Yoo Ah In’s Facebook Message 2017.11.01: The Cries of My Generation

As you might already knew, the evil K-nets (I won’t say “K-nets” but “evil K-nets” because not all the Korean netizens are evil and ignorant) are offended by Yoo Ah In’s ‘RIP’ response following actor Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing for some absurd reasons.

Kim Joo Hyuk died in an unfortunate car accident on the evening of October 30. Kim was Yoo Ah In’s co-star in the 2016 film “Like For Likes”. They didn’t appear together in the same scene in the film since it is an omnibus movie, and they only met once during the film’s VIP screening/press conference.

Although he didn’t know Kim in person, soon after the news broke, Yoo Ah In wrote the words in his instagram, “Condolence is ours. Please, RIP”, and posted a screenshot of Benjamin Clementine’s song image titled “Condolence”.

Allkpop quoted as saying:

Some netizens felt rather taken aback by the response, as comments poured in, “Is he an American/British celebrity? Is he not Korean?”, “I don’t understand can’t he just write out ‘We send out our deepest condolences in Korean’, instead of just plainly writing ‘R.I.P’ in English?”, “You should send out a text message to the mourning families around you later on with ‘R.I.P.’ in English,” etc.

On the flip side, many were baffled by the negative energy, as others said, “I looked this up after hearing about all the hype and…really? why?! I’m lost for words~ I mean how else are you supposed to express your sorrows and not get hated on?”, “I don’t get how you get to mess around with someone’s sincere feelings of grief just because he’s a famous celebrity? Everyone is entitled to express his/her feelings in a unique way”, “I really don’t see what the problem is here”, and such.

In addition to that, certain media/journalists added the fuel by releasing the photos of Yoo Ah In dancing/entertaining the guests (Song Hye Kyo personally asked him) in Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s after-wedding party the day after the accident, pulling up his past “controversies” and “rumors” (including his legally military exemption), and provoking the K-nets to condemn him as “immoral person”. As expected, these K-nets poured out their complains like a true blue SJW, and their nitpicks included why he was very active updating his own instagram. And when he posted his opinion about this stupid controversy in his Facebook, November 1, these “people” even made more complaints. Both the press and netizens blew things out of proportion.

Meanwhile, it was revealed through a TV relay that Yoo Ah In attended Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral straight from his film location. He attended Kim Joo Hyuk’s wake and funeral on the night of November 1st in the Asan Medical Center, Seoul, at a very late hour around 11:50pm KST. Watch him arrived here~

Yoo Ah In finished the filming of “Burning” in the evening of November 1st in Paju, about 1 hour drive from Seoul, and went straight to the place where the funeral was held. News reported that he came taking a deep breath holding his tears. He stayed for one hour with the family of the deceased at the funeral.

However, Yoo Ah In has already sent his condolence wreath earlier that day. He knew that he would arrive late, so he sent/delivered his wreath in advance, first thing in the morning. Based on the order of wreath in the hall entrance of the funeral location, his wreath belonged to a group of wreaths which have been sent very early.

Of course, paying respect to Kim during the condolence period was not the evil K-nets’ priority. The “trial by media” and systematic hatred towards Yoo Ah In were getting ridiculous over the past two days that some brainy journalists had to point out to those malicious netizen’s noses that they just wanted to find the reason to hate him. They just wanted to hate him, period.

Sports World quoted as saying:

Yoo Ah In expressed his candid opinion about the controversy surrounding him, and furthermore, he made a point about the wrong SNS culture and the harm caused by the media. I’m able see how much he suffered these past two days, and how much worries he had. I am also able to feel his sorrow while enduring numerous malicious evils. Still, they won’t stop blaming him. These people who absurdly criticize him are bearing the malice [they only have ill will intention/intention to do evil]. Why don’t you just say that you hate him?

[Long story short, this article basically says: don’t use Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing and other absurd reasons to justify your absurd hate on Yoo Ah In]

Sisa Press made some good points too:

The wake for Kim Joo Hyuk who died in the sudden traffic accident took place on October 31st, and at another place, the wedding of the century of Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo was held. The celebrity colleagues, who had to go back and forth between both places, looked so miserable and confused as the public were watching the events. Yoo Ah In caught in a controversy due to his “RIP” condolence expression in social media and at the same time his blessing to his friends’ wedding.

