[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.26: Feminism & Cyber-bullying

Yoo Ah In has turned to social media once again to speak out against malicious commenters. This time, he was involved in a debate with Megalia concerning one of the most sensitive issues in Korea: feminism.

[Note: Megalia is widely perceived as an extremist, feminist community, which consciously mirrors the misogynistic language deployed in male-dominated forums like Ilbe. To critics, Megalians’ mirroring tactic is hateful and misandrist; to supporters, they are reclaiming a male-centered language that threatens and diminishes women. However, the image of feminism in South Korea is still soiled by the controversies surrounding Megalia (and Womad, among other feminist groups). Users of this website often post gory images of sliced penis and mocked war heroes who died in Korean War to express misandry. And the last case involving the group related to the drugs and child rape. Read more about their cases here and here]

The incident started on Friday, November 18, when a person of unspecified gender and identity said that he or she thought it would be difficult to be friends with Yoo. Then, Yoo Ah In left a comment, which was meant to be humorous, but many tweeter users found it “violent and misogynistic”.

Shortly after Yoo Ah In replied her with “Have you ever been beaten up by a small zucchini?”, a pun that he took from his dialog in his movie “Veteran”, the extreme Korean feminists accused his speech of insulting the woman and committing violence against woman. One of the tweets called him “한남” [T/N: “Hannam, derived from “Hannam-choong” or “한남충”, is commonly used as a derogatory term for Korean men. It’s an insult used by extreme feminists, literally means “male insect” or “scumbag”]. These words have triggered him to have some “witty” banters with these so-called “feminists” who just signed up twitter/created twitter account that very day.

While many media and people out there describing (and exaggerating) his tweet-replies as “aggressive” and “tirades”, everyone who has been following Yoo Ah In’s SNS for quite a long while knows that he was just back doing the normal thing he used to do at twitter: talking to the individuals one by one. If you look back at his back and forth banters with random people at twitter during the presidential election in 2012, it’s no different from what you just see now. He’s just this kind of person who doesn’t mind to have long discussions/debates with his followers/the commenters when it comes to literature, art, social-political issues via SNS. This time in the conversation, Yoo Ah In talked to them still with sensibility, and yet kept his cynical-witty signature style intact.

Here’s the timeline/chronological order of events during November 18 to 24:

An account KonnyakuPeach said: “Yoo Ah In… I think it would be nice to just look at from 20 meters away…but it may be hard to be friends with him… I feel like if he opened the fridge and found a lonely 애호박 [T/N: 애호박 literally means ‘immature pumpkin’, but it commonly used for Korean zucchini/courgette] sitting in the vegetable section, he’d crinkle his nose and ask, ‘What does it mean to be alone?’” [T/N: she/he was referring “he’d crinkle his nose” to Yoo Ah In’s character Jo Tae Oh in his movie “Veteran”]

Yoo Ah In humorously replied: “Ever been beaten up by a zucchini? (nose crinkle)”. [T/N: Yoo Ah In was citing his dialog/line as Jo Tae Oh from his film “Veteran”]

But there were lots of fuss about it so he once again tweeted humorously: “It meant nothing/I didn’t mean anything but you all are dragging it….^^🔪” 

In his next tweet he told those who were accusing him of threatening him/her: “There’s a second grade high school student 20 meters away from me 🐶 Please take a closer look and don’t search what isn’t there.” [T/N: he means don’t purposely seeking out things that were not there, for instance, perceiving that he’s threatening the woman]

An account MinsunDo88 (who just created a new account that day) said: “It meant nothing yet he’s going to beat a woman with zucchini. Typical of Han-nam/scumbag ㅋ”. [T/N: this user made a spelling mistake] 

Yoo Ah In: “I was doing a wordplay a little bit, unlike your 한남/misogyny insult (nose crinkle). Grow up. Stop fighting and pretending to be Joan of Arc^^ I understand that you enjoy fighting, but please watch your precious Hangeul spelling.” [Then he wrote a string of Hangeul alphabets]

Yoo Ah In: “I responded to a zucchini with a zucchini, to a user whose gender is unknown, then I got entangled with a ‘minor reporter’ [referring to the user above], and became a woman-hating hannam and latent criminal. I should never have come here. What a beautiful and free world that leads from zucchini to a real-life fight.” 

