Yoo Ah In News Bits September 1-15: Watermelon wisdom, 3 pages of contemplation, French Cafe CF making and more

Hi, Sikseekers! We’re catching up with Yoo Ah In’s SNS updates and news bits quite fast and finally arrived in the first two weeks of September. Here are the September News Bits part 1!


[Note: Most of the information in the “News Bits” posts are already shared/posted in our Facebook and Twitter, so we advice you readers to follow both of our SNS accounts for the exclusive and freshly updates. We have posted some information/his SNS inside our past articles/posts too]


First of all, it was belatedly revealed that French Cafe released some photos of Yoo Ah In and Park Hyung Sik from the CF Making. Of course, we gotta see these two handsome men rub shoulders behind the scene:

Okay, no shoulders-rub. But hey, at least Hyungsik looks like he got smitten by Hongsik 😉 See more photos here


September 1 – Yoo Ah In posted three pages of his own writings. They’re very philosophical, deep and amazing musings by Yoo Ah In! Why are you sure that they’re his, you ask? When Yoo Ah In posts quotes or excerpts from books he admires, he usually posts the name of the author. In this post there’s no a thing, which means these are his own words 🙂

His caption reads:

#this = that? [as in: “is this the same as that?”] #midnight watermelon-storming [note: it’s a play on the word “brainstorming”. Yoo Ah In wrote those musings as a result of the watermelon photo that he posted seconds later] #only questions remain

Translations on his 3 pages of writings:

[Page 1]

Doing my best somehow naturally
Having a moderate conscience
The best for efficiency
Efficiency for the best
Why is efficiency needed?
Is “efficiency” the goal? Or is it: “accomplishment”?
Or Is it best to achieve something efficiently?
Is it best to pursue the best achievements?
What do you intend to achieve?
Should it be efficient in order to achieve?
Absence of rightness, rightness of violence.
A moderate conscience
Free will, or the loss of it
As if this (free will) didn’t exist since the beginning (of time)?

[Page 2]

1. Results to achieve the expression, expression to achieve the goal.
2. To feel, to understand, to sense again, to interpret, to understand, to become it, to change.
3. Valid violence, good conscience. Self immunity.
4. A conscience selling out for conscience
5. Worship for power, power by worship, corruption of power
6. Having a blind faith in the system, a system maintained by blind faith
7. The purity of goodness, the process that generates goodness, the intention and will of goodness, the awareness being influential.
8. Why are we willing to prevent ourselves from ourselves while we are singing for our freedom?
9. Does free will exist? Is it possible to research it? Dig it out? Aim for it? Feel it? Or notice it?
10. Is the manifestation of will to do these [to research free will, to dig it out, to aim for it, to feel it, to notice it] a pure phenomenon driven by having a free will?

[Page 3]

Beauty [written in Korean/Hangeul]. Beauty [English word written in Hangeul letters]
1. How does beauty take place?
2. How is beauty determined?
3. Beauty that’s defined, beauty that hits the spot, beauty that knows something
4. Worshiping that? [“that” refers to beauty]
5. What should we name it? [“it” refers to beauty]
6. Does absolute beauty exist?
7. Is it possible to respect the different tastes of others?
8. Shall my beauty [beauty according to me/beauty according to my own definition] be necessarily a beauty to you?

Whoaa that’s so deep, Master Sik! Bless this beautiful genius!


September 1 – Following the three pages of his writings, Yoo Ah In posted a photo of watermelons box with a banner/sticker on it.

Here, the owner of the watermelon kiosk is really funny and witty. No wonder Yoo Ah In liked the photo and posted it 😄 And judging by the hashtag in the first philosophical post “watermelon-storming”, the watermelon photo made him have those philosophical thoughts ^^ 

First, here are the translation of what’s written on the banner:

Picking our agricultural products, watermelon, is a self-service
Actually, our staff don’t know how to [pick good watermelon]
Sorry for pretending to know how to pick good watermelon all the while

Yoo Ah In then writes the caption:

#It’s a self-service #Sorry for pretending to know all the while, that goes for #life #love #people #relationships #the world #art #Pom🍉🍉🍉 [note: “Pom” is a Korean slang. It means: “this photo has been taken by another person and I have shared and put it on here”]

In his caption, Yoo Ah In is poking fun at himself 😄 He’s apologizing (jokingly) for pretending to know about life, love, art etc, just like the witty owner of the watermelon kiosk 😄 So our witty boy is poking fun at himself with “sorry for pretending to know about life, love, people, etc” 😀 No wonder lots of the Korean comments were, “귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” (“cute hahaha”).


