Yoo Ah In News Bits September 16-30: Blacklist, First Instagram Live Broadcast, “Burning”, and More

Hi, Sikseekers, we’re back with more fun news bits from Yoo Ah In ^^ The second half of September was so full of fun because he was in a very happy and playful mood, and posted more surprises for us in his SNS! Picking up where we left off, here are the September News Bits part 2!


[Note: Most of the information in the “News Bits” posts are already shared/posted in our Facebook and Twitter, so we advice you readers to follow both of our SNS accounts for the exclusive and freshly updates. We have posted some information/his SNS inside our past articles/posts too]


September 15 – Yoo Ah In was mentioned in Park Geun Hye’s government “Leftist Celebrities Ranking 19 Blacklist”

The Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) has done online smear campaigns against actors just because they expressed an opinion that is different from the right-wing government. Infamous celebrity blacklist was recently released which included directors, actors, singers and variety entertainers. As a result, veteran actors Moon Seung Gun and Kim Yeo Jin will be suing the government sides involved in infamous celebrity blacklist.

A culture ministry task force looking into the former Park Geun Hye government’s blacklisting of artists critical of the government said it will expand its probe into similar cases that allegedly happened under Park’s conservative predecessor. Since its launch on July 31, the fact-finding committee has been working to find the truth about allegations that the Park administration had created and managed an extensive list of cultural figures deemed critical of the government and who were to be banned from receiving state support. In early September, the prosecutors started an investigation into allegations that then NIS chief Won Se-hoon and other NIS officials managed a blacklist of artists and cultural figures unfriendly to the Lee government.

On September 11, the reform task force of the National Intelligence Service [an NIS special committee launched by the liberal Moon Jae-in government] announced that the NIS under former President Lee Myung-bak, Park’s predecessor, was suspected of creating a blacklist of left-leaning cultural figures to disadvantage them in various ways. The list had 82 names, including comedians, novelists, actors, movie directors and singers. The NIS task force requested the prosecution look into the suspicions. The culture ministry’s fact-finding committee has now said it will expand the scope of its probe to include the alleged cultural blacklist during the Lee government.

The task force said it is currently looking into six major cases, including allegations of the authorities’ meddling in the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) for its screening of a politically sensitive documentary film. 

Meanwhile, veteran actor Moon Seong Geun, one of the 82 figures allegedly blacklisted by the Lee government, appeared at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to be questioned as a witness in the case. According to the NIS reform task force, the agency’s psychological warfare team manipulated a photo of Moon lying naked with actress and social activist Kim Yeo Jin and distributed it online to defame the two celebrities in November 2011. “The NIS made and distributed the pornography through formal means,” Moon told reporters before going into the prosecution office. “I think it’s shocking and lamentable that the Lee administration disgraced the country as much as possible.”

The National Intelligence Service was also found to have compiled a blacklist of senior officials and program directors critical of the conservative government according to its internal inspection. The prosecution is widening its probe into past wrongdoings by NIS officials involved in political smear campaigns and gagging dissident cultural figures under two conservative governments from February 2008 to March 2017.

The NIS reform task force panel recently handed to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office a raft of documents which contain NIS plans to change the leadership at major TV networks in 2009. It advised the government to replace them by having executives tender their resignations in masse and selectively receive them.

In December 2009 MBC President Ohm Ki-young and other senior officials offered to resign. He was replaced by a figure close to the government. The documents indicated the NIS had checked the political stances of a number of executives of public broadcasters and interfered with their personnel changes. The probe panel also found documents that suggest the NIS created and managed a watch list of program makers and employees unfriendly to the government. In 2010 the agency pressured a broadcaster to drop a documentary made by a listed director from an annual awards show, according to the records. A radio program director on the list was assigned to a position in a regional branch that year.

The prosecution plans to look into whether the plans were executed, which would constitute abuse of power and the violation of its duty of political neutrality. On Friday, the ruling party called for a parliamentary probe into alleged attempts by the former governments to control local broadcasters. All of the 121 Democratic Party lawmakers signed a motion requesting the investigation into 37 cases involving the two administrations. Among the cases are purported political moves to meddle in the operations of three major broadcasters — KBS, MBC and YTN — and those involving journalists thought to have been unfairly sacked due to their political views.

In addition to this blacklist, according to the prosecution on September 14, president Park Geun Hye’s government was still creating blacklists even during the Gwanghwamun candlelight rallies/vigils last year. They created a new blacklist and called it “Leftist Celebrities Ranking 19”. It included those who participated in the rallies, such as actors/actresses Yoo Ah In, Jung Woo Sung and Kim Yoo Jung. Ha Ji Won is also included.