An account KdramaDoc said: “Don’t leave;;;;;” [T/N: he originally said “안돼 🍆 마”. Eggplant in Korean is “가지나물” and when added with “마” it has the meaning: “don’t go/don’t leave”].

Yoo Ah In: “As long as you’re healthy, innocent/naive, energetic and resilient, I’m going to come back again and work with you to share the vaccine to cure/fight for these many sick and injured lovely little friends. I am still strong. You too,🍆마!/You too, don’t leave! 👊😜 (will this fist emoticon spark some comments too? OMG)”.

An account littlekiwi_twt (another ghost account) said: “There’s already been a problem when he said ‘ever been beaten up by a zucchini?’, but I don’t see anyone pointing that out. Yeah, it’s always like that. Life is short, so [you people] keep looking away.”

Yoo Ah In: “I know that you are the victim of the loss of consciousness, but you gotta wash that salt and fight properly. I would like to help you on the ‘한남’ topic: Sincerity. ‘Sincere’. So, just do well with yourself.” [Then, he posted a screencap of a film’s text that reads: ‘just do well with yourself’]

And finally Yoo Ah In closed the “discussion” with emojis: “🔥🌏🚀✨💫⭐️”

An account whereever600 said: “This place here [twitter] is already polluted seriously, especially by men vs women’s fights. Maybe the Megals [T/N: “메갈”, derived from “메갈리아” or Megalia, an extreme Korean feminist community] or Feminists may not be able to see this text, as you [‘you’ refers to the Megalia] keep doing personal assaults [to people at twitter]. But if you know enough/if you read this by chance, I totally suggest/recommend that you better not come to twitter. You will not find the answer here..”

Yoo Ah In: “I will find the answer with you guys as I pull up a pair of Moon Crystal Power [referring to Japan anime Sailor Moon]. Let’s love❤” 

However, those people got mad because he replied and responded the person above who criticized Megalia, and they began to attack him at twitter and instagram, and tell him to keep his mouth shut.

Yoo Ah In retweeted an account foxmegles, a Reuter’s journalist: “Telling Yoo Ah In to be silent is violating his right of freedom of speech. You have the right to ‘mute’ him if you don’t want to see his tweets/writings. It’s a completely different matter between ‘I don’t see his speeches’ and ‘I fail to see/perceive his speeches’.”

And late at night, Yoo Ah In launched his sudden “tirade” against people leaving negative comments about him online.

Yoo Ah In: “Here’s a good tip. If you don’t want to see me, you don’t have to. You can unfollow me, and not have to waste your energy on typing my name in the search box. Please guys, just live your own lives. Worry about yourselves and gain confidence in yourself, not me. That is my wish. In all honesty. Thank you guys for the undivided attention once again!” 

“I will play with the people who help me and give me strength. You all play among yourselves. Why are you purposely seeking out things that make you uncomfortable? Don’t base your self-worth on things the world says. Get a life.” [T/N: he meant to say, “why are you purposely seeking out things that were not there?”, e.g: the zucchini that he meant as a joke has been tweaked by these people as a violent against women]

“This is my way of respecting you as a ‘personality’, not as a consumer nor audience, not disregard you nor ‘ignore’ you, not as a ‘commodity’. Thank you. Peace!”

When they responded to the posts above, Yoo Ah In personally replied, writing things to the users directly. For instance:

“Please unfollow and block me. Don’t hurt yourself trying to interpret things that aren’t there”. 

“I will try to write and express more properly”

“I’m also an ordinary person who makes mistake. I will try to correct myself. Thank you for your alert :)”

He also responded to several other posts with varying degrees of seriousness. 

On the other hands, another user wrote: “Yoo Ah In… If you stay still/keep silent, you can send a half-good life.”

Yoo Ah In cynically replied: “Then why don’t you? Maybe you can stay still half-long time.”

And to the user asking, “Are you drunk?”, he replied, “Yes, a couple of drinks on Friday evening!” 

Still, a lot of anonymous users attacked him with the zucchini issue. 

An account nut_jinsug said: “How Yoo Ah In respects ‘personality’ = beating people up with zucchini and mocking ‘Joan of Arc’.”

Yoo Ah In: “Are you alright? You misunderstood my ‘Joan of Arc’ statement.”

