[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.27: An Arrow of Accusation


After Yoo Ah In posted his first Facebook message, “I’m a Feminist”, on November 26th, a lot of people sent him supportive messages, and at the same time, many angry Megalia attacked him online. If you look at his instagram posts dated from November 24, the comment sections have been flooded by chaotic debates and arguments between men-women, women-women, Megal-Ilbe, and so on. The megals told him that he was a fake feminist, and that he should apologize for calling Megalia a “hate group”. They refused to comprehend the message that he wrote. They kept attacking him on SNS (including his Twitter and Facebook) to an extent of sending a dead threat, distorting the public opinion, fabricating, framing and faking information to create a false image that he is an Ilbe, downvoting all top positive comments for Yoo Ah In and upvoting their negative comments in Naver articles, trying to sabotage his film ratings, witch-hunting and threatening the people who wrote support messages for him, calling him mansplain, and doing many other absurd and disgusting actions. [Read the details here]

On the other hand, we’re quite disappointed that he felt the need to respond to the remarks made by an attention-seeking TERF “trainee” riding “feminism” and his fame.

The so-called trainee took instagram and screencapped a tweet from an account fakechallenge which read: “Yoo Ah In said ‘don’t hide behind ‘feminism’ ㅋㅋ We are women, so do we have to focus on men’s rights? Take a look at the existing definition of ‘feminism’ first!”. 

And this trainee screencapped Yoo Ah In’s reply that read: “When you say that because you’re a woman, you focus on women’s rights, it’s like saying because I’m a man, I should only focus on men’s rights. What I’m trying to say is that everyone should respect each other and not get buried in oneself if you want the respect and understanding of others.” [To Yoo Ah In, whoever wishes for a world -where he/she is not marginalized, prosecuted, nor hurt because of his/her own features/attributes- is in fact a feminist by choice. Feminism is not promoting one sex being superior over the other or oppression over the other. Feminism is not about creating divisions. Feminism at its core is about offering the same opportunities to all people, men and women; it emphasizes the right for all people to choose how to live their lives and be flexible about these choices.]

Then, she added her own definition of feminism, which of course, is totally different from Yoo Ah In’s view, is very ignorant, and basically in-sync with the account fakechallenge.

Yoo Ah In only responded by posting a short memo and his smiling face in his instagram with caption: “Smile again🐥“. His memo reads: “Don’t spit on this smiling face. Just enjoy the #떡밥 [T/N:떡밥/Tteokbap originally used to describe the paste bait used to catch fish, but now is a metaphor to describe something popular and hot like a hot topic, hot issue, or hot information that will catch people’s interest]. I will delete this [post] for you tomorrow. Be angry as much as you want. Here’s another #gift💊 for you”

Although he might address that memo to Megalia in general, not to a specific person, and although he deleted his post the next day as he promised, she successfully got some fame that she wanted. 

We think that it was also unnecessary for him to turn to twitter and reply some childish comments about his first Facebook speech. Though he replied with civility, and even did the background-checking before addressing some users as “student”, we don’t see yet any point of his effort to change their narrow mind through a “twitter discussion”. But, as you know, no one can stop him from speaking up, other than himself.

Here are some selected tweets that we picked from his timeline from November 26 to 27 in chronological order of events:

After posting his Facebook message, Yoo Ah In got overwhelming support from K-netizens but Megalia tried sabotaging the public opinion. Meanwhile at twitter, they kept attacking him. But now, some of them have deleted their tweets or locked their accounts. Most of them are anonymous hiding behind the ghost-accounts too.

Yoo Ah In: “Enough, you have said so much https://t.co/keTcRaJ24S[T/N: he refers to the anonymous who kept on cursing him, and he attached a link to his Facebook message]

An account toxicalice said: “Yoo Ah In, Uhm Hong Sik- the eldest son of a conservative family, a precious grandson, is feeling sorry for the discrimination experienced by his mother and sisters, talking about love and humanity. And yet, you don’t feel sorry for framing the struggling women of Megalia?”

