence and early adulthood he began the bulk of his literary output, but completely stopped writing at the age of 21, after assembling one of his major works, Illuminations.

Again, Jang described Hongsik as Rimbaud Uhm to express his amazing skills at writing and poetry 😊 Yoo Ah In has other similarities with Rimbaud, since he, too, dropped out of school when he was a teen, despite being an excellent student. At a very young age, he lived on his own and went on to pursue his career and got immersed into writing.


The interview conducted by Yoo Ah In must be very inspirational for Jang Yoon Ju that, on July 25th, she posted in her instagram some parts of the essay that Yoo Ah In wrote about her for Vogue along with the pictorial set.

20년간 그녀를 따라다닌 스포트라이트도 그녀의 영혼까지 비추지는 못했다. 럭셔리 아이템도. 사람들의 박수와 인정도. 그녀의 영혼을 살찌우지는 못했다. 그래서 그 수많은 일을 해야만 했던 게 아닐까. _ “보디(Body)가 전부는 아니야!” “보디로만 평가해서는 안 돼!” 장윤주는 대화 내내 그 말을 수도 없이 반복했다. 그것으로 평가받고 사랑받은 그녀에게는 그것이 한계이고 족쇄였으리라. _ 정신과 영혼의 자세가 곧 몸의 자세를 만들고. 움직임이란 것 역시 그렇다지만. 몸 으로 대변되는 모든 결과의 외형을 넘어. 대중의 시선이 모델의 내면에까지 닿기란 쉬운 일이 아니다. _ 그녀는 2008년, 스물아홉 살에 첫 음반 <Dream>을 내놓으며 몸의 이야기가 아닌 영혼의 이야기를 노래했다. 보디를 향한 각광 속에서 상대적으로 소외당한 내면의 세계를 직접 드러내기 시작한 것이다. _ 일을 통해서 내가 하고자 하는 건. 메세지를 전하는 삶이야. 그리고 어떤 방식이든 위로자가 되고파. 내 삶을 통해 오늘 네가 느낀 것처럼. _ 세상이 일터이고 그곳에서 일어나는 모든 필연적 사건을 마주하며 살아가는 것이 곧 일이다. 일하는 장윤주. 그녀는 데뷔 20주년을 맞아 진행된 인터뷰 내내 화려했던 왕년의 기억을 늘어놓는 대신 담담하게 다음 20주년을 기약하고 있었다. 그녀가 지나온 런웨이의 길이가 얼마나 되는지 따위를 상상하는 일은 무의미하다. 우리는 저마다의 방식으로 그린 그림으로 장윤주를 기억한다. 그녀는 그 기억을 소중히 보듬을 것이나. 결코 거기에 머물지 않을 것이다. _ 그녀는 경리단을 떠나기 전 자신의 목소리로 불러준. 김광석의 노래처럼 ‘바람이 불어오는 곳’ 그곳으로 스며들고 있다. 설렘과 두려움으로 불안한 행복을 향해. 꿈에 보았던 그곳으로. 그녀가 세상에 건넬 위로가. 여기에서 보아도 눈부시다. 그녀를 바라본 수많은 시선 중 하나에 지나지 않을. 나의 단상이 그녀를 조금 덜 외롭게 하기를! 그녀가 내게 건넨 위로처럼. _ 글. 배우 유아인 @hongsick #아인아고마워 #어쩜넌글도잘쓰니 #너와의인터뷰잊지못할거야 #덕분에나의20주년이빛난다 #보그8월호 에 전체 화보와 인터뷰를 보실 수 있습니다.

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Here are the translations on some parts of Yoo Ah In’s essay in Vogue for Jang Yoon Ju’s interview article:

The spotlight has followed her for 20 years.
But it couldn’t shine some light on her soul.

She had the luxurious items, the people’s applause and recognition.
But all of that didn’t fatten/nourish her soul.
Therefore, I guess that she had to do so many things.

“Body is not everything!”
“One shouldn’t be evaluated just as body!”
Jang Yoon Joo has repeated these words countless times throughout our conversation.
Being appraised and loved for that [her body] to her, that would be limiting.
She would feel shackled.

The posture of the heart and soul eventually creates the posture of the body,
so does the movement/activity.
Being represented as [the body] goes beyond the appearance of all the results.
It is not easy for the public to touch/reach the inside of a model.

She released her first album “Dream” in 2008 at the age of twenty-nine.
It wasn’t the story of her body that she sang. It was the story of her soul.
The body has begun to directly reveal her inner side to the world.
A side that has been relatively alienated in the limelight.

“All I want to do is to do it through work,
to lead a life conveying that message.
And in a way, that will become a comfort.
You will feel the same through my life.”

At the workplace of the world,
it’s our job to live.
Facing all the inevitable events that take place there.

The working Jang Yoon Ju

She is on the 20th anniversary of her debut,
and throughout the interview, she promised to work on and enjoy the next 20 years, instead of reminiscing about the splendid good old days.

It is pointless to imagine the length of the runway she has went through.

In our own way, and with these pictures, we remember Jang Yoon Joo.
She will cherish and embrace this memory.
But she will never stay there.