The funeral, of course, must be held solemnly, but the wedding ceremony has to be done to suit its own meaning. Especially when it comes to overseas VIP guests like Zhang Ziyi, it is out of courtesy to entertain such guests including the bride and the groom in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Yoo Ah In was not the only one who got into the controversy over Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing. Comedian Jung Cha Woo had to apologize for being slow to figure out that the chrysanthemum that singer Sunmi posted in her instagram was her expression of condolence to the actor. Song Hye Kyo went into controversy because she was partying in her wedding. Even when Song Joong Ki postponed their honeymoon to come to Kim’s funeral, the netizens raised the question: ‘why didn’t Song Hye Kyo come?’. “Law of the Jungle” staff was caught on fire too for failing to notify Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing to his close friend Jung Joon Young, and furthermore, netizens criticized Jung Joon Young himself for not coming to the funeral despite the shooting circumstances.

After Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing, media reported the relay of condolences every single day, and netizens assessed every single person’s sadness, and condemned those who did not show up [in the wake/funeral] and those who were deemed irreverent.

Korea tends to be uniformity. We are expected to have one value and one emotion, and those who deviate from this collective group will get social punishment. We have a conservative tendency. Entertainers are forced to value ‘courtesy’, and ‘remorse’ should be the most important item in courtesy. Every speech, every opinion/thought of celebrities will get monitored by netizens.

It’s not a surprise that our celebrities are always under the pressure when it comes to the funeral. You can only escape from the disaster by showing your sadness in front of the cameras, as if exposing your sad face in front of the public validates your sincerity. Is this whole situation normal?

[Basically this article says: So, what do you expect from Yoo Ah In in this situation? Crying over someone whom he didn’t know much in person on his way to his own close friends’ wedding to validate his sincerity? Saying ‘no, I’m in condolence for the colleague whom I just met once or twice during a movie promotion’ to his close friend Song Hye Kyo when she asked him to entertain the guests in her wedding day? Why make a fuss about how people should grief? Shouldn’t we just mourn and not criticize every single person who offer condolences? Do we have to expose to public our condolence face just to be called sincere? Are we sane?]

It’s obvious that musician Benjamin Clementine himself knew about this controversy, and he dropped his supportive comment in Yoo Ah In’s tribute post for Kim Joo Hyuk. He wrote: “Rest in Peace” in Korean (or literally: “I respectfully pray for the repose of the deceased’s soul”), and addressed to Yoo Ah In with, “Just keep being you, Sir!”. Then, he followed Yoo Ah In’s instagram account too 🙂


From Yoo Ah In’s stand of view, obviously he is aware of these malicious netizens getting paid for creating ghost accounts to drop their insults in his instagram posts and articles. Not only Yoo Ah In, but Koreans in general realize this, because it’s not new. The past two governments have records of secretly hiring and paying people to generate online replies [a.k.a “comment armies”] favorable to the government/GOP and to drag down their opponents, including the blacklisted entertainers.

The same evil group called “Parksamo” (Park Geun Hye’s fansclub) are still doing this to Yoo Ah In until now. Malicious hatreds were spread systematically, and the number of ghost accounts in his instagram posts grew in a matter of day. His fans in DC received terror messages from anonymous as well. But he knows it all and stands up for himself.

On top of that, Yoo Ah In actually very much concerns about the problem with the country’s ‘unity is uniformity’, with the uniform homogeneous nation, and the freedom of expression. And he addressed these real issues in his letter.


Yoo Ah In’s letter in Facebook. November 1st, 2017

The Cries of My Generation-

I have always persisted. By the sources that I used and the ways that I had, I’ve asserted/thrown my voice into the age/time that belongs to us. Prior to it, the reason why I had to insist on my opinion was because the world oppressed me from being myself, yet I had been willing to repress myself and accept such a world instead. If you have enough faith that you are living as a free person who have freedom and equality in this world, or if you have faith in the order/regime’s conspicuous hypnosis that you are granted the free and equal access to capital [T/N: hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction], then you’d better not reading my dilemma below. It’s your choice. You have succeeded in thinking that you are exhausted spending your precious passion for the sincere condemnation/criticism days. So don’t waste your time and energy anymore. It’s yours, not mine. I had been burnt at the stake numerously and I cannot have my own will to resist you. 

