Yoo Ah In News Bits July: Military Manpower & UAA Got His Back, Concrete’s Housewarming, Song Joong Ki, and More

We’re back! Without further ado while picking up where we left off, here’s the July News Bits~^^

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July 3 and 6 – Studio Concrete announced that the Series 1 TO 10 Version 2 “Masterpiece” products will be available on the WEST 3rd floor of Apgujeong Galleria Department Store for 6 days. The 1 TO 10 Ver.2 “Masterpiece” is also available in Comme des Garcons Seoul, Mue Seoul, Barneys NewYork Japan, and Lane Crawford Hong Kong and China. Superb!


July 3 – Yoo Ah In posted the sunrise photo~

His caption reads:

“The sun will rise, in every morning.”

That’s what we call positive attitude and believe in hope!


July 3 – Studio Concrete’s CCRT Aerospace updated instagram too at exactly the same time of Yoo Ah In’s instagram update, with Gattaca scifi movie quote:

For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I’m suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I’m not leaving… maybe I’m going home. #Gattaca #CCRTAerospace

[Note: Yoo Ah In has posted this same quote in September 2016 too. See here]


July 3 – Yoo Ah In updated his instagram again in the same day. This time, he posted the legendary singer/song-writer Seo Taiji‘s “Internet War” song lyrics~

He wrote the caption:

I will protect you. Trust me #SeoTaiji #InternetWar

The lyric that he highlighted says:

“Your stiff self rambled on about idiotic groundless theories spitting shots out (of your mouth)”

Full lyrics are here.

Yoo Ah In knew his military exemption -though it has been decided fairly and legally- still caused the controversy. Keyboard warriors attacked him with groundless and nonsense theories, but more logic people defended him by providing facts, and this has created a debate on the internet. Despite arguing with the keyboard warriors like he used to do, Yoo Ah In just left his thought on it right there.


July 3 – Yoo Ah In’s agency takes strong stance against rumors and malicious online harassment.

On July 3rd, Yoo Ah In’s agency United Artist Management (UAA) announced its official stance against blind speculation, insults, slanders, malicious rumors and comments that are floating around online media which brought serious damage reputation to the actor.

The agency states, “On June 27, 2017, there were some reports on Yoo Ah In’s military service judgment. In this regard, Yoo Ah In himself and the company would like to explain the specific situation and show our stance.”

“As it is known through media reports and the actors’ past statement, Yoo Ah In has undergone physical examination for military service for the past three years due to the long-term health problems, such as injuries and other physical reasons. On May 22, 2017, the military service’s physical re-examination was conducted. Then, on June 26, 2017, we were informed about the military service exemption final decision by the Military Manpower Administration through the military service disposition.”

The agency declares, “We hereby declare that all the judgment process has been made through proper legal procedures, such as thorough inspection and verification by the State/Government without any unlawful act of misconduct. In addition, all personal information including the decision-making process and the results, should be thoroughly protected by law.”

“However, the actor’s health problems and personal information, such as ‘bone tumor’, ‘fracture’, and ‘muscle rupture’, and other health information have been exposed without Yoo Ah In’s and his official physician’s consent, and such news has intensified unnecessary speculation and controversy on his military service issue.”

Agency emphasizes, “The health problems, physical and mental suffers are Yoo Ah In’s thorough personal problems that no one can easily control or replace, and the career issues that may arise from the inevitable decesion of military service exemption also entirely belong to the actor’s personal problem.”

Yoo Ah In’s agency also apologizes for the unexpected rampant controversy which caused much concerns to many people, “Both actor Yoo Ah In and we are apologize for causing much worries and weariness to many people. We also apologize that we have disappointed and became the concern of many of you who have expressed your expectation and concerns about the exemption news caused by the health problems.”

The agency also emphasizes that they will take civil and criminal legal actions against the ones spreading the rumor, harassment and malicious controversy that add to Yoo Ah In’s suffer, the unfair suppression and the slander/damage of Yoo Ah In’s career and image. “We will take a strong stance against unfounded speculations, insults, violation of personal information, defamation, false fact distribution and other malicious acts.”

The agency also says thanks for everyone’s support, “The actor and his company would like to express their gratitude to many people who gave their support and comfort, and we will look forward to a healthy appearance together with the best management and treatment in the future.”


July 4 – Military Manpower Administration steps up and says, “Final judgment was done with fairness and no accusation. Yoo Ah In can’t go even if he wanted”. 

On July 4th, Segye newspaper has called the Military Man Power Administration (MMA) for the confirmation of the fair and square exemption decision they made for Yoo Ah In.

The MMA spoke person said, “Mr. Yoo Ah In went under thorough examinations and was exempted. The result was done with fairness without any doubt. There is no objection, complaint or accusation against the final judgment.”