Yoo Ah In: “Wake your soul up.”

An account mistershiniu said: “Please, summarize [your speech] in 3 lines.”

Yoo Ah In: “Not a great thing to look at [and posted the screencap from his FB post that reads “While for those who understand one’s personality through writing, this might be a chance to peak into another person’s world.” He underlined the words: “another person’s world”]“.

An account NY0pdead said: “Please stop, just leave the Twitter world. I’ll admit we are not compatible with Hongsik. We’re all wrong. Please don’t make it hard. You’re still sincere? Please, stop now.”

Yoo Ah In: “You make it sound like I’m doing something awful to Twitter, which is also my home. I’m not gonna fall to insincerity (so, don’t worry).”

An account lookme07 said: “Quickly, take his cell phone away ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ”

Yoo Ah In jokingly replied: “Student, please wake up before the teacher removes/takes your cell phone away!”

An account clover_m_m said: “Yoo Ah In’s feminist declaration is so ugly and sickening.”

Yoo Ah In: “Today, how much logic have you found within yourself to criticize?”

An account tranceyseoul said: “I’m anxious about Yoo Ah In..”

Yoo Ah In: “I have been anxious about you…”

An account brother_mae jokingly said: “Yoo Ah In took away my audience/crowd [Yoo Ah In took away all the attention from me]. You bad bi*ch I can’t forgive you.” [T/N: Apparently, this twitter user’s goal is to be a celebrity-twitter, and he was jealous with all the attention Yoo Ah In got from this controversy. lol]

Yoo Ah In teased him: “Don’t curse, please. Violence only produces violence. I’m not a threat, you know… Just a zucchini :)”

An account SSGZHU said: “Yoo Ah In, please replace/change your DP with this”Yoo Ah In: “You’re so sincere.”

An account what_diju_say said: “I have a writing assignment now. Because of Yoo Ah In, I’m writing ‘small pumpkin’ (zucchini) too much!! It’s harmful to life!!!”

Yoo Ah In: “I recommend you to block me.”

An account bbogle_ said: “[You said that] your mother should be liberated/free from chauvinism. But not the rest of women, because they are Megals [to you]. That’s Yoo Ah In’s feminism filter.”

Yoo Ah In: “Your mother should be liberated too. After all, you will be a mother too.”

An account Feminist_woman said: “Yoo Ah In is seriously a failure. He said that ‘war is a fearful thing’ and ‘don’t fight’. But who created it? History, religion, and war have created biological differences between women and men. Who were the ones making history, religion and war? You are not a feminist.” [In other words: ‘I blame men for creating history, religion and war that resulted to a discrimination’. She basically didn’t get his point].

Yoo Ah In: “Dyslexia-nim. Therapy is available on my Facebook. Please, read it carefully again. It’s a gift for you. Or, maybe it’s not the sign of ‘dyslexia’ but a ‘confuse’. Or, perhaps you misunderstood my own ‘dyslexia’…”

An account 3_M1_ gave a supportive message: “Please, don’t be discouraged.”

Yoo Ah In: “I’m still over here. Feeling pathetic and disappointed, yet I’m not frustrated.”

An account morningyogaa said: “Feminism for Yoo Ah In is just a trinket for his instagram feed. Been grossly sickening for long time.” [Along with her tweet, this tweep posted Studio Concrete exhibition photo, accusing that what Studio Concrete has been done so far was just pretentious. Gurl, you must haven’t been there yet].

Yoo Ah In: “You’re too sickening that you turn away from the truth.”

An account mikaaraboja said: “Honestly, what’s going on with Yoo Ah In? Too pedantic and pretentious elegy ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think it’s that hard writing long sentences [referring to his Facebook speech] like that. I can only see an idiot writing the same sentences over and over again ㅋㅋㅋ”

Yoo Ah In: “Please look up the meaning of ‘pedantic’, ‘elegy’ and ‘literature degree’ in Naver dictionary again. I hope you will have an opportunity and motivation to read articles and see a human as a human, not just a ghost in a shell. Arm yourself [with knowledge].”

