Yoo Ah In Graces Cannes International Film Festival Red Carpet, “Burning” Receives 5-Minute Standing Ovation & Rave Reviews

Yoo Ah In made his Cannes Red Carpet début, and “Burning” has been officially released in the 71st Cannes International Film Festival’s World Premiere on May 16th, earning fantastic response from international audience and favorable reviews from the movie critics. “Burning” is also vying this year for the Palme d’Or prize, marks director Lee Chang Dong’s fourth invitation to the film fest and third to the competition section.

Stars, a-list actors, studio executives and celebrity-watchers took to the red carpet for the première of “Burning”. To name but a few: Milla Jovovich, Chang Chen, Adriana Lima, Isabel Goulart, Barbara Palvin, Toni Garrn, Aymeline Valade, Cindy Bruna, and more. Yoo Ah In picked up his confidence quickly from the get go and became more relax while shuffling down the red carpet and posing in front of hundreds of international photographers and television cameras.

After the red carpet event, the actors and director were ushered to the auditorium of Lumiere Grand Theater for “Burning” first world screening. The three leads followed the super confident Cannes veteran Lee Chang Dong behind like his kids or pupils to go inside the theater. And that’s adorable! About 2,300 audience welcomed them, especially Lee Chang Dong, with long applause and standing ovation until the four of them took their seat on the front row. Yoo Ah In was a bit startled at first with the welcome cheers, but then he smiled so happily 🙂

Shortly after the 2 hour-48 minutes movie “Burning” finished, and as the ending credits rolling, all the 2,300 audience got up from their seat and gave a standing ovation and big applause for Lee Chang Dong and the three leads, which lasted for more than 5 minutes until they left the theater. The audiences filled up to the second floor expressed their respect with explosive cheers and applause when Lee’s face came to the screen. Yoo Ah In and Steven Yeun looked quite emotional as the crowd continued shouting and applauding. They both tried to hold back their tears while smiling and bowing. Lee Chang Dong paid his respect to the Cannes Festival’s Godfather Pierre Rissient, who had been supportive of Lee during his life. Lee Chang Dong then showed Pierre’s photo badge that his brother wore on his chest to the camera. The badge has “I miss you” written on it. Outside the theater, they once again posed for the photographers, but this time their faces showed that they were overwhelmed by their feelings.

Let’s check out the videos!

“Burning” 2018 Cannes International Film Festival Red Carpet Greetings


[FULL VIDEO] “Burning” Cannes 2018 Red Carpet (English VO)


[Yoo Ah In CUT] “Burning” 2018 Cannes Festival Red Carpet


“Burning” Finale & 5-minute Standing Ovation – 2018 Cannes Festival


News1: “Burning” Screening & Standing Ovation at Cannes 2018


[Clip] Yoo Ah In Focus: “Burning” Finale & Standing Ovation – 2018 Cannes Festival

After the screening, “Burning” received abundant favorable reviews and praises from the international cinephiles including Cannes Festival director. Here are some of them:

“BURNING is great, wonderful and strong. A pure mise en scene, an act of cinema, a film which believes in the intelligence of the audience, something poetic and mysterious.” – Cannes International Film Festival director, Thierry Frémaux

“I think it was the best movie. I wish I had it more, I wish I didn’t have to get up at the end of the movie, and I am very glad that Lee Chang Dong has returned with such a huge film.” – French film distributor Diaphana, Michelle Saint-Jean

“BURNING is the best film I’ve seen in Cannes, a true masterpiece. Lee Chang Dong bred the best performance from the three actors. I had a heart-stopping experience. Burning is a shocking and amazing movie.” – Macau International Film Festival executive director, Mike Goodridge

“The best film I’ve seen in Cannes this year. Every single frame was perfect, it’s a breathtaking production. ” – The Toronto International Film Festival Programmer, Giovanna Fulvi

“If Lee Chang-Dong doesn‘t win the #palmedor in #cannes2018 for his breathtakingly subtle #Burning – everyone is stupid and has no understanding of modern cinema. 💖” – P. Wellinski, film critic and radio host

“BURNING: Class politics never realllly get off the ground but this is thrilling stuff – Yoo Ah-in is extraordinary and these are some of the tensest car chases you’ll ever see. #Cannes2018” – Gus Edgar, film journalist

“So my #Cannes2018 day started with a terrible film noir (#UnderTheSilverLake) and ended with an AMAZING one from Chang-Dong Lee (#Burning). Might even be a Palme contender. That’s how you do it!” – Chris Knight, The National Post

“Lee Chang-dong’s first film in eight years, ‘Burning,’ adapts Haruki Murakami into a gorgeous, frothy battle between alpha and beta males.” – The Film Stage

“That’s an amazing thriller: delicate, intelligent, dramatic! #Burning #LeeChangDong #cannes2018 #CannesFilmFestival” – Tati Rosen, film critic

“Lee Chang-dong’s BURNING is excellent: a mystery tucked into a simmering character drama about social hierarchy. The kind of movie whose trajectory is unpredictable, even as it moves towards an outcome that feels inevitable in retrospect.” – AA. Dawd, film editor

