[PROJECT REPORT] Sikseekers Charity Project for Yoo Ah In’s Birthday “Donation for Children”

Hi Sikseekers in the Sikseekland! Happy 1st October; the Master Sik’s month~^^

Finally, this is our report on Sikseekland Project: Sikseekers Charity Project for Yoo Ah In’s Birthday!!

Since Yoo Ah In always tells his fans that he prefer us to donate for charity rather than buy him the birthday presents, we came with the charity fundraising campaign. For this campaign, Sikseekers/Sikseekland joined force with AINESE (Yoo Ah In official Korean fans club http://ainese.co.kr) and Japan Fans to raise as much money as we can for the charity and send the donation to the children foundation in his name as his surprise birthday present.

After some consideration, Ainese decided to deliver all our donation to The Beautiful Foundation. The Beautiful Foundation “아름다운재단” (http://www.beautifulfund.org/) is a foundation that supports underprivileged children and college students.

As we’ve already known, Yoo Ah In has been a regular donor for the Beautiful Foundation. Yoo Ah In has been donating to the Beautiful Foundation since 2013. In 2013, he quietly donated 77 million won and in 2015 he donated 100 million won to the foundation. In October 2016, Yoo Ah In’s fans followed his step by donating 6 million won in his name to The Beautiful Foundation on his birthday. In December 2016, Yoo Ah In donates Da Vinci Codex Exhibition tickets worth 40 million Won to the Beautiful Foundation as well.

Yoo Ah In also made his charitable donation to The Beautiful Foundation through the “New Kidz Yoo Ah In Charity Fund” account established in the foundation. The fund, started by Yoo Ah In himself back in 2015, goes directly toward a college fund within The Beautiful Foundation. The fund is used to aid Supporting Business for Youth Cultural Activities and tuition fees for university students retiring from the residential care center for adolescents.

Since we were working with other groups, necessary modifications and communications were taking place along the way. While our general idea and the intention of the project did not change, certain aspects of the project had to be modified. In the end, we completed the project nicely!

A total of 61 fans from Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UEA, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, and Vietnam participated and raised ₩2,548,304 (approx. $2,225) for this campaign. Combined with Ainese fansclub members, we managed to make ₩6,082,814 (approx. $5,312) more in donations for the Beautiful Foundation!

The donation was transferred to the Beautiful Foundation on September 29th, 2017, and the management of the fund was left up to Yoo Ah In. Here’s the certificate of donation from the Beautiful Foundation, tweeted by Ainese:

Translations on Ainese tweet:

“Today, the donation commemorating the birthday of actor Yoo Ah In has been delivered to the Beautiful Foundation. This donation will be used for actor Yoo Ah In’s college student tuition support project. For the past four years Ainese has been doing this donation event. And this year, fans from 10 foreign countries from SikSeekland have joined us.”


So, now Yoo Ah In knew that his fans all over the world did the charity campaign as his birthday present, and feels all the love from his Korean and foreign fans~^^ 🙂

Below are the lists of our lovely key coordinators from each region and Sikseekers fundraisers/donors. Without your help, we would not be able to carry this project out so awesomely. Thanks for all the love and support you’ve given Yoo Ah In for his birthday!

Sikseekland key persons/key coordinators:

1. Europe region: @gabbiepink
2. Indonesia: @sweetgodzilla
3. Japan: blue_earth★
4. Middle East region: Chaichai
5. Philippines: Yoo Ah In Philippines Fanpage
6. Singapore: @ashasummer
7. Thailand: Yoo Ah In My Heart Fanpage, @charnrsr and @mdkaolad
8. UK: @Furbabe
9. USA: Christina Rodriguez
10. Vietnam: Yoo Ah In Vietnam Fanpage and Minh Thảo

In addition, all this would not take place if we don’t have our dear Korean friend, Jaemin-nim aka @ancientKingdom-nim’s help, Sikseekland webmaster Mathed-nim, and our Japan friends blue_earth★ and Yasuyo as well!

Last but not least, here are all names of Sikseekland fundraisers for Yoo Ah In’s birthday project (in alphabetical order):

A Secret Person, Vietnam
a_saksri at twitter, Thailand
Admin Fanpage, Vietnam
Anna and Nicole, Singapore
Asha, Singapore
Batchay Poster, Philippines
charnrsr at twitter, Thailand
Christina Rodriguez, USA
Đào Kiều Anh, Vietnam
eingtarn at twitter, Thailand
Fitria Septiani, Indonesia
Francesca, Indonesia
Hà Ngọc Mỹ Huyền, Vietnam
Japan Fans (12 participants)
Jintipa Nakkulnant, Thailand
Jonielle Navarro, Philippines
Karizza Mae Paredes, Philippines
Kyo_pretty at twitter, Thailand
Lee Bin, Singapore
Li-Chuan Lan, USA
LW bluesherbet, Thailand
mdkaolad at twitter, Thailand
Merry Riansyah, Indonesia
Metty Padma, Indonesia
mookapooh at twitter, Thailand
Morika, Indonesia
Nataliya Zubareva, Ukraine
Nguyễn Minh Ánh, Vietnam
Nguyễn Thanh Huyền, Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Mai, Vietnam
Nur-Filiz Yerlikaya, Germany
Phạm Thị Thùy Trang, Vietnam
Pheyasorn pinthumskulchai, Thailand
phph_88 at twitter, Thailand
Piyanuch Vikaikosol, Thailand
Prapatsarapan Tongtatchai, Thailand
primie94, UK
Rada Sirisaipirun, Thailand
Rani Tania, Indonesia
Reem Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia
Rosalina, Indonesia
skulpture_ at twitter, Thailand
Summer Peralta, Philippines
SuweenaS at twitter, Thailand
tangmaePwP at twitter, Thailand
Trần Ngọc Lan Anh, Vietnam
Tuong Ton, USA
Viera Lie, Indonesia
Vivin, Indonesia

Thanks to your kindness and generosity. Your support means so much, not only to Yoo Ah In, but to the kids/students you are helping. Your supports have played an important role in our campaign’s success, so thank you!

Special thanks to AINESE for including Sikseekers in the campaign, helping us in any way they could and making this project ran smoothly for international fans. We really appreciated it!

It is great to see our hard work being paid off at the end! Thank you, everyone for all your help and support!! See you again in the next project, everyone!

Now, let’s prepare ourselves for Master Sik’s birthday this October 6th~^^

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

7 Responses to “[PROJECT REPORT] Sikseekers Charity Project for Yoo Ah In’s Birthday “Donation for Children””
  1. Vivin says:

    So glad I’m participating. Thank you Furbabe & YAI Sikseekers for organizing the campaign for international fans. Love you YAI ❤

  2. K says:

    Awesome ! ! More power to Yoo Ah In and Sikseekers ! !

  3. Proud says:

    Well done, good job!

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