An account koreana1245 said: “At first you dropped the zucchini remark, and now you declared you’re a feminist? What the heck?”

Yoo Ah In: “I don’t know when are you gonna knock it [zucchini issue] off. But, let’s keep our mind alive and stay in peace.”

An account jsonearth said: “I tried to pass on/get away from Yoo Ah In’s issue, but why so hard? Are you begging for attention? What a joke ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Yoo Ah In: “You responded to someone who’s begging for attention. Will you let me know how to get away from it?”

An account 11newa11 said: “Yoo Ah In, have your life ever being threatened by a masked stranger chasing after you in the middle of the night? Have you ever run for your life? Does it look fashionable? Have you ever been exposed in this life? I know that you are happy with your life, so it doesn’t matter if you die today or tomorrow. Have you ever had this experience once or twice?” [Obviously, this user was threatening him]

Yoo Ah In: “Yes I have, in certain ways. But are you talking about the women’s struggle or the fake ‘Feminism’ violence? You’re just exposing your anonymity right now [by tweeting a threat]. If your account got hacked, please report to cyber crime police.”

An account nodebtyesdebut said: “Yoo Ah In has an awesome reading comprehension~~”

Yoo Ah In: “You can increase your reading comprehension too. Just go back and read again. Kindly look at the inner meaning/context of the sentences that I conveyed, not just word by word.”

An account Puksin_ said: “Yoo Ah In, please explain what’s the difference between real feminism and fake feminism ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ”

Yoo Ah In: [gave her his Facebook speech link]

Puksin_ replied: “So, you’re saying true feminism means not using ‘Hannam’?”

Yoo Ah In replied again: “Where did I write about ‘Hannam’ here? [gave this user his Facebook speech link]”

An account day_and_you said: “There’s no Yoo Ah In hater here. His haters are too busy with 부랄발광“. [T/N: “부랄발광” literally means ‘negative luminescent’, or in Womad’s vocabulary (Womad is Megalia’s splinter) it means ‘a compound of luminescent male testicles’. This term is used by Megalia/Womad as a derogatory language to attack male]

Yoo Ah In: “Very creative, but did you just plainly reveal your derogatory remark? You cannot degrade the male body that much. Your father owns it too. Wake up your soul, student!”

An account wjsnprst99d said: “Yoo Ah In is full of sh*t”.

Yoo Ah In: “Hey, student. Wake your soul up.”

An account mamayou0112 gave positive message: “Please work hard everyday!”

Yoo Ah In: “Ah~ Thank you!”

Of course, some peep kept shitting on him. So, Yoo Ah In posted Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Israel’s exhibition banner that reads: “If you don’t like me unfollow me.”


An account wellyouthinkTM said: “So you told everyone to have a blocking party. But who’s the mentor/host? Because you’re official (your account has blue tick), you have the privilege for reacting like this.”

Yoo Ah In: “It’s not a privilege. Let’s say it’s an accomplishment/achievement. And now I’m giving away that achievement to you.”

An account starry_21 said: “Being a feminist is not about declaring that you’re a feminist. If you really are a feminist, show it through action, Yoo Ah In-ssi!” [She definitely never cared to “google” what he’s done so far]

Yoo Ah In: “I will specify the ‘certification’ [showed his Facebook message screencap]”

An account ilikewatchingme said: “Do you think this way helps feminism? It’s rather contrary. Who is benefiting from the power of gender? Just think a bit more. At this moment, the true feminist is fighting for human rights. Changes the hate. Your hatred is bad.”

Yoo Ah In: “Now we have something to agree upon [that hatred is bad, that the true feminist is fighting for human rights]. If this is not feminism, then what else is?”

An account sweetqka said: “Poor your mother and sisters to be near around you. Because of your ‘Megalia’ remark [because they’re deemed as a hate group by Yoo Ah In], I cannot open my mouth to fight against discrimination. So, basically you’re blocking women’s mouth. Just pitying women is not a feminist [she thought that Yoo Ah In only felt pitiful for the discrimination experienced by his mother and sisters]. Megalia speaks through women’s mouth. Stop acting. You’re not a feminist.”

