Yoo Ah In Named As GQ Korea’s 2017 Men Of The Year

GQ Korea has named its 2017 men of the year, and Yoo Ah In is one of them! Yay!

Towards the end of each year, GQ releases their “Men Of The Year” edition to honor men that have made an impact.

For its upcoming, annual end-of-year “Men of the Year” issue, which features a select group of men (and one woman) who have made an impact on culture throughout the year, GQ Korea have named Yoo Ah In as one of its men of the year.

Featured in stylish individual pictorials released online on November 21, Yoo Ah In, Park Hyung Sik, f(x) Krystal, Taeyang, director Lee Jun Ik, among others, were honored by the magazine this year. 

The magazine will contain 14 pages of Yoo Ah In’s interview and pictorials! Weeeh! ❤

Yoo Ah In’s teaser video has been released in GQ official instagram as well


–followed by the first 2 photos of Yoo Ah In; the first one is the cover, and the second photo is one of the pictorials inside the magazine [update: added 1 more photo from the pictorial]

smokin’ hawt!


The excerpts on the upper-right corner of the page mentioned about Yoo Ah In’s November 11th instagram update, where he posted the meaning of a Chinese idiom “啐啄同時” (“줄탁동시”/”peck at the same time”) from Naver dictionary, with caption: 🐣

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A post shared by 유아인/YooAhin🇰🇷 (@hongsick) on

[The meaning of “peck at the same time” (줄탁동시) in Chinese & Korean characters: “줄(啐)” is the sound of an egg when it tries to hatch, and “탁(啄)” is the sound when a mother hen hears it and breaks the egg skin. So, the mother hen and the chick are both “pecking at the same time” from the outside and inside simultaneously. In Buddhism, it compares the keen temperament of the teacher who immediately perceives his student’s performance capacity and leads the student to enlightenment. It’s also a metaphor that there’s an intense relationship between the students and the teachers, and it can also mean that it takes patience to have an opportunity or a chance of a meeting between a good teacher and a smart student.]


GQ is the world’s number one and most influential men’s fashion magazine which sells in many countries. The annual “Men of the Year” has been launched by 16 countries and become the global authority of men and women. So, it’s a big honor for Yoo Ah In to be named one of “Men of the Year”.

We’re curious about his interview too, since he already gave a hint in his instagram last week, that we would find a brand new Sik in GQ. Striking a pose just like that of GQ cover photo (but he looks wayyy hawttterrrr here with all those colorful rays of light all over his face!!!), he wrote the caption: New SICK for GQ coming soon! 🥚🐔🐣🐥


Looking forward to read it!

Congratulations to Yoo Ah In for representing the actors on this year’s list!


Source: Aladin

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  1. Mari says:

    Congratsssss Sik!

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