An account secretrealm said: “Yoo Ah In is a pathetic heterosexual man who’s not aware of the women’s discomfort/disadvantage.”

Yoo Ah In replied: “It’s my discomfort that I’ve been beaten up and brought to the guillotine by hundreds of people everyday. Actually, it’s a pleasure- Because I’m just a coffin now. Please, don’t package your hatred and make it look like feminism. Wake your ‘humanity’ up!” 

An account ofxiuuu said: “I know it’s too late. But, someone please stop Yoo Ah In from tweeting. He’s an a$$hole.”

Yoo Ah In: “Please, don’t curse. I don’t know why noonim call me an a$$hole.” [T/N: he called this user “noonim” or “big sister” in a very polite/formal speech]

An account fakechallenge said: “Yoo Ah In said ‘don’t hide behind ‘feminism’ ㅋㅋ We are women, so do we have to focus on men’s rights? Take a look at the existing definition of ‘feminism’ first!” 

Yoo Ah In replied: “When you say that because you’re a woman, you focus on women’s rights, it’s like saying because I’m a man, I should only focus on men’s rights. What I’m trying to say is that everyone should respect each other and not get buried in oneself if you want the respect and understanding of others.”

[Note: Yoo Ah In and the user above clearly have different understanding on ‘feminism’. To Yoo Ah In, being feminist means: standing for equal rights of both men and women, not just women, whether it is a social, economical (economical rights may include bridging pay gap between men and women), educational (educational rights include the rights to have education for women) or political structure, and promoting equal and common platform for both men and women. All these basic rights can only be achieved if both men and women have equal participation. Feminism by definition means: Men and women should be granted the same rights and opportunities. Feminism is not promoting one sex being superior over the other or oppression over the other. It’s a rainbow gender spectrum of sexes, rather than male/female turning against each other. To Yoo Ah In, whoever wishes for a world -where he/she is not marginalized, prosecuted, nor hurt because of his/her own features/attributes- is in fact a feminist by choice. Feminism is not about creating divisions. Feminism at its core is about offering the same opportunities to all people; it emphasizes the right for all people to choose how to live their lives and be flexible about these choices.]

And from that point on, he got a lot of backlash from the so-called feminists.

Yoo Ah In: “Live. Please live your own lives. Not my life.”

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Please save them. Save me…🙏

An account Finlaysontiger said: “It must be difficult to be an actor. Yoo Ah In’s essence/quality remains unchanged. People say he’s a gender abuser, that he’s strange, and each of them just want to interpret/see what they want to interpret/see…”

Yoo Ah In: “It’s painful for them to interpret. There’s a big difference between the people who choose ‘hate’ and ‘love’.”

Outrage increased when he called megalia a ‘fake feminist’.

An account chck35 said: “Stop pretending to be a cool scumbag while candy coating bullsh*t #Out_YooAhIn_FromTwitter”

Yoo Ah In replied: “Stop megalians who pretend to be feminists while candy coating hate”

And to an account asking him: “Tell me what is megalia?”, Yoo Ah In replied: “Please, tell me too, what is ‘한남’/scumbag? 🙂 Aren’t you using it as a derogatory term for Korean men?” 

Yoo Ah In added: “I’m not a professional fighter but I feel like I’ve been beaten numerous times by hundreds of people. I have come to realize this was all training for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

An account ntifreeze said: “Look who’s mentally broken”

Yoo Ah In: “I’m not mentally broken. You guys woke me up :)”

Since then, #누가 유아인 (#whoisyooahin derived from “누가 유아인 점 말려봐”, literally “someone please stop Yoo Ah In from tweeting”) trended worldwide. 


Korea Expose quoted as saying:

[if we look at the tweets], in truth, there is no substantive reason why this zucchini interaction should have escalated into the most trending online debate on feminism in South Korea last weekend. To start by concluding, Yoo Ah In’s zucchini tweet had nothing to do with misogyny, in that he wasn’t specifically targeting women. It was playful, perhaps aggressive, but in no way hannam-esque, as one user interpreted — an interpretation that started catching on. Hannam is literally short for “Korean man,” but in this context the term was most likely used to mean hannam-choong, or “Korean male parasite,” which refers to entitled, misogynistic men. At one point, in response to misogyny-related accusations, Yoo Ah In told a critic to stop “acting like a Megalian”, which is a bad blunder.