Yoo Ah In: “Don’t drink from empty pod [don’t be obsolete]. Seize your soul.”

A film critic named Park Woo Seong tweeted his criticism towards Yoo Ah In via his account Filmisdanger (but he deleted his tweets soon after Yoo Ah In gave some replies to him later).

Park Woo Seong (Filmisdanger) sneered at Yoo Ah In and showed his support to Megalia, despite all the cyber-bullying: “Women feel fear in the face of misogyny. Men feel offended in the face of misandry. Is Megalia bad? The ‘Megalian act’ of women is resistance against societal fear. The act of a man who mocks this ‘Megalian act’ is a response that assuage ‘my offended nerves’.”

Yoo Ah In replied filmisdanger: [Gave his Facebook speech link] “I’m conveying my heart, not rebuttal. We should make the world better. Actors and critics should do that. It’s fun to be able to communicate directly like this. I look forward to your good analysis and good eyes. Nice to meet you.”

Yoo Ah In: “Friends. Don’t forget that the language you use represents yourselves. A scoundrel is a scoundrel, a mockery is a mockery, and a mock ceremony is a maltreatment/abuse. Some of the elderly people/sunbaenim who are passing by [in this Twitter-verse] must aware of it too. Please, don’t expose my flesh so disgracefully. My heart hurts.”

Then Yoo Ah In tweeted a link to a positive article about this “controversy” that generated thousands of positive comments for him, which later on got crazily down-voted by Megalia. The article was written by a woman journalist in objective manner.

Yoo Ah In praised this woman journalist: “Thank you for keeping it clean and delivering it without embarrassment. You are showing an expression of intellectuals too. Thank you for taking it beautifully. I know the controversy will follow. Let’s do our best! I’m sharing this with all other reporters/writers:) 🐥❤️”

Again, Park Woo Seong/Filmisdanger tweeted: Yoo Ah In is a snob. Ha Yeon Soo apologized when she needn’t, and still got criticized [T/N: Ha Yeon Soo, an actress, had apologized for a snarky response to a commenter]. Kim Yoon Seok apologized when he should, and got praised [T/N: Kim had made a comment about women’s skirts, potentially bordering on sexual harassment, thus apologize is the most appropriate action]. Yoo Ah In is very well-aware of such extreme tendencies in South Korean society. He knows, but he doesn’t doubt them, so he remains confident. He is incredibly ordinary, which makes him violent.”

[T/N: basically, Park said that Yoo Ah In should apologize for his remarks toward Megalia, for calling them a ‘hatred group’, and for being “a woman offender”. He wanted Yoo Ah In to apologize because he believed they did nothing wrong; they only “defend” women as a resistance against misogynist society. Park also accused Yoo Ah In for not wanting to apologize because he knows that he has a special privilege as a man in the patriarchal Korean society, that the society is being permissive/having it easy to men more than women. Park compared apples to oranges to make his argument valid. First of all, Ha Yeon Soo got criticized for two reasons: she was trying to show off by providing wrong and unnecessary information that didn’t relate to the question (the origin of the harp), and she also was unnecessarily sharp to a fan who had made a harmless post that wasn’t even being mean. Literally a day after her comments unnecessarily blew out of proportion, she apologized under the public’s pressure. Kim Yoon Seok appeared in the Naver V App Movie Talk. MC asked what he would like to do as the show hit more than 20,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. In reply, Kim Yoon Seok said, “How about putting that blanket down? (implementing the blanket that was covering the legs of his co-actress)”. Now this is downright sexual harassment and he was obliged to apologize. Both cases had no similarities with Yoo Ah In’s. His zucchini joke -in response to a zucchini joke thrown by a person of an unspecified gender- has been re-interpreted by the “feminists” as a “violence” against women, while as a matter of fact, he wasn’t being mean and had no other intention than joking with his follower, using “Veteran” pun to show that he wasn’t as stiffed as she/he thought. Once again, his zucchini tweet had nothing to do with misogyny, in that he wasn’t specifically targeting women. It was playful, perhaps aggressive, but in no way hannam-esque, as Megals interpreted.]