“Lee Chang-dong’s BURNING: Stunning. Maybe the best film in competition. 150 minutes flew by. A murder-mystery that strips the cliches down to the bone.” – Jordan Ruimy, editor in chief, Rotten Tomato critic

“Burning… That’s how my inner self must be feeling right now after watching Lee Chang-dong’s masterful movie. Hopefully the whole audience feels the same way. This film will be treasured. Predicting #Cannes2018 winners is going to be so difficult!” – The Oscar Predictor

“And while we’re at it, since the ‘declining’ #Cannes2018 is churning out great films faster than you can tweet about them, BURNING is sumptuous and elegant, with a nasty core. You know and feel you’re looking at a live flame, but all you see is embers silently dying. Great stuff.” – Tommaso Tocci, film critic

“Burning” receives highest score at the critics panel grid as well.

American indie film outlet, ION Cinema, that holds the daily film critic in the 71st Cannes International Festival through the Critics Panel (consisted of France, Germany, China, UK, Thailand, USA and Russia), publishes their daily ratings for the Cannes films in the competition category.

After the screening, “Burning” just moved into the lead for the Cannes critics panel with an average of 3.9 points (out of 4), the highest rank to date. “Burning” broke the record of “Cold War” (director Pavel Polinovsky) which received 3.6 points (and was a strong contender to win Palme d’Or before “Burning” was released).

The score is accumulated from 15 foreign film journalists and critics. This score fluctuates everyday, depends on the other film’s screenings, and is not official score like that of from the Cannes juries. However, they are accepted as objective criteria to asses the film critics’ reactions.

“Burning” obtained higher score from ICSF (International Cinephile Society Films) too. ICS Film released the daily ratings of the Cannes Palme d’Or competitors, and gave an overwhelming rating to “Burning”. ICSF scored “Burning” 4.83 points (out of 5), which is 0.40 higher than “The Image Book” (director Jean-Luc Godard). Once again, the ratings given by ICSF are not directly linked to the Palme d’Or prize. So, it does not predict the Cannes winner.

And last but not least, “Burning” has hit the top of Screen Daily’s Cannes 2018 jury grid, becoming the highest-scoring title in the grid’s history.

The film received an average of 3.8 from Screen’s jury of ten critics, thereby surpassing the previous record of 3.7 achieved by Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” in 2016. All critics awarded it the full 4/4 stars with the exception of Bangkok Post’s Kong Rithdee and Libération’s Julien Gester and Didier Péron, who still gave it high scores of 3. The Screen Daily’s review described it as ’quietly devastating…a film of wondrous complexity and inscrutability’.

The famous film review site, Rotten Tomato, assessed the freshness of “Burning” and gave the “100% Freshness” Rotten Tomato Index, and 9 out of 10 ratings to the movie, by combining various reviews from global critics until the afternoon of the 18th.

The critics’ comments on the Rotten Tomato are full of “fresh” remarks. Eric Kohn from Indiewire writes, “Burning keeps twisting back on itself, charting the path of a man waking up to the world, only to find that it won’t stop messing with him.” Bilge Ebiri from Village Voice writes, “Lee Chang-dong’s dexterity with the telling minutiae of human interactions ensures that Burning makes for an emotionally gripping film.” Peter Debruge from Variety writes, “This entire film is meticulously calibrated in its ambiguity, encouraging certain assumptions that neither the characters nor the audience can ever fully verify, so it’s best to be on one’s toes.” Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy says, “This slow burn cooks”. And more.

Meanwhile, two out of nine Metacritic reviews give “Burning” 100 points. The overall score for the movie is “88 Metascore”, which is the highest among other films.

The Telegraph’s Tim Robey writes, “This is Lee’s closest ever film to a thriller, but it defies expectations, offering multiple, murky solutions to a set of mysteries at once.” Tim Grierson from Screen International writes, “Once again, Lee has crafted a film of wondrous complexity and inscrutability. The more we see in Burning, the less sure we are of what we are watching.”

Not only the film and director Lee Chang Dong, Yoo Ah In also receives praises for his acting in “Burning” from foreign film critic and director.

Guy Lodge, a film critic from Variety, one of the most influential film magazines, posted his praise and opinion about Yoo Ah In’s acting after watching “Burning” in Cannes via his Twitter

He said, “I don’t see how a jury could not give Best Actor to Yoo Ah-in for BURNING: he’s quietly magnificent. But that would screw Lee Chang-dong out of any prize other than Best Screenplay, which would be a major injustice. Fix your random system, Cannes!” [Note: Cannes Festival has the rule that a film that wins Palme d’Or or the highest prize, cannot win more prizes. However, if the film “only” wins Best Screenplay, then it can also gets Best Actor/Actress prize].

Lodge also added that when French movie “Blue is the Warmest Color” won Palme d’Or, the Palme d’Or was awarded jointly to the director and two female leads, while Best Actress still went to another film. So, Cannes bent the rules but mostly just a symbolic one.

Yoo Ah In has been a low-profile figure but also getting the most attention after the official screening of “Burning” in Cannes. Shortly after the screening, a French filmmaker said, “I was most impressed by Yoo Ah In’s acting as a young man who lost his emotions.”