A comment from the same site quoted as saying: 

His twitter battles with netizens are in fact reflection of his belief – social justice and awareness on gender equality especially patriarchic Daegu upbringing. Both women and men tend to become the victims under stubborn patriarchic society, where misogynistic views on women still prevail at home and workplaces. 


Megalia flooded [and is still flooding] his Facebook, instagramand twitter accounts with their insults. They make hundreds of fake accounts/ghost accounts to generate hate comments and cyber-bullying him. They are threatening people who left positive comments in his Facebook, instagram and twitter, and even his own DC Gallery, telling/threatening them to stop supporting him rudely. They insult men and women who defend/support him. They even insult and hunt down people whose comments got “like” by Yoo Ah In in instagram. 

Right after he wrote his first letter in Facebook about this issue, Yoo Ah In got overwhelming support from K-netizens. Angry with their failure in tainting his name, Megalia tried to manipulate the media. They downvoted the article’s highest voted-comments that praised his Facebook letter, they downvoted the highest voted-comments that mocked/criticized Megalia, and they upvoted their own comments that said that Yoo Ah In is an Ilbe representative. Here are the original top 3 comments with more than 10K likes, all of them are very positive, which now have disappeared/been pushed back to the bottom~


They also came to Namyang Town website and demanded the company to drop Yoo Ah In’s French Cafe advertisements/cut his contract.


They downvoted “Burning” in Naver’s movie database even though the movie hasn’t out yet, and they are planning to make the movie having minus rating.


They plan the character assassination by leaving negative comments in every news coverage about him or his movie and his SNS, by making an impression that he’s an “Ilbe”, and fanning the flames of men’s negative sentiment towards his military exemption. They call this plan: “Ilbe-man Making Project” to reach “the spiritual victory”. But Yoo Ah In showed their horror plan out in the open.

View this post on Instagram

참으로 유쾌한 테러 모의

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So much for “feminism”, eh? As a grownup woman, I had so much secondhand embarrassment for them.

One of the implications from his “banter” with Megalia was the support coming from Ilbe — notorious for violent, hateful characterizations of South Korean women. [T/N: If Megalia is the misandry group, Ilbe is the misogyny group. They spew invectives against members of society who they feel are infringing on the traditional rights of Korean men: women seeking gender equality, migrant workers and North Korean defectors ‘stealing’ jobs and other opportunities, and people from the southwestern province of Jeolla overcoming decades of political and economic marginalization.] This unintended, most likely unwanted and unholy, albeit one-sided, alliance was neither overlooked nor appreciated by many of Yoo Ah In’s followers.

Megalia took this situation to fabricate rumors that Yoo Ah In is also an Ilbe. They even captured his past tweet from 2010 and produced fake evidence to make it as if he was lurking in Ilbe forum. Thank you Free Mouth Paper for revealing their evil plan!


Branding Yoo Ah In, who admires great women like Nina Simone and Meryl Streep, as a misogynist (or even, racist), is like telling people that Clinton is Trump supporter in the alternate universe. Those who know this dude quite long can attest that he’s possibly the most-feminist-man in Korea, by words and by actions. It’s pretty exasperating that we have to prove this to others (read: judgmental people). However, we want to give him the justice he deserves. Now, take a look:

Movie “Like For Likes” press conference, February 2016

Director Park: “One of the most nerve-wrecking parts in writing the script was these independent female characters. Usually, in most romantic films, nice female characters are highlighted to win men’s love. In addition, it was quite hard to combine the three couples with different characters despite them being independent and financially success. I considered such factors in my film, because most of the time women suffered from sexism.”

Yoo Ah In: “I’ve already seen it when director handed this part in our rehearsal. The stereotypical perception of women is deeply rooted in Korea. Noh Jin Woo exactly pointed out the double standard and discrimination between men and women in the dinner conversation scene. When a man articulates his opinion, he is considered as having self confidence and cool, but when a woman does the same she is called a very opinionated. This part went straight to my heart. I want to tell director nim, this is so nice.”

Director Park: “While filming this scene, Yoo Ah In said, ‘What a very feminist remarks! I like it!’ As he noticed my intention, he injected a good mood to the filming. In addition, he did an ad-lib in the scene of the landlord aunty, by replacing the word “old maid” to “(single) lady”. We see that in our daily life many people use such ignorant expression to generalize forty-something single men or women. I wanted to create the characters who had respect for the others regardless age or status.”