One thing for sure is that as long as I live, I shall love you and need the world. The whip of LAN cable doesn’t belong to me, but you, who are always anonymous whenever you want. I cannot help but notice that my breath is still attached in my miserably beaten flesh, so I might as well just gladly tear it up. Therefore, this is not a confession, but near-closer to the last appeal.

My uncomfortable cry is a resistance against this inconvenient world/society and my weakness. I am not against this world, but against myself kneeling down [against my submission] to this world. Everyone puts on the same mask like a safety helmet and thinks in the same way, with the same facial expression, in the same clothes, speaks in the same manner, and behaves like others, pursuing the same boring world. I wish to stir such the same boring society. I have a confidence that while I’m subjected to all the blames [while I’m accepting/bearing all the blames], I believe that such alternative existence or action with sincerity could change the world.

I do not wish for comfort, recognition and understanding. I’m willing to strike through the border of the mysterious/uncharted world of untouchable landmines, endure the painful risk of stumbling from the persistent pursuit of the strangers [witch-hunters] rather than feeling secured living happily in slavery.

The bratty kid who defends himself with his noisy voice is dead. I’m no longer opposed to the general public as the object of the struggle, instead I want to join hand with substantial people in the same spirit [comrades] and wish to go together to find a new world. I will express myself through my performance/acting skills, through my essays/writings, through the “celebrity disease” that I’ve developed as an entertainer at my age, the tax that I should pay, the little bit of popularity that I carry, and through my pitiful desire to become the center of attention. And in all the way I can I will console/comfort, communicate and unite with the outside world. So, I’m shouting to the world.

Your comment, your pushing the button of ‘LIKE’, your silence [in SNS]; isn’t it all your shout/cry to this world? Even myself often times laughed at/ridiculed my goodwill and sincerity, and all I have is not self-indulgence but loneliness. What flowing over the brim is not my “bowl”, but the misperception of those who criticized blindly, who failed to discern the difference between true and false.

What I want is not self-consciousness but my own “true self”. What I seek is not self-respect but my own “existence”. I want to be a human being who braves forward, not the ghost drifting in this hellish world.

This is a country that relentlessly keeps on pursuing a deserted soldier beyond the border line of the Tumen River [T/N: Tumen River, or Tumangang, is a 324-miles long river that serves as part of the boundary between China, North Korea and Russia. The river has been used for years by North Korea refugees defecting across the Chinese border], and when the arrows fly tenaciously, people just sit around and gaze at one place like a zombie turning their back.

Though other people wail “I’m going nuts [with this situation]!”, I’m still willing to go beyond the boundaries of rules and awareness by living as an actor, a celebrity in this age. It’s not about crossing the border of courtesy, law, and norm, but going beyond the limits of unjust and fragile boundaries.

I want to destroy all the prejudices as much as possible. I am willing to be a ‘sinner’ [I would have preferred to be found ‘guilty’] under the rule of the brutal old order/regime. Even though I could create an uninhibited greenhouse/sanctuary within the borders/safety net in the name of so-called success, but I’m more delighted to head to the wilderness where the dangers lay beyond the borders. Even though there’s no utopia nor hell of Joseon, but I believe the Republic of Korea exists over that boundary. I certainly believe the substantial new world, not a mirage, will come true. 

The weak and self-contradictory Jongbuk [T/N: “종북” or “Jongbuk” means people who follow the thought and political philosophy of North Korea] sing the old tune in a noisy/nagging fashion, create the red coffins to bury ideas that are different from their own thoughts as if theirs are the work of Joseon, and cosplay the red costumes to cut off others, annihilate individuality, force the entire unitary, hold their own people’s court/trial to judge others like a neighborhood feast, and force their standards upon them- I want to insult such era, and I desire to tear it into shreds.

My life continues and I won’t stop. Just as your life should go forwards as the time is passing.

Time is not going uphill but going forwards. Those who cry toward higher and farther places, and those who perceive the devastation and humankind retrograde while contemplating on this era- I’m sure we must go ahead and move forward.