Example of some commenters in the conservative online community, Parksamo, upon the release of the 19 blacklist: “I am grateful to find out the leftist entertainers. We must declare martial law and send them to Samcheong education camp” [note: Samcheong camp is a military camp in the early 1980s where military junta detained tens of thousands of civilians as part of its attempts to keep an iron grip on the country], “Go to North Korea, socialist dogs!”. Oh, they’re so classy ^___^

Full “Leftist Celebrities Ranking 19” Blacklist:

1. Kim Je Dong
2. Yoo Ah In
3. Kim Mi Hwa
4. Jung Woo Sung
5. San E
6. Jeon In Kwon
7. Yoon Jong Shin
8. Kim Gura
9. Kim Yeo Jin
10. Cha In Pyo
11. Cheetah
12. Heo Ji Woong
13. Ahn Ji Hwan
14. Lee Eun Mi
15. Lee Seung Hwan
16. Seo Yi Suk
17. Park Myung Soo
18. Ha Ji Won
19. Kim Yoo Jung

So glad that Yoo Ah In and his career weren’t affected much, they made him stronger instead. His career kept skyrocketing and now he’s got the most wanted project. I bet they were furious to see him reaching to the ultimate top in 2015 and onwards. We’re so proud of Yoo Ah In. He didn’t let those monsters destroy his spirits with the lies and distortions. He’s one stronger young man and worthy of all the respect and love. Lesson: Everything you read on the news sites could be fabricated/made up. Do NOT ever trust any negative news or even negative comments brought by online sources towards these celebrities, not even “translator sites” such as Netizenbuzz who tries to falsely “represent reality”. Let’s be smarter! 


Sep 16 – Yoo Ah In posted “33 GOD” MV from his favorite group Bon Iver.

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#BonIver GOD

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption reads:

#BonIver GOD

Singer-songwriter Justin Vernon is Bon Iver frontman and wrote all the songs in this album. Here’s what we got about Vernon/Bon Iver album:

Each number before the song title corresponds to a Psalm in the bible. So far, we have Psalms 10, 22 and 33 relating to the arrogance of man, his unworthiness and subsequent distance to God. This is almost a plea of spirituality, of forgiveness, for those things that have gone wrong in Justin’s life, his straying away from his roots, and a return to belief, and himself. I don’t know if Justin is religious, if not the Psalms could be a symbol for his own transgressions to himself. This is laden with so much symbolism and many metaphors, he truly is a genius. – Coby Lefko 


Sep 18 – Yoo Ah In posted a photo of a pretty wild flower standing in the middle of the grass

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A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He wrote the caption:

“Oh, so you’re so confident?!”

The structure Yoo Ah In used, “구나”, is added to the end of a sentence to express that the speaker is showing surprise at newly discovered information. For instance: “oh so you speak English well?! (I’ve just realized that. I didn’t know that before)”, “oh so you know that girl?! (to express surprise that he knows that girl)”, etc.

So, Yoo Ah In is speaking to the flower, expressing his surprise at knowing this about her character 😆 The flower is sitting confidently among the grass. “She” is confident despite how much “she” stands out in her environment.


September 18 – Yoo Ah In was filming “Burning” in Seoul on Monday, and one fan managed to record him~^^ Here’s the short clip:

So, now we know that he’s playing a deliveryman, and his style reminds us of Lee Seon Jae from “Secret Love Affair” a lot!


September 20 – Steven Yeun confirms to join Yoo Ah In in the movie “Burning”

Hollywood Actor Steven Yeun (Okja, The Walking Dead) who has a solid fan base in Korea, confirmed to play in Lee Chang Dong’s upcoming film “Burning”.

Yoo Ah is playing the pure and sensitive protagonist deliveryman Jong Soo, who tries to solve the mystery surrounding the woman he loves. Steven Yeun will play the chaebol role namely Ben. New actress Jun Jong Seo will play the female character, Haemi.

Steven Yeun has expressed his respect for director Lee Chang Dong and his works several times, and said that he would like to work with Lee Chang Dong in Korea. Director Lee Chang Dong said, “I think that the bright and mysterious charm that Steven Yeun posses is strangely suited to the character of Ben.”

Meanwhile, “Burning” has began filming on September 11th and is scheduled to open in the first half of 2018.


September 23 – Yoo Ah In and his 2004 drama “Banolim” (Sharp) appear in “Andante” drama teaser, reflecting one of the most memorable memories Korean have during the year of 2004~


September 25 – And finally, Yoo Ah In posted a set of his own self portrait, his latest face 😀 Can you spot one tiny difference?

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A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption says:


A fan, smiley_angellemon, pointed out that he did the Da Vinci Code’s style. One photo is different from others. Start from the upper-left-corner photo, then move from left to right, that photo is located on the 10th; start from the bottom-left-corner photo, move from left to right, the photo is located on the 6th. So, we got 10.6 aka his birthday! Some fans said that it’s a chiaroscuro photography style. The photo set also reminds us of CCRT Aerospace ad, where one Sik being different among hundreds of Sik~

(instagram photo enhanced by herheeu)


September 29 – Yoo Ah In posted a photo of two giggling school girls whom he met in the bus 😊 We presume it was taken from “Burning” filming site/he was shooting a scene in the bus and these girls were the extras.