V App Live Fanmeeting, February 2016

Yoo Ah In mentioned one of the reasons he agreed to take the small role in “Like For Likes” was because he wanted to work with a female director. You can watch him saying so here.

Yoo Ah In: “I wanted to work with a female director. We don’t call a male director a “male director”. But we call her a “female director” if the director is a woman. That happens to actors and actresses too. We don’t call actors ‘male actors’, but we call female actors ‘actresses’. That may treat women specially, but it also gives disadvantages to women, practically at your workplace. Such words show that women are not on the equal ground as men. In that regard, I wanted to work with a female director, to support her.

W Korea, March 2017

Yoo Ah In: “The manliest man is the one who is the most humane, and most true to himself. The same goes for the most feminine woman. The person who knows and seeks to find him/herself is a charming man/woman. We are all different individuals. And while I’m focusing on that clear distinction amongst us, I also hope that we can be united as one. I hope that we won’t be divided and fighting each other on the basis of being left or right [left wing, right wing/liberal, conservative], color, or region. I hope that we don’t draw lines amongst us pushing the people to become embroiled in a shameful fight. I am also a feminist, since all of us wish for equality. So, whoever wishes for a world -where he/she is not marginalized, prosecuted, nor hurt because of his/her own features/attributes- is in fact a feminist by choice.


Not only by words, through Studio Concrete, Yoo Ah In participates in supporting gender equality. He gave trust and big responsibilities to women taking in charge in the companies; one is Studio Concrete’s co-founder and director, the other is TMI-Too Much Information managing director. Together with his artist team, he took unknown/budding artists under his wings and helped them fly higher, he helped female artists to exhibit their works in the studio. Some of the exhibitions held by his studio brought up the ‘gender equality’ and ‘feminism’ topics (check all the works/exhibitions here). He and his studio support the female film workers by funding the woman film festival as well.

Long before establishing Studio Concrete, Yoo Ah In and his female-designer friend from Recto, built “Product Seoul”, a fashion store that accommodated the budding local designer’s products. He supports all his female-designer friends, such as Flea Madonna and Recto –one of them is the last year’s winner of Samsung Fashion & Design Fund.

He was the one who put budding international DJ Peggy Gould into Korean scene through last year’s Style Icon Asia. In her last year interview, Gould told the U.K media how she put out a track titled ‘Hungboo (ㅎㅎㅎ)’ as part of the Style Icon Asia awards featuring Yoo Ah In. She said:

….Hungboo is actually the very first track I ever made…. I was very proud this was my first demo…. One of my best friends is the biggest celebrity in Korea, he’s an actor here. We were just chilling at his house with a bunch of people and I asked if he wanted to hear my very first demo which I never released or anything but it has Korean words in there. He said, “You know what, I love this! Let’s do a music video.” I was like “what?!”. You know how much he would cost if somebody was to cast him for the music video? You would probably have to pay more than £50,000 per day. But I was lucky. I wasn’t thinking about releasing this music anyway so this became a huge thing because of him. It was very difficult working with a superstar because even when you’re a friend, when you work you’re not really a friend you know? So this was how it happened and because of him the guys in Korea were interested in releasing the music video for the Style Icon Asia award which is a huge thing in Korea. 


Yoo Ah In attempted to wrap up his lengthy online battles with Megalia by posting a lengthy letter on his Facebook page, Sunday, November 26, through which he said that he has always been a feminist, that social media is supposed to be the communication tool instead of war, and that we gradually are losing our humanity. Here are the translations:

I am a feminist. Although I don’t know which authorities may bestow such license on me, I wish to discuss feminism with conviction, love and the spirit of my times. It will be a very long and difficult posting to ‘neo-humans’ suffering from dyslexia as a side-effect of the 320-letter of twitter and instagram’s talking through pictures. While for those who understand one’s personality through writing, this might be a chance to peak into another person’s world. On the other hand, for the others who earn money from the comments [T/N: he means the media craving for the clicks, comments and hits on their articles] this might be their daily bread. OMG!

I am grieved for not being able to tolerate their poor souls and embrace them one by one. It’s really a miserable tragedy to exchange things into words and worry about whether or not my soul will be wounded in the virtual world that I have to put a shield in advance.