The MMA spoke person added, “The military enlistment should be in accordance with the qualification standard set by the state. No matter how much he hoped, he can’t enlist if he doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria. He can’t go even if he wanted,” he explained.

Reasons for pending surgery: when a benign bone tumor grows, the joints become at a greater risk of fracture. Once the bone mass gets bigger, the tumor should be removed or bone-grafted if necessary. Surgery could cause muscle and nerve damage, and observation is a necessity. There are people who can be treated and those who can not. According to the MMA official page, if a tumor growth has affected only a quarter or even more of the arms joints, the person gets exempted.


July 6 – Yoo Ah In kept on getting treated and re-examined, and has never neglected his illness.

A fan from Daum Cafe posted a photo signed by Yoo Ah In who met a physical therapist at the hospital on January 25th. It’s from the same person who works as a physical therapist at the hospital where he gets treated after he was diagnosed with a bone tumor last year [read about the therapist’s first post here].

Fans emphasize that Yoo Ah In never neglects his illness and treatment as accused by a lot of people by showing that proof. They say, “After an injury, Yoo Ah In has discovered that he has a bone tumor during his treatment. Some trash at the hospital, where he always gets treated, has leaked his personal information, and an article has described the nature of his disease. Yoo Ah In kept on getting treated and re-examined, and has never neglected his illness.”

They further quote the reason why Yoo Ah In didn’t get surgery yet so far, “When a benign bone tumor grows, the joints become at a greater risk of fracture. Once the bone mass gets bigger, the tumor should be removed or bone-grafted if necessary. Surgery could cause muscle and nerve damage, and observation is a necessity. There are people who can be treated and those who can not.”

Lastly they explain about his exemption based on MMA’s official website information, “According to the MMA, if a tumor growth has affected only a quarter or even more of the arms joints, the person gets exempted.”

UAA should hire them as their PR.


July 11 – Military Manpower Administration denies that they are investigating Yoo Ah In’s military exemption.

The Daegu Military Manpower Administration has issued an official response about rumors that they were investigating Yoo Ah In’s military service exemption. 

Last month, after multiple physical examinations, Yoo Ah In was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier and received an official exemption from mandatory military service.

On July 10, one media outlet began reporting that the Daegu Military Manpower Administration was conducting an investigation into the decision to exempt the actor from service. However, a source from the MMA refuted the rumors, stating, “If there is doubt about exemption, then the rules state that we need to investigate. However, just because people say there is a need to investigate doesn’t mean that there will be an investigation. This is a case that didn’t need investigation from the beginning and followed all legal processes.”

It must have been tiring for Military Manpower Administration to explain again and again that Yoo Ah In’s exemption was done fair and square, like, do they have no more important thing to do?

Earlier this month, Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, announced that they would be taking legal action against malicious rumors about his military exemption. Yes, sue them!


July 12 – Yoo Ah In’s artist group Studio Concrete will be holding “Housewarming Exhibition”, from July 15 to August 27. The exhibition features a Korean-American interior designer Jang Hosuk, who began his career in Korea as an interior designer for Yoo Ah In’s house after living in New York city for a decade. Studio Concrete posted the event in instagram~ 