Yoo Ah In replied: “I have read your article/tweets. Your article is not a criticism towards a phenomenon [of violence resistance]. It’s more to ‘blame’ and ‘judgment’ towards one individual. I don’t think that ‘judgment’ is that easy. Did you say ‘snob’?” [He screencapped the definition of ‘snob’ from Naver dictionary]

Yoo Ah In continued: “For a person who has enough time to ‘define’ this ugly word, your statement/assessment is not based on the deep observation and understanding of an individual, but merely on your impression towards an individual. Is this attitude a way to approach the ‘humanity’ of a critic who deals with film media? I’m asking you again. When we look carefully at the social role and agony of a certain critic [he refers to Park], we can see a ‘human being’ who is addicted to the easy ‘evaluation’. I’m conveying my personal thoughts and appreciation. ‘Yoo Ah In is a snob’ .. Even if we are already a “pro”, we should take care of our writing.”

Park Woo Seong/Filmisdanger: “I know you are being civilian [talking politely] to me because you consider myself as a ‘male-movie-critic’, and it’s another violence against many ‘women’ that you have taunted/provoked. You should have treated someone else the same as you did me. This alone, ‘men’ already have vested rights.”

Yoo Ah In: “I cannot respond in the same attitude to collective and indiscriminate violence that is done anonymously [megalia] and I blame on the blindness of the professional. Even if both of them are terrible violence of one kind, I will keep my words and add a few more words [for each of them] later. If you point out my rudeness and ask me to correct it, I will consider it. But you refuse to recognize the rudeness of others and yourself. Violence produces violence. Do you understand that some anonymous-beings who claim to be the ‘victims’ are indulging and engaging themselves in the violence in the name of ‘violence resistance’? Organized violence has been done by hundreds of anonymous against the targeted gender. They are not the victim, and their action cannot be justified. Even the retaliation of violence against the assailant cannot be justified. Even if their actions represent a great deal/effort of protecting women against the violence, the trend of a collective group attacking one individual cannot be called ‘feminism’. Do you want me to apologize to Megalia, who’s playing ‘victims without physicality’ as a weapon, which is used by an abnormal violent group who defames the honor of the real victimized women? Wake up from your dream.” 

[T/N: Yoo Ah In knows that Megalia has done quite many things to help improving women’s equality in Korea. But he also knows that Megalia has done so many disturbing and unethical uses of violence to the society, that their actions got worse as time goes by as they’re justifying their violence as a ‘feminist act’, mirroring misogynist group/Ilbe, and are immune to any criticism because they believe they are the victims of patriarchal society and fighting against the unfairness, thus such violence is ‘legitimate and honorable or desirable’. So, those who don’t succumb to their “power” become enemies, misogynist and women’s offenders. These vocal feminists call out the sexism issues and then turn around and completely embrace some utterly disgusting piece of violence glorification. Violence is justified, not only as a “necessary evil” on behalf of an “oppressed group” but also for the sake of “women”. The mobilization of gender to justify violence is the problem of resistant violence. This is what Yoo Ah In has been concerned about from the beginning of his “controversy”.]

And then he responded to Park’s “vested rights” remark: “I have no choice but to be born with the vested rights of a man. But I am willing to help in all big and small societies in which I belong, as a human being that belongs to a group of women, for the restoration of human rights and the healing of wounds. Let’s do this.”

Yoo Ah In tweeted to all the followers: “You demand your rights and equality. If you intend to punish the perpetrator [me], get a medical examination and tell the truth. Thanks to my ‘leveling-up’, I can afford ten million per day. However, I don’t have to apologize for being a man to an anonymous mob whose gender I don’t even know, even if I wanted to apologize in a normal way.” 