At least I hope in my nephews’ and the next generation, they live in a less oppressed/cramped world than I am. I hope they live a better world. Instead of behaving as you are said, behave as you think. Prefer the things that you like, not the others’. Choose the way that you want to go, not the way that others want you to. Preserve your own self to grow, at the same time respect others and lead each other to a better understanding society filled with diversity. I have a dream of such a humane and colorful world. I hope that those who are suffocated by the loneliness and ugly dirt excreted by the regime of evil, will soon be saved at the peak of this improper order.

While contemplating this country, sighing deeply and lamenting the era, I want to stop swirling inside and break out of this boundary filled with vanity/pretensions, and go to the real tomorrow. I would like to break through the boundary and destroy the limited border between me and you, just out of sync. If possible, together with more of you.

You all carry the fate to move your life forward with time. I’m not saying this so that you have to keep following my ridiculous absurd instigation. I just hope that you and I will live individually as the masters of our lives.

I know this passage is going to be less exciting and meaningless compared with the paparazzi photos or the relentless, controversial debate/public opinion. And I also know that it will be carved/mutilated, reproduced and then published in various ways. From now on, I have put a stop to file a charge that was carried out [by my agency] in order to protect me against anonymous accusers. Because, protecting myself by doing so is pathetic and cowardice. [T/N: his agency, not him, announced that they will take legal action against malicious commenters, rumors and articles if they continued accusing, harassing and spreading lies about him. But he declared he will quite ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. He doesn’t want to attack their freedom of expression because it just makes him a coward and puts him in the same level with those coward malicious press/netizens hiding behind “anonymous” ID attacking his freedom of expression too] 

This is a dictatorship world where media outlets/internet society of Korea are supported not by the level of contents, but the number of comments, views and hits. Even in this era when the journal/report disappeared and only stimulus gossips left, I still believe in the true function of the media/the press. I sincerely hope that the word ‘journal/coverage’ doesn’t turn to ‘gossip’ to generate and boost controversy. Report is a report, gossip is a gossip. I want you to convey the truth and bring a charge against falsehood and be a light that leads people to a better society.

Do we really have the capability to sentence and send the innocents easily to the guillotine while keeping in silence behind the injustice, by the injustice side, by sympathizing with injustice and turning away from the unjust power? 

Without a solid judgment of truth and a strict judgment of the Constitution, false statement encourages the witch-hunting and scapegoat/mob-stoning. All of us are victims of this system. It’s not “who is” corrupted, because “anyone” can be corrupted. It’s natural to corrupt than to be sincere in this era, where money, power and belief in both of them conquer a nation.

Please, don’t ask “how dare you?/what are you?”, but rather “how are you/how do you do?”. We are living in this era of absurdity that left us “dumbfounded”. Rather than putting up the sticky make-up creepy photoshopped selfie of a hard-edged stubborn man, I prefer myself having a flexible and innocent heart of an eight grade student. I believe the social media (SNS) works to correspond my opinion better than keeping the easy but inconvenient silence, appearing superficially and attacking people. So, which one is a waste of life?

I am well aware that there are much more silent love/affection and grieving hearts than the noisy hatred. I would like to express my gratitude to those who have sent out their love and support in this difficult times that was unbearable to watch.

And to all the kind-hearted netizens and fellow civilians out there, I sincerely ask you a favor.

As if mocking at the fact that two different incidents -the death of the senior with whom I co-starred with, and my close friends’ wedding- overlapped. I ask that you would all please not associate with such prowling hyenas hovering over controversial issues trying to pounce on the blessed yet sad moment by any means.

Please, close your eyes and ears not to hear the unsubstantial noise [verbal abuse] that distorts the facts and maliciously interprets the other’s sincerity. Please look and see the truth and sincerity, and work together to purify this hectic world.

I hope everyone will wake up to the literally “악”/”malice” netizens [T/N: “악” or “악플” is a slang for vicious comment/commenter] -who deserve to be called “충” [T/N: “충” means “bug”, is an internet slang for a large group that attack a subject/person/idea like a mob], who are abusive of the overall standard of South Korean citizens in attempt to generally reduce the people’s awareness level- so that they don’t disturb the present society anymore. I believe that dissatisfaction towards the society should be manifested as a willingness to work towards a better society, instead of venting the anger on others. [T/N: in his last year’s interview, Yoo Ah In has already said that if you think that the world sucks, you shouldn’t try to just evaporate your anger, but to think about how to approach and express it to the world instead through your works and actions]

I, too, will no longer sit back and watch those arguments [I will not be ignoring this incident]. But in light of this situation, I will cherish myself more, do my best to stand up for myself against unfairness, and express myself more cautiously. Please, look forward to my precious work in the future [movie “Burning”] that will be expressing the era and humanity.