Even so, I have to write. In the portal site they make a war firing bullets of trendy vocabulary and stimulative image. Among them, it’s too sad for the boy of literature [he means himself] to be intoxicated pleasantly with the victory [to be immersed in the joy of victory] over the battle.

I don’t want to quarrel. Therefore I wrote this article. And I will use words to express. I will send my message with my bloody tears. This is my ‘words’ and ‘myself’. The one who’s floating in this broken, torn, fragmented world, is not words but me. Don’t be too excited [T/N: he addressed this to the malicious anonymous users who kept bullying him and entertainment journalists]. Is being anonymous so honorable? Is this your honor as a journalist? We are not a beast. We need to fill our spirit/soul, not our stomach.

My name is Uhm Hong Sik. I didn’t pick it by myself and I’m not clear what I should plant [T/N: “Sik” means “to plant”]. But my grandmother gave me that name. “Uhm” means “being strict”, “Hong” means “widely” and Sik means “to plant”. I was born in Daegu famous for having the conservative history and tradition, as the youngest first son with two elder sisters. I was born as the first son who is to inherit the ritual tradition done through generations. Therefore from the moment I was born, I got a “special love” [T/N: he’s treated better than his sisters because he’s the only son in the family]. I had my role as the first son/an inheritor but there was no ‘Uhm Hong Sik’. Just like everyone else, I underwent the hardship of traveling to search for myself that keeps continue until now. Although I’m physically getting older and older, but I don’t stop growing mentally/spiritually. In reality, I’m still in eighth graded disease. I always live hard, because at every moment is new to me, and I continuously changed.

My dad used to call me “똥개” [T/N: “똥개” or “ttong-gae” literally means “mutt”, as in a dog that is of mixed breeds. It’s also something that older people would call their children and grandchildren, but it’s not a positive name and is pretty frowned upon]. I’m embarrassed to be called by that name, but my father still enjoys calling me that name when I go home. He said the precious son should be called in that way to live long. ‘Precious son’.

My second sister’s name is Bang Ul. At that time, my parents had only one daughter, so the next child had got to be a son. So with an expectation of a baby boy, my grandmother named her so. ‘Uhm Bang Ul’; what a pity and beautiful name!

On the ritual day for the deceased elders in my youth’s days, I noticed with a distorted eye: my mother was busy preparing for the ritual ceremony bending down so much, while my father bluffing to the others to show how big the screen behind the ritual table was. My heart has long felt uncomfortable as I saw only ‘weird and unfair RPG’ [T/N: RPG stands for ‘role-playing games’. He means to say ‘role-sharing between men and women in the household’]. After the rituals, my mother, and aunts, with sisters, put the dishes away and cleaned up together [T/N: when the ritual is over, Koreans eat the food together]. The men in the family immerse themselves in their own group, and it was quite difficult for the women to join the men’s ‘bluff’ at home.

Through the history of the war, religion and various human ideologies, the traditional idea that “men are superior to women” was built and prevalent disastrously in our society, which has also been demonstrated in my home as a proud antique. Although this special and violent situation spread for years without any shame, it is fortunate that it has not passed down from generation to generation.

Like everyone else, I was born in the mother’s womb and came out to see the light outside with her suffering. If I’m not a feminist, I cannot live arrogantly. My mother should also be free/liberated (from male chauvinism). I could neither stop thinking ‘Why?’ nor accept the male-dominated society naturally. This era of old-world proves my suspicious that such outdated legacies are still exhibited. Doesn’t human being feel the agony of having question and frightens its existence?

I’m not a beast. I’m a human being and the precious son of my mother and father. If my preciousness is merely due to my gender as a ‘son’, I’m willing to throw aside this precious commodity and strolling in the city like a hungry beast. Perhaps, I cannot avoid from living as a “ttong-gae”, but I’m not gonna live as a “ttong-gae”. All human beings are precious themselves. They are precious not because they are a “son”, nor inferior because they are a “daughter”. All of sons and daughters, all children born from parents are precious and honorable. Who is not?