“If you truly believe that you represent yourself and the rights of female victims, stop the empty spiritual victory in response to mass violence, and achieve ‘real’ victory! I, on the other hand, will keep moving forward towards the real victory of all the other beings of the world in equality.”

“I am willing to apologize if there are people who have suffered physical and mental harm because of my zucchini remark. In fact, I would like to apologize if anyone can prove that my remarks were directed at a genuine ‘woman’ and not at the so-called mental illness audiences and mobs that distracting the spirit of the online ecosystem as well as disturbing the human rights movement.”

“Hereby, I openly promise you ‘anonymity guarantee’ and ‘personal protection’. Please collect the valid and logical circumstantial evidence of the damage and contact my agency. Please regain your rights and punish the perpetrator [punish me] through legal procedures or legitimate demands, not violence.”

“I fail to understand these anonymous-beings, who interpret everything ‘word-by-word’ because they ignore the meaning of ‘language’ and justify violence by being held captive by unquestionable assertions. I will not lose the strength of the words and sentences of human beings with bitter heart and the zucchini as the herbs.”

“And I appeal to all women who have decent thoughts and personalities: do not overlook the current situation where a group of unjust crusaders ruins the honor and dignity of ‘women’. I will do my best to help you.”

“People keep silence towards injustice to preserve their rice bowl. The ongoing tragedy in the Korean history proves it up until now. If you still don’t wake up/don’t feed your poor soul yet, you may be able to calm a little desire, but you cannot fill the human hunger.”

And after that, Yoo Ah In replied a troll account PQMHTzvMpIptvqZ who locked her account now: “I cannot respond to your violence trying to curb my voice. Wake up from your dream. And I never judge. Let’s work things out. But why did you delete your [previous] tweets? I feel like watching the coward hyena swarming and biting in the air.”

Then, Yoo Ah In posted Megalia’s wicked plan in his instagram [the post shows their character assassination plan: by leaving negative comments in every news coverage about him or his movie and his SNS, by making an impression and fabricating an evidence that he’s an “Ilbe”, and fanning the flames of men’s negative sentiment towards his military exemption].

Finally, Yoo Ah In turned to Facebook again to speak out against the Megalia. Along with the message he posted the screencap of “zucchini” tweets that started it all~


Here are the translations:

Someone wrote/tweeted about Yoo Ah In’s image as a light joke, and my joke that responded to this genderless anonymous user started such an absurd and unreasonable “female-hatred” incident. The anonymous mob of self-professed ‘feminist’ took a firm stance online. I was confused, but unbelievable affair began.

‘I cannot believe it.’ [T/N: he took Jo Tae Oh’s famous punchline, his character in his movie “Veteran”]
Ah, I’m not Jo Tae Oh, but an actor Yoo Ah In, a human Uhm Hong Sik.

The nonsense “controversy” began with such “far-fetched” attitudes. The timeline was busy and inconvenient for these days, wasn’t it? I’m sorry. You witnessed the reality of a violent group being noisy, loud and ugly. They fulfilled the vacant frame of the unreal victim with delusion to fill the empty game of “victims without physicality”. They used it as a weapon to attack. They infringed upon the (real) victim and even now they wear ‘cosplay of victim’ (pretending to be a victim) to play for indulgence. It was like a magic. They use the zucchini joke as their delusion material of their rightfulness to secure the idea that men are a threat for women. That’s not even a valid argument at all.

They are intelligently exploiting the practice of character assassination of celebrities online and infringing on human rights while the victims are forced to endure the damage. They don’t necessarily need to protect their identity and loyalty of ‘women’, but they go ‘anonymous’ to enforce violence. They are not online warriors who protect women, but online terrorist group who blaspheme women, indiscriminate people, and organize violence.