While dreaming of a better world, my will and sincerity caused the inevitable controversy over the mourning for the deceased. I hereby express my deep condolences for Kim Jong Hyuk, a passionate actor who dreamed of a better world, I hope he will hear these shouts of mine. I send out my deepest condolences.

Rest In Peace-

Let’s mourn for the sad death of this era together.

I love you


Our take: If these “K-nets” and “media” really respected the deceased actor Kim Joo Hyuk, they shouldn’t have been busy scrutinizing other’s expression languages. They don’t respect Kim Joo Hyuk at all. They were just trying to find Yoo Ah In’s “mistake” to justify their absurd hates. They wanted to drag him down by using a person who has died, and that is extremely disgusting. The so-called media, who provoked the atmosphere and created more ‘scandal’ instead of letting it go as another expression and took the opportunity from Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing for their own financial benefit, are sickening too.

Kim Joo Hyuk is standing up in Heaven whooping, cat-calling, whistling, dancing, and clapping for this statement because everything he [Yoo Ah In] said is the truth. He didn’t apologize for doing anything wrong since he didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m hella proud of him for standing up to the negativity and addressing it in such a classy way. This is one of the reasons why I love this man, because he IS GENUINE yet humble. – Orange Pretzell, AKP


Translations and notes by: Yasuyo & Admin Mochi of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community
※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

Source: Yoo Ah In’s Facebook, instagram, Allkpop, DC

13 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Facebook Message 2017.11.01: The Cries of My Generation”
  1. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    I full agree with the following words that Hong mentioned in his Facebook post.
    ‘’What I want is not self-consciousness but my own “true self”. What I seek is not self-respect but my own “existence”. I want to be a human being who brave forward, not the ghost drifting in this hellish world.’’

    As a person who value Hong’s great efforts in artistic world as a great Artist, I hereby condemn all malicious comments and articles towards Hong for denouncing his bright and shine popularity and his sincere expressions and moods in any kind of happenings. Yes, WeAreWithYou my dear Hong.

  2. Rhonda Cho says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve tried so hard to understand this letter, but his style of speech is too eloquent for a computerized translator to handle. This helped me to understand many things about this thing man’s response and attitude towards the issues. I really love this young man. He’s not only exceptionally talented, he’s a deep thinker, very courageous, and unbelievably kind and open minded. I’ve often wished I could talk and interact with him and his associates at the Studio. I live what they’re doing. But my mind was built for science and I struggle with learning languages. I could never reach the level of compenltency to carry on a meaningful conversation. I need to find some English speaking cohorts to play with. 😊 Anyways, thanks again. Your devotion is commendable and just plain awesome!

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi Rhonda 🙂 Thanks for your kind words! Yes, he’s too articulate that even Koreans themselves sometimes have to read his writings/essays twice and think hard to grasp the meaning. So, imagine how hard it is for us foreigners! I hope someday you are able to visit Studio Concrete and meet his associates, or even better, Yoo Ah In himself ^^ Fighting!

  3. Proud says:

    As Benjamin said: Just keep being you! I’m so proud of YAI for speaking up about the real problems in KR and for standing up for himself! The Korean youths must be grateful that he speaks for them too.

  4. Furbabe says:

    Thank you Yasuyo, sikgongju and M for your awesome efforts ❤ This hullabaloo is so unimportant and doesn't make sense at all. But through this incident, once again our Sik's statement served as a wake-up call to this pathetic society and regime.

  5. 9eraletta says:

    Way to go, Yoo Ah In!! Wake those ignorant peep up!

  6. Hukumi says:

    What I love about all this is how this incident became an instrument to show how intelligent, kind, bold, exceptional YAI is as a person. I really love him.

  7. Ang says:

    Very well said, Yoo Ah In 👏 He calls malicious netizens prowling hyenas hovering over controversial issues. We been knew 😉

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