I’m a feminist. Ha, ha, ha. Whether I declare or not, whether I insist or not, and how I’m called, I’m just such a person. And though I’ve shown my feelings, my words in this nasty virtual world don’t mean against the ‘feminism’/’feminist movement’. This is the story of my thought about the ‘human being’, ‘relationship’ and ‘society’, exploring ‘humanity’ and understanding and reflecting the ‘world’. This performance is an ‘impression’ written by one of the actors who is searching for ‘humanity’, comprehending the ‘society’ and reflecting both in ‘acting’. It’s not easy to be understood but I’ll still do it in my own way.

The ‘difference’ divides us in between the wall of ‘discrimination’. Without any ‘discrimination’ I would like to connect with all existences through this great technology [aka internet], and I want to establish a true relationship in “social network service”. Ultimately, it means to eliminate the influence/the role of ‘actor’ in the virtual world. Since it sounds impossible, so I will exist as an ‘actor’ and as my own self in this place.

The history of wars, religions and supremacy biological functions and the different social roles created the discrimination between men and women. The conquerors have arrogantly changed the difference into discrimination, not only the discrimination of genders, but also the discrimination towards the minority within the community. In the structure of this society where all of us form individually, minority turned to be weak creature.

All sons and daughters, human beings, are still experiencing “wars” in various ways [e.g: internet war]. Modern science and technology are invented to create convenience in communication instead of provoking war.

The wars of this era are no longer monopolized by men. What this era needs is the spirit and thoughts suitable for the present/this era, not the outdated doctrine. We need to stop the ‘war’ and start afresh from there. Are we not witnessing such a tragedy; that the birth of science and technology for the sake of ‘financial deal’ and ‘competition growth’ has erased humanity? Human beings and our feelings got lost and are drifting in a chaotic world where reality and virtuality are intertwined.

The ‘social media’ and ‘communication’ have created a social networks that turns society into one, which also connects the distance between others and I. Such ‘communication’ builds up so-called ‘social net’ to create the hypothetical world with rapid progress of high-technology, and we are going back and forth between hypothetical and the real society multi-dimensionally. It reflects our life in the present using the newest device like smart-phone, and has completely changed the face of human society and humanity itself. We are living in both worlds at the same time. It’s certainly a ‘brand new world’ where both reality and virtuality coexist. Even if you discard all the jargon of those intractable webpages, everyone can still fully aware of this world now. Here is ‘Facebook’ where you exist.

We belong to both off-line and on-line society simultaneously. We are connected by the speed of optical fiver cable. Internet is a great accomplishment of human civilization. Instead of ‘war’ in this place, we should ‘help each other’ to find peace.

War is the symbol of fear. We are buried in the world of technology that connects us as one, and compete against each other to get a place in the hierarchy. We compete and come into conflict. It’s the war where those who come out as the winners are not happy. It’s a ‘hypnosis’. This is an era where no winner will ever exist. Even in this era, the former president and the third-generation chaebols are sent in custody/prison.

What we should be scared of is not the others, nor technology nor rule. What we surely have to be scared of is the reality that we are going to lose ourselves, that we are losing our spirit and humanity. History doesn’t devour us in the present time, so we must stop from eating ourselves like a silk worm and degenerating ourselves into fuels and spare parts. We must wake up for our own better life.

I am who I am, just like you are who you are. Ha ha ha. No matter what you say, no matter what I claim, no matter how I’m called, I am this kind of person. I don’t want to fight to beat you. I want to be connected with you, and get along well with you. And I want to ask you, ‘how are you?’ [I want to ask about your feelings], and I want to convey my story to everyone who lives in the same age as I live.

I want to convey my story/thought to all people living in the same era and ask you to stop losing yourself under the name of ‘technological revolution’. Let’s behave righteously and accomplish ‘spiritual revolution’. Let’s search for the way together in this convenient technological world. Afterall, isn’t technology the key to human evolution?

Enough, you have said so much. [He refers to the anonymous who kept on cursing him] 


Feminism doesn’t justify bad behavior. When a woman is rude, disrespectful, or a bully, but justifies her actions in the name of equality, it is not feminism. The feminist-bulliest is destroying feminism and defeats the very meaning of feminism itself. Instead of hiding behind feminism in order to bully other people, we should be using feminism as a platform to encourage equally high levels of dignity, class, and respect. (The Odyssey)


Translations by: Yasuyo, Furbabe & Admin M | Timeline by: uhs_Trash | Screencaps by: Ilovemochi | Editorial: Sikgongju

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


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20 Responses to “[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.26: Feminism & Cyber-bullying”
  1. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    Wow, marathon translation! I understand more on Korean culture and traditions out of this. Yes, I’ve learned more about inner soul of Hong as well. He’s just great.