This group is not advocating the woman’s human rights or justice. They ignore facts in order to defend their weapons. The more I respond, the more organized they are, the greater the deterrence and the violence they are, and the more they reiterate their reckless claims. This is similar to a hypnotic group. Even though they can see what’s right and wrong, they live in their own dreams and turn themselves from the reality. Only in this way they can keep their existence and territory unjust. Such group is not the human rights movement group, but the gangster. They’re trying to cover their unjust side with violence and intimidation. Who is a strong person and who is the weak? You realize it’s all over the news, don’t you? We have already witnessed and experienced how ’evil’ is threatening and what comes after ignoring the ‘evil’.

Anonymous individuals without gender or substance are distorting public opinion with their own language of violence on the web and in front of you. Not only distorting public opinion, they also go beyond disrupting the spirit of the online ecosystem/community, by disturbing the society, the real victims, the socially underprivileged people and humankind’s dignity. To those who keep silent and are sympathetic towards them: is it a foolish thing to respond such mass atrocity -who’s devastating the dignity of human rights movement- with emotions, common sense, and logic? Is it alright just watching people being beaten up to death? I know very well that silence and violence acceptance is the ultimate end of the human rights.

Violence results in greater violence. Ignoring such violence entitles it to justice [ignoring violence gives the violence greater legitimacy/justification]. I’m doing a battle with a group of internet warriors who are not ‘feminists’. They develop a quarrel into a controversy because they seem to think it a justified conflict. This controversy is certainly the ‘violence’ that an ‘anonymous’ group applies to the ‘real’ individuals. Their violent language/verbal abuse proves it. And I have no reason to fight with a group that’s looking like a sword without a grip. Based on a few online communities, the whole day-to-day abuse on individuals held by this crowd is disturbing the world, as they manipulate the human rights movement and the anger of victims, disguising under the name of justice. My outcry on SNS stands for my will. By my true value judgement I want to find my real self-worth and try to communicate with others regardless of the worldly values. Even if my endeavor provokes the warriors’ derision and is abused for a ‘waste of life’, I will live sincerely my present life as much as I can. I want to live without being ashamed and with fairness.

Instead, their fake ‘feminism’ is a waste of life and technology. And this endless noise is evidently the evil in society. We keep repeatedly copying and pasting the old remark of one soccer coach in the past up until now. [T/N: He refers to Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. In 2011, Ferguson joined the debate about footballers’ use of Twitter by branding it “a waste of time”. He was speaking in light of Wayne Rooney’s online dispute with one follower, a broadcaster and an Arsenal supporter. Also earlier that season, United midfielder Darron Gibson opened a Twitter account only to close it withing minutes after receiving a large amount of abuse from his own club’s supporters. Ferguson said, “There are a million things you can do with your life other than that. Go to a library and read a book. I’m serious. What a waste of time”]. Even if another theory is added to this outdated [“Twitter is a waste of time”] text, it will keep existing. It is clear that we are connected at the same time in this place called ‘SNS’.

The ‘technology’ that we use is not something anyone should waste. I know that there are a lot of people who cannot dive into this web battlefield and I am aware of the many cheers and encouragements buried in the abusive words. I will stand up neither to yield nor to disappoint as a humane human being and as an actor’s actor.

To these mobs! I’m willing to open the ‘comment’ function here in my SNS, so that all of readers can confirm your existence. It is not me who is filthy, but your hands, mouth and soul. You will not be able to block me from sharing and communicating with good people. Reveal your filth, ignorance and violence to the society. Rewrite the history of cyber-violence and waste your time. Practice the Ferguson’s words that you use to mock me. ‘The waste of life’. Nothing changes in the world after you manipulate public opinion by the false comments or fake ‘LIKE’ numbers in various news sites and communities all over the places. Only yourselves, soul and the virtual world that you spoiled will become miserable. Common people are different from you who easily have dyslexia with more than three sentences. I won’t be affected by any of your malignant words. Violence is violence no matter how much you justify it.