View this post on Instagram

⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ <Housewarming> 15 JUL – 27 AUG 2017 Decorated by Jang Hosuk @nycjang Directed by Jang Hosuk & Studio Concrete @studioconcrete ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 🏠당신에게 집은 어떤 의미입니까? ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 스튜디오 콘크리트가 새로운 기획전 <Housewarming>을 통해 당신에게 질문을 던집니다. 이번 전시를 기획한 인테리어 스타일리스트 장호석의 공간은 그가 뉴욕에서 생활하며 수집해 온 소소한 빈티지 소품과 인더스트리얼 가구 등 그의 세계를 엿볼 수 있는 스토리로 가득합니다. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 전시 기간 동안 스튜디오 콘크리트는 현재 그가 살고 있는 집으로 변신할 예정입니다. 실제로 장호석의 집에 있는 모든 가구와 소품을 스튜디오 콘크리트로 이동시켜 그가 기반을 두었던 뉴욕의 타운 하우스 스타일로 재현합니다. 새롭게 바닥을 깔고 벽을 세우는 것은 물론 길거리의 가로등과 표지판을 설치함으로써 뉴욕의 정취까지도 재현하려 합니다. 스튜디오 콘크리트의 1층은 거실, 2층은 침실 공간으로 재탄생되며 작은 팝업 스토어도 준비 중입니다. 전시 공간에 세팅되어있는 그릇, 그로서리 백, 비치 타월, 쿠션 등 스튜디오 콘크리트와 함께 제작한 아이템부터, 해외 바잉 제품까지 이는 어쩌면 장호석이 엄선한 라이프스타일 셀렉트 스토어라고 봐도 무방합니다. 또한, 스튜디오 콘크리트와 장호석이 직접 셀렉한 향으로 뉴욕 프래그런스 브랜드 LE LABO의 캔들, 향수 등의 제품들도 함께 만나보실 수 있습니다. 이처럼 자신을 아티스트도, 인테리어 디자이너도 아닌 스타일리스트라고 소개하는 장호석은 자신의 공간에 스며들어있는 스타일 철학과 애티튜드를 소개할 수 있는 여러 가지 이벤트도 준비 중입니다. 플라워 클래스는 물론 샴페인 파티, 루프 탑에서의 핫도그 파티, 무비 나잇, 가라지 세일 등 전시 기간 내에 다양한 팝업 이벤트들이 업데이트될 예정이니 기대해주세요. ⠀⠀ ⠀ 좋은 집이란 구입하는 것이 아니라 만들어지는 것이라고 하죠? 또 한 소설가는 집이란 장소가 아니라, 사람들이라고도 했습니다. 이처럼 이번 <Housewarming> 전시에서 가장 중요한 것은 인테리어 스타일리스트 장호석의 공간에 초대된 여러분입니다. 여러분이 전시의 일부가 되는 것이지요. 마치 호스트 장호석이 사는 것처럼 매주 꽃과 가구 배치도 바뀌고 새로운 물건이 들어오면서 공간은 계속해서 변화할 예정입니다. 그 현장을 지켜봐 주시고 친구의 집들이에 놀러 온 것처럼 편안하게 공간을 즐겨주세요. 스튜디오 콘크리트라는 갤러리가 생기기 전에 집이었던 이곳이 다시 전시를 계기로 집으로 변한다는 사실도 재미있지 않나요? 전시는 7월 15일부터 8월 27일까지 진행됩니다. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 스튜디오 콘크리트 에디터 곽새봄 ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ #janghosuk #studioconcrete #0715_0827 #housewarming

A post shared by Studio Concrete (@studioconcrete) on

The caption reads:

What does home mean to you?

Studio Concrete’s new Housewarming exhibition prompts its visitors to consider home. Directed by interior stylist JANG HOSUK, the exhibition space is filled with vintage paraphernalia and industrial furniture that the stylist collected while living in New York. Each piece and prop come together and tell a story about the world Jang lives in.

During the exhibition, Studio Concrete’s exhibition space is transformed into the space of Jang’s current home. In fact, all the furniture and furnishings from of Jang’s apartment were brought to Studio Concrete to recreate the townhouse-style New York apartment he was based in. To capture the Big-Apple vibe of his apartment, the studio’s floor was redone, walls were put up, and street lamps and street signs were installed to match New York City mood. Jang’s living room is recreated on the ground floor, while his bedroom space is featured upstairs on the second floor. A small pop-up store will be opening soon. Exhibited in the space will be dining plates, grocery bags, beach towels, cushions, and other items that the stylist created in collaboration with Studio Concrete, as well as items bought from overseas; the end result is a bona-fide lifestyle store of goods selected and curated by JANG himself. A selection of fine fragrance in perfumes and candles by LE LABO, chosen by Studio Concrete and JANG HOSUK, will also be available at the store.

As such, JANG does not define himself as an artist, nor as an interior designer; finding stylist the appropriate description for his scope. JANG is also preparing several special events that will allow him to present his philosophy and attitude about stylizing his spaces. A flower class, champagne party, rooftop hotdog party, movie night, and a garage sale are among the colorful array of pop-up events planned in connection with this exhibition, so stay tuned!

As they say, a good home must be made, not bought, and a novelist once even said, “Home is not a place, but rather, the people you love.” That is why the most important part of the Housewarming exhibition is you the visitor, invited into the space of the interior stylist JANG HOSUK. You are invited

Please watch the scene and enjoy the space comfortably as if you came to play in your friends’ houses. Isn’t it interesting that this place, which had been a house before it was the Studio Concrete gallery, was transformed into a house after the exhibition again? The exhibition will be held from July 15 to August 27. 

Note: After living in New York for the last ten years, Jang Hosuk began his career in Korea as an interior designer for Yoo Ah In’s house. In the interview with Sport Chosun, he says,

I’ve been in Korea for a year and doing the interior styling for Yoo Ah In’s home. He’s very interested in the interior as well as lifestyle, so we naturally became acquainted due to the same taste. Until a few years ago, my style is much modern than it is now. I mix and style the furniture and accessories of designer’s brands [for this exhibition]. When he saw my New York apartment’s style, he bought all my furniture. So, I moved my entire house [the furniture and furnishings from Jang’s apartment were brought to Studio Concrete to recreate the townhouse-style New York apartment he lived in]. Then I went back to New York with empty body and moved to a new house (laugh).