    I like the following lines that Hong wrote very much, yes, you translated beautifully: “I will play with the people who help me and give me strength. You all play among yourselves. Why are you purposely seeking out things that make you uncomfortable? Don’t base your self-worth on things the world says. Get a life.”

    Thank you.

  2. Rhonda Cho says:

    I am so physically and emotionally drained! I don’t think you need to worry so much about Mr. Uhm. He is strong enough all on his own. I have looked at him from the perspective of an auntie because he’s the same age as my brother’s son and I’m almost exactly 20 years his senior.
    But he has proven to be a true man and so much more resilient than I could ever be, all the while maintaining a logical, civil, progressive, and very witty dialog. I’m actually a little ashamed I have not done more with my life at this age. I think I will leave Fandom to the young, though! I lost so much sleep translating and trying to understand as much as the posts and comments as I could. Today, I started tearing up and hugged my coworker because I needed the human contact. Poor girl. I will stick to reading your summaries after the storm is over! He doesn’t need one more unintelligible English or badly Hangeul comments. He has my loyalty.

    • Furbabe says:

      Sending you our big hugs ❤ ❤ He's indeed stronger than what everyone thought. Yes, everything is gonna be alright. So let's keep sharing the good vibes to the world 😀

  3. Proud says:

    Never ever tolerate bullying in any kind of reasons and justification. This is not feminism. They are not feminist. They are just pretending to be the justice warriors hiding behind “feminism”. In my country, cyber-bullies like them would be taken to custody.

  4. Hukumi says:

    I cried. It’s just so saddening that people are hurting this genuine soul.
    I couldn’t be any more prouder of YAI. How courageous a person should be to able to brave all those hate? And instead of responding with hate and judgement, he chose to understand and educate. I want to give him a big hug.
    And his words/writings? My golly, he should be a writer. He should write a lot of books.
    Id like to say thank you for fighting with him. Im so proud of being a part of this fandom.
    And again, thank you for the translations and for always doing the extra mile by explaining Korea’s culture and language. It’s very helpful for us non-Korean fans. God bless you!

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi Hukumi! Thank you for your kind words and endless support ❤ We're all in this together with him, fighting with him against this injustice. He's stronger than anyone could imagine. Let's pray for him and supporting him in a good way 🙂

  5. Pina Pipino says:

    Quite a read of an unambiguous expose of the cyber-war currently existing against a gifted actor by so-called feminists who should use their energy to defend women against inequality worldwide, instead of attacking a man for being who he is–a talented man who not only expands his own artistic gifts but also promotes the art and gift of others around him. As a poet, writer, painter and sculptor that I am, I so empathize with YAI’s yearn to use the web as a tool of understanding and friendship to encircle the world, rather than misuse it as a weapon to hurt others. Please YAI, fly over the fray and enjoy life and be well.

  6. Szabó Erika says:

    Always reading YAI’s writings have always been with great respect. Even now. It has strengthened me why this great respect and love. I’m not young, but as long as I’m alive I keep track of all her sentences and movies.
    Thanks for the translation. I wish you all the best!!!

  7. hager says:

    Very grateful you translated all of this,as a translator myself I know how it takes to do this in this great way.
    And for HongSik I’m so proud of him he teaches them a lesson by his classy way of writing. He’s more than just an actor. He’s very thoughtful person. 💙💙

    • Furbabe says:

      Thanks for your kind words, hager 🙂 We’re so proud of Sik too for standing up and speaking up against the cyber-bullies and waking up the public consciousness. I hope his colleagues and juniors follow suit.

  8. shamrockmom3 says:

    My goal in life is to become as articulate in my native language as Master Sik is in his! He is never lacking in courage to take on the haters. Thanks again to all the translators–this was certainly a difficult set of posts/tweets to translate correctly and preserve the meaning and feelings conveyed.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi, shamrockmom! You’re a good blogger/writer too. Though I never leave a comment in your blog, sometimes I read your writings and really enjoyed them 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and support!

  9. Mari says:

    Fighting Yoo Ah In! You got tremendous support from the majority of Korean public and us!!

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