Just like the Kim Kwang Seok‘s song “The Place Where the Wind Blows”, that Yoon Ju sang to me with her own voice before leaving Gyeongnidan [Gyeongnidan is an area in Itaewon], she evaporates into the place where the wind blows.

With excitement and fear, she is going towards the uncertain happiness.
She’s going to the place she saw in her dreams. [Note: this is a line from Kim Kwang Suk’s song]
She will give comfort to the world.
From here, I can see that it [her future] will be dazzling.

And I’m no more than one of the many people gazing upon her.
From my platform, I wish that she will be a little less lonely!
For how much comfort/cheer she brought to me.


Her own instagram caption says:

Written by: actor Yoo Ah In @hongsick #Ain-ah thank you #My goodness! You write so well! #I will not forget this interview with you #Thanks to you, my 20th anniversary is so glorious #You can see the whole pictorial and interview in Vogue, August issue


The lyrics that Yoo Ah In has cited is taken from the song “The Place Where the Wind Blows”. The original song belongs to a legendary singer, one of the most influential K-pop artists named Kim Kwang Seok (김광석). Yoo Ah In added the lyrics in the Vogue article:

I’m going to the place, the place where the wind blows, to under the tree that’s like your hair. While leaning against the shaking train, I write you a letter about the path I saw in my dream; I’m standing in that path. Although it’s an unstable happiness that I anticipate yet fear; although there will be days when the sky we look at and the people we see. Will be hard on us; for our new dreams. Go to the place where the wind blows. I’m going to that place.

Read the full lyrics and the English translations here. And click here to watch the video of this beautiful song.


The whole interview has been published online in Vogue official website. Most of the interview is, of course, about Jang Yoon Joo herself. And it’s not a Q&A. Her answers rearranged in an essay format. We don’t get to see Yoo Ah In’s questions. We can only see her answers arranged by Yoo Ah In.

There was just one part where Yoo Ah In has expressed his opinion, and we liked it very much. It was about when she asked him about her comeback/career after having her baby. He advised her to focus on the present, and to forget about the past. He advised to always think as a rookie, to never allow the rookie inside her to vanish. Such an amazing advise. His advise is truly mirroring what he thinks of himself/his career journey as well 🙂

We translate the parts where we can see Yoo Ah In expressing himself brilliantly throughout the interview. These parts are the introductory paragraph (he’s such an amazing storyteller!), and a part where he imparts some great wisdom regarding Jang’s comeback. Here are the translations on these two parts that stood out to me~


Hair parted in the middle so neatly, and a guitar bag peeking behind her head. These elements all make for an unusual picture. This is not a scene in the back alleys of Hapjeong-dong [Hapjeong-dong is one of the hippest and most trendy neighborhoods in town. It is known for its continual innovative designs and catchy urban concepts]. It is in front of my house, which is located at the top of Gyeongnidan area. I have no choice but to view this scenery unfolding on the display screen of my home security camera. This is probably the first time where a co-worker with her guard down, a fellow actor whom I’ve met numerous times, but never drank coffee with, has ever pressed the doorbell of my house. With a guitar bag on her back, food in one hand, carrying a gift box in the other, she has crossed the borders of my house. I spent four hours with her. We prayed, ate, talked, played guitar, and sang. We went out in the garden, and she said that she missed the taste of cigarettes. She took a few drags of a cigarette, then she left. She did so while releasing all of her thoughts with confidence and sincerity.

His advise to her:

A few months before the interview, she has been sorting out her body [after she gave birth to her baby], and she asked me about my thoughts regarding her comeback. There was talk of money, Vogue magazine, rest, anxiety, and the public. She has renewed her mind, and she was thinking about dreams and visions.

I told her to focus on the present. That she should think as a beginner now. ‘Beginners’ are the ones who can look back into the distant future. Every first moment in life, we blow away opportunities to cultivate that ‘rookie’ in us. We become restrained by our rookie days in the past. We have to ask ourselves, ‘Did that rookie get lost? Have we forgotten all about that rookie now?’.

Writer: Hongsik A.K.A Yoo Ah In


Yoo Ah In is such an amazing brilliant poetic writer indeed! 👍👍 His art references are astonishing as well 👍👍 Way to go, Master Sik *slow claps*👏👏👏


Translated by The Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community
※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

7 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Writes for Vogue As A Special Journalist: Interviews Actress Jang Yoon Ju & Does More!”
  1. Mari says:

    “Every first moment in life, we blow away opportunities to cultivate that ‘rookie’ in us. We become restrained by our rookie days in the past. We have to ask ourselves, ‘Did that rookie get lost? Have we forgotten all about that rookie now?’” 👏👏 Hongsik jakkanim is a woke

  2. Sophie says:

    YAI deserves to get his own spot as a permanent journalist for a prominent media! Thanks a million for the precious translations, Team Sikseekers ❤

  3. Yasuyo says:

    Yes!! ‘Amazing brilliant poetic writer’!! The construction of the essay is awesome from the introduction. It’s not only the Q & A style. Though not in Korean but in English I’ve enjoyed each word expressing her inner heart through the filter of writer Honsick. Thank you for the translation!!

  4. Gear says:

    Jang Yoonju: ‘I found out that Ainie, who is a person one can learn a lot from and a very smart writer, can cook really well! Are you really like this?’
    My thought exactly. Are you really a human??

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