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A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He wrote the caption: 

8th grade/second grade in middle school

The little girls must have been over the moon! And all the comments said things like: “Sooo envy!”, “I’m in high school, please take a photo of me 😭, “I’m 8 grader too”, or “Oppa, I’m in 7 grade”  😂 So nice of YOO making these cute girls’ heart fluttered!


September 29 – Yoo Ah In posted Seoul sky with its beautiful rays of light

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어제의 서울

A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

His caption reads:

Seoul yesterday


September 29 – Still in the same day, Yoo Ah In posted the photo of his own sexy back’s silhouette/shadow while he was starring at the sun

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A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

He wrote the caption:

And/And then…

Aww look at his longer hair it got fluffy on the top too!


September 29 – After posting the photo, Yoo Ah In did his first instagram live broadcast/insta story in his public account! Not only once but twice live broadcasts!!! Whoaaa~! 😀

In his first instagram live broadcast, Yoo Ah In posted a clip of his road trip. In this photo we can see Han River clearly during his trip. He picked a nice background song track from Des’ree “You Gotta Be”. 


Our Japanese friend, Yasuyo, told us that perhaps Yoo Ah In already found out about Ainese-Sikseekers donation to the Beautiful Foundation (which was delivered precisely that day), so it made him even happier, sending peace signs and greetings with his cute hands to the fans! Weeeh!!


In his second live insta story, he posted a Youtube MV from Korean band Pink Ocean, “Off On Off”


We’re so happy when he becomes so playful and totally himself for his instagram live stories. He must be in a good mood, he was totally enjoying himself like a little kid; that beautiful song he chose, the fat finger hearts for us, him pointing to the sun, tickling the sun, waving the sun and us, and he was so relaxed.

(screencapped by DC)


He even put one foot on the dashboard 😀 Here’s his foot screencap~


And here’s the outlined screencap by The Sassy Translator~


And folks, please don’t worry about his safety. He has his personal assistant driving for him, so he can do the “live report” freely ^^


September 30 – A random guy spotted Yoo Ah In filming “Burning” movie on Sunday! 

The beautiful rugged face and the new hair style are screaming “Lee Seon Jae”, but this character “Jong Soo” got this distressed look on his face and even more rugged looking, and he has those pecs thanks to his exercises.

The guy who posted this photo revealed that the filming location took place in Hwagok-dong. He said on the caption:

Something that stood out to me when I came to Hwagok-dong. It looks like they are filming a movie, and I saw Yoo Ah In while he was acting ㅋㅋ He’s very handsome and his body looks good/fine too ㅋㅋㅋ (I would have stayed more) but I didn’t want the staffers to beat me and tell me that I can’t look~ That would be so bad ㅋㅋ

One commenter said, “You should have asked him for an autograph!”. The account owner replied, “The staffers were completely blocking him~~”. The other commenter said, “He looks little ㅋㅋ”. The account owner replied again, “Although when I came to the vicinity, I only took furtive glances at him, but I noticed that he is bigger than I thought”.

Hwagok-dong is a neighborhood of Gangseo District, Seoul. And Gangseo-gu is located on the south side of the Han River. So, when Yoo Ah In was streaming yesterday, chances are he was on his way back home after filming, since we can see the Han river clearly in his live stream, and his live stream was at like four or five p.m KST when the autumn sun was about to go down. 


September 30 – Yoo Ah In posted a photo of Seoul’s burning skyline, and he didn’t write any caption

Apparently, according to Insight, this photo was taken during the Seoul Fireworks Festival, which was held that night of September 30th, to celebrate mid-autumn festival or Chuseok. So, Seoul sky was burning because of the fireworks, and Yoo Ah In watched/enjoyed the event from the rooftop far away^^


September 30 – The witty and meanie Yoo Ah In left a comment under his friend’s instagram photo 😀

His stylist-friend was promoting her brand (by wearing it), and took her photo at a breathtaking place with a serious expression.

Her caption/hashtag reads: “The start of a long holiday”

Yoo Ah In commented with a hashtag to tease her, maybe to mock her attempt to look serious with her photo/serious face/caption. He wrote, “중년의위기”, which means, “mid-life crisis” 😂 lol

Super love his constant positive and bright attitude! His bright attitude on that day could be due to him feeling particularly good on the filming site– maybe the scenes/the lines/or his encounter with the director have been super positive. In short, something good must have been happened during his work, so he felt like dancing, and playing around, and he wanted to share those good vibes with the world.

Keep it up, Master Sik!


Translations & notes by the Sassy Translator of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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    I love that you showed us comments he left on other people’s pictures (so witty and cute!!!) and I love that you showed us the comments people who took pictures of his filming were saying about him. I love any positivity towards Yoo Ah In!

    And I love the little shot of his foot the most lol! And his pack of Red Marlboro cigarettes (always his favorites) Just because despite watching the Live stream more than once, I did not notice it! Adorable

    I can’t wait to read more from you guys!!!

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