With the Housewarming Exhibition, Jang officially became the new member of Studio Concrete as well. How nice of Yoo Ah In to show his friend’s talent to the public and help them spreading their wings!


July 15 – Our smiling Master Sik a.k.a Yoo Ah In appeared in a giant French Cafe billboard in Seoul Subway again ^_^

(photo by madruzx)


July 16 – Cutie patootie Han Se Joo a.k.a Yoo Ah In was posing with the food stylist team in Chicago Typewriter filming location. The photo was taken in May 2017, but she just posted it two months later.


July 19 – Yoo Ah In is mentioned in Battleship Island movie credits.

In the press conference of Battleship movie, June 19th, director Ryu Seung Wan was asked about why he thanked Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In in the end credits (“Thanks To”), even though they didn’t do a cameo in the movie.

He answered, “Because Song Hye Kyo sent a coffee truck to the set. As for Yoo Ah In, who belongs to the same agency as her, I’m close to him since we did Veteran together. We listed the names of all those who treated us (with food)”.

Interesting note: Though Yoo Ah In has actually sent a coffee truck to the set too (and Ryu Seung Wan sent him a coffee truck to Chicago Typewriter filming set), Ryu didn’t say that the reason for Yoo Ah In is the coffee truck, instead he said because they are close friends


July 20 – Yoo Ah In, and his college of the same agency, Park Hyung Sik, attended Battleship Island VIP Premiere. Obviously, Yoo Ah In got the invitation from both director Ryoo Seung Wan and Song Joong Ki. He respects them both and honored their invitations by coming to the VIP premiere.

The UAA artists skipped the red carpet event and went straight inside the cinema to avoid the press. However, some lucky fans and people still spotted them going together. Here are the short clips [login to twitter to watch ’em]


July 25 – A sexy throwback for our hot summer: hottie shirtless Master Sik enjoying the poolside 😻 The photo was taken by his Studio Concrete crew, but the actual date could be around the time of Mnet Music Awards in Hong Kong. Thank you for sharing, crew!


July 25 & 29 – Song Joong Ki: “I envied Yoo Ah In for doing very good movies”

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed that he used to be jealous of his friend Yoo Ah In for working with the great directors in good movies.

In the recent interviews that were conducted on the 25th and 29th during ‘Battleship Island’ promotion, Song Joong Ki was asked about working with director Ryu Seung Wan, who also had worked together with Yoo Ah In before in blockbuster film ‘Veteran’ (2015).

The journalist asked, “Was there a moment where you wanted to be part of a work by director Ryu Seung Wan?”

Song Joong Ki answered, “I saw ‘Veteran’ during my military leave. And to see a movie during a two-day military leave, which would take a good portion of time, it means that the movie was really fun (laughs)”.

He added, “Once, an article mentioned something wrong saying that Yoo Ah In-ssi has recommended ‘Veteran’ to me. It did say that, but that wasn’t the case. [He meant: Yoo Ah In would never recommend his own movie to friend/acquaintance]. Before that, the manager gave me ‘Veteran’ scenario to read when I was bored. The movie was three times more fun than the scenario. Since I was doing my service when I watched it, I became work-greedy and I wanted to film a movie. And, as I was leaving my close friend Ainie, I told him, ‘I envy you Ainie. You filmed a really good movie’. Also, in my top 5 movies, there is always Ryu Seung Wan’s ‘Crying Fist’. I have seen it 9-10 times.”

In the second interview, a journalist asked, “When you saw the acting of Yoo Ah In in ‘Veteran’ directed by Ryu Seung Wan, did you envy him?”

Song Joong Ki answered, “I did envy him. I envied that he did a very good movie. Although Yoo Ah In-ssi is a close friend, I envied him too for doing that role so well. He did really well in ‘Veteran’ and ‘Sado’/’The Throne’. Recently, Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Gum, these two friends told me, ‘We envy you for doing a movie like Battleship Island’. That would be the feeling that I felt two years ago (laughs). I was envious, but I wasn’t nervous/anxious (laughs).”


July 28 – Studio Concrete announced that the Housewarming exhibition products/objects are available for sale in CCRT online store~


July 31 – Yoo Ah In attended his Studio Concrete Housewarming opening party with all his crews. Actresses Jung Yumi and Jang Yoon Ju came to the exhibition too~^^


Here’s our cute Sik in the housewarming party with all his crews in Studio Concrete’s backyard~


Keep up your good work and live your life to the fullest, Master Sik!

Stay around for the August news bits, folks ^^

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