September 1 – Still in the same day, following his “watermelon wisdom”, Yoo Ah In once again posted his own sexy back his assistant’s back photo. His assistant, Nikolai, was wearing Studio Concrete’s artist Kwon Chul Hwa’s sweatshirt design for “System Homme” Korea.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption: 👤

In that picture, many people thought it was him and his shoulders and waist looks buffed/are getting thicker. But, the fact is he was still skinny, and the meaty-looking body was the result of the wind that was blowing his loose shirt! On August 31st, a day before he posted this photo, some fans spotted him and his skinny back, in a patisserie, buying milk 😅 Such a cute kiddo!

source: twitter


Some fans were wondering too if he was wearing two earrings, but we think it was not an earring on his right ear, but it is actually the ribbon-like part we see in some of the caps. Like this one by Studio Concrete:


The shirt that Yoo Ah In his assistant wore in the photo was a new collection from “System” brand. “System Homme” collaborated with Studio Concrete’s artist Kwon Chulhwa for their latest design.  The “System” brand itself is huge in Korea. Tons of actors and idols have been wearing this brand in recent TV dramas/varieties. Read more about the collaboration here.

On September 3rd, “System” regrammed Yoo Ah In’s photo as well~


September 5 – Yoo Ah In posted a banner that reads “We (all) are the people” in multiple languages, without a caption.

“We (all) are the people” banner is also called the Hans Haacke banner with titled “Wir (alle) sind das Volk—We (all) are the people”. The German artist, known for a career of politically minded work, proclaims in a dozen languages that “we are (all) the people”, a sentiment that runs counter to rising tides of nationalism and nativism around the globe.

This banner hangs on the outside of the EMST—National Museum of Contemporary Art in Kassel, Germany, during the Documenta 14 Exhibition from June to September 2017. Documenta 14 Exhibition was also held in Athens, April 2017. [UPDATE: based on his assistant’s instagram, Yoo Ah In went to Kassel and took that banner photo himself right from the exhibition on August 11th!]

Hans Haacke is very critical of the social and political systems. He’s also critical of the art establishment. He does that through his exhibitions themselves (read here). It’s only natural that Yoo Ah In would admire his works. And on being considered a political artist Haacke says, “It is uncomfortable for me to be a politicized artist…. the work of an artist with such a label is in danger of being understood one dimensionally without exception…. all artwork have a political component whether its intended or not” –isn’t that something that Yoo Ah In would say? 😀

The message behind his posters is: “against nationalism and nativism”. Is Yoo Ah In amazing for posting this or what? Fans were happy to see their languages in his post, they appreciated that a lot ^^


September 11 –  Yoo Ah In was doing his first shot on the “Burning” movie’s first day of filming. The dot who’s walking from afar on the street is none other than him 🙂


September 11 & 12 – Yoo Ah In friends posted some not-so-throwback photos from two different places and times. The first one is from DJ Peggy Gould (who worked together with him during the 2016 SIA/Style Icon Asia Awards) with actual date August 4th when the picture was taken in Berlin. Yoo Ah In looks super sexy with his signature expression, and an earring, of course :p


The second one is from his friend, dated August 31st, probably around the time when he bought his strawberry milk :p Again, with his signature pose~


September 14 – Yoo Ah In sent a coffee/waffle truck to the “Drugs King” movie set where his favorite sunbae Song Kang Ho is filming. Super thoughtful and kind dongsaeng as usual. His banner reads: “Drugs King, I wish you a good luck!”

Mooore power to our kind, brilliant and wise guy!  And to be continued to part 2!


Translations & notes by the Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community
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  1. Mari says:

    Love the watermelon wisdom! So complicated yet interesting

  2. gear says:

    If I were him, I would enroll philosophy class, pass with flying colours and make the grade.

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