Yes. This writing is an arrow of accusation shot by a celebrity named Yoo Ah In that you’ve been waiting for. An arrow that was shot towards the false, violence beasts, not towards the real, peaceful humans and humanity. This is a clear accusation against an anonymous and closed violence group. You ought to be condemned. If my writing is unjustified to you, I demand you to stop cosplaying and expose your ‘real figure’ as a ‘victim’ and punish me. If you have a substance and a personality, I will accept to be punished. Don’t hide behind closed accounts, anonymous accounts and language of violence, and prove that you are victims in real names. I’ll accept such a strict punishment. If you don’t show up, you will be permanently be buried in the ‘victim cosplay’. I, Yoo Ah In of the common opponent of your organization will discard the male vested rights and live a humane life grieving over the world. What a feminism!

I warn you. Don’t downgrade the name ‘human’. Don’t spoil the history of the noble human rights movement. Your name will be written in history as the ’cyber-violence organization’ wearing the mask with the dignified name of ‘feminine/woman’. I’ll warn you in the end. If you don’t have the spirit to live on the right way, seek for the “spirit” and “humanity”.

I’ll be sane forever after [I’ll keep on waking up]. I’ll continue writing, swearing upon my honor and my life. I’ll write until “I” disappear/until myself exhausted and write again. Watch carefully where my life and your life are going. Play hard with me. I will identify your ugly reality by raising you to the surface of the water. You have foiled my will from intending to awaken you. I will write my own will just for myself and the world. It is my biggest mistake to treat you as a person. You are the ‘illusion’. I have come to realize that all of you without the real figure are illusions. I will expose you officially on this public-viewed screen [Facebook comment function]. All the sentences in the comment box that you write will form the shape, the substance and the picture. Your face looks like a ghost and at the same time a dynamic modern art. Please join us and leave the comment as much as you can. Like the controversy between you and me exhibited on the screen, deceive yourselves in your own language and prove your existence in the world.


Thank you Master Sik for standing up against the cyber-bullies. Let’s stop making excuse for violence glorification.


Translated by Yasuyo & Admin M of Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


※ Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

9 Responses to “[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.27: An Arrow of Accusation”
  1. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    The whole story of this character assassination attempts towards Hongsik have beeb followed by his countless supporters including me. We stand with Yoo Ah In not because he is a beautiful flower actor but due to his straightforward and opend mind. We all tried to suppot side by side for him but in the end, I have come to realize that Hong will never give up even he’ll be alone. When they understood Bashing him left and right with fake feminism was not working, some attention seekers like journalists and psychiatrist tried some other ways to attack him. Then the whole media and medical associations woke up and started supporting him fully. We are the most happy people to see his positive reflections on how to behave like a true human.

    Anyway, this online big debate has exposed who is Hongsik, how wise he is in seeing on humanism, how persere he is in fighting towards ill-willed persons.

    And, last not least, I will never forget the following beautiful words for women who have to fight for their rights alone in their lives like me.

    Hongsik: “And I appeal to all women who have decent thoughts and personalities: do not overlook the current situation where a group of unjust crusaders ruins the honor and dignity of ‘women’. I will do my best to help you.”

    Thank you very much Hong.
    And, thank you very much Sikseekers for your endless support by translating so fast so that we, the international fans of Hong, didn’t find it difficult to give our hands to Hong.
    I wish both Hongsik and Sikseekers all the best.

  2. 9eraletta says:

    These Megals are no better than Ilbe. They may boast the deeds they have done for women’s rights but at the same time their ugly actions nullified their own accomplishment. I’m quite surprised that a film critic could fail to see the actual problem of Megalia that Yoo Ah In pointed out.

  3. Mari says:

    So many bullshits in Park Woo Seong’s tweets! Yoo Ah In must have a lot of patience to even answer him! He made the film critic look like a fool.

  4. hukumi says:

    I’m so proud of you, Sik.

  5. Pina Pipino says:

    I can understand YAI’s need to try to set the record straight re his stance towards feminism, and he has done it very well in his replies; however, for me, his best assessment was “my biggest mistake was to treat you as a person.”. In my view, what had to be said has been said; anything further is to keep the creeps on a limelight they don’t deserve. And, needless to say, YAI has better things to do.

  6. Cris says:

    Hurray, Yoo Ah In!!! Never be deterred.

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