“BURNING: a thrilling slow burn that took turns i never expected. steven yeun is the real deal but MY GOD, yoo ah-in HAS to win best actor.” iana – Much A Do Cinema Writer, editor

At first she said, “So satisfying to get in the Lumière theater after a loooooong queue.” Then after watching the movie, “BURNING. Oh. My. God. Immersive, brilliantly paced, an instant masterpiece. FLOORED by Yoo Ah-in’s performance!!!!” – Ali Benz

Sight & Sound Magazine praises Yoo Ah In, “….But it is Yoo Ah-in who must carry the full weight of the film on Jongsu’s sullen shoulders, underplaying his colossal performance so consummately that nine-tenths of it remain underwater. And yet the mass of it is palpable and he is the one who breaks your heart.”

Pierce Conran from Screen Anarchy says, “Even more impressive is Yoo Ah-in, who is most well known in the west for playing the slimy son of a corporate head who serves as the villain in Ryoo Seung-wan’s Veteran. Never better, Yoo embodies a sense of confusion, which eventually turns to dread in a performance that doesn’t allow us to make any easy judgments about his character. Jong-soo’s intentions throughout the story may seem innocent, but coupled with references to emasculation and his timid physicality, Yoo crafts an unusually compelling lead.”

Cannes Official Release on “Burning” quoted as saying, ‘It took eight years for Lee Chang-dong and his co-scriptwriter, Oh Jung-mi, to finish this film. Their process is meticulous and demanding. The project was triggered by a chance encounter with a text, “Barn Burning” by Murakami, which is, by their own account, “a story in which nothing happens”. Nothing, that is, except mystery and a broad cinematographic scope. So the challenge was to make Burning into a broader and more complex story, but without solving all the mysteries. In the story, Lee Chang-dong sees an allegory of contemporary society, a world in which something is amiss although it is impossible to put your finger on it. He talks about “a dance in search of the meaning of life” that will speak to Koreans and to the rest of the world as well.’

The Film Stage calls “Burning might not have a huge amount going on below its gorgeous surface, but it drags the viewer along with all the seductive intrigue of a frothy page-turner.”

Indiewire writes, “Lee Chang-dong’s adaptation of Haruki Murakami story is a mesmerizing tale of working class frustrations.”

Goombastomp says, “Combining philosophy with a drizzly, noir mood, Burning sees the former novelist director in full command of his technique. Simply put, this is dazzling stuff.”

Ioncinema says, “Shrouded in mystery, Chang-dong keeps us in suspense until the film’s blazing climax in what stages as the auteur’s darkest, most misanthropic effort to date. While Burning is Chang-dong’s sixth feature over the span of two decades, his latest is a tightly wound, increasingly bleak masterpiece, and as clear-eyed a castigation of wayward social woes as ever.”

(Also, read Lee Chang Dong’s latest interviews with Variety: ‘Burning’ Director Lee Chang-dong: Still Angry After All These Years, and Screendaily: ‘Burning’ director Lee Chang-dong on his “ambiguous” Cannes Competition title.)

Bear in mind that being the critics favorite/crowd’s favorite doesn’t guarantee a movie becoming the winner in Cannes. The scores are just the scores, because the final result goes back to the jury panel consisted of nine people (this year’s jury president is actress Cate Blanchett with members Kristen Stewart, Lea Séydoux, Ava DuVernay, Denis Villeneuve, Chang Chen, Robert Guédiguian, Khadja Nin and Andrey Zvyagintsev). For instance, in 2016 much of the press and industry expected German director Maren Ade to win the Palme for her ambitious father-daughter drama “Toni Erdmann,” but the movie went home empty handed. For this year, the festival may have saved “Capernaum” for Palme d’Or. “Capernaum,” the new drama from Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, earned a massive 15-minute standing ovation following its May 17 premiere at the festival. Many critics predicted the film will be nominated in the Academy Awards as well.

All in all, whatever result “Burning” will get tonight at the Cannes Festival Closing Ceremony- the film, director and all the actors have done a very impressive job with satisfying result, and for Yoo Ah In himself this has been a huge achievement and precious experience in his life. In the special interview in Cannes with Korean press, May 18th, Yoo Ah In said, “I don’t really know anything about the [film] score/rating. Of course, the higher the number, the better. But whether we would win an award or not, the final decision is not in our hands. Ask Cate Blanchett (laugh). Most important of all, I have a big attachment to this work and I came to Cannes with director Lee Chang Dong. I feel happy because we received good evaluation and are very much welcomed here.”

Meanwhile, “Burning” was released in Korea on May 17th after Cannes premiere. The film celebrated the opening day as it tops the box office on its début by occupying number 2 slot in all pre-sales websites after “Deadpool 2”, or number 1 slot for domestic movie in all pre-sales websites. It was also the highest opening score of Lee Chang Dong’s movies ever.

“Burning” has been sold to 9 countries, and will release in France on August 29th.


Now let’s see some of Yoo Ah In’s photos from the Cannes International Film Festival’s “Burning” Red Carpet and World Premiere~

With Korean Film Committee staff before the red carpet began~


At the red carpet~


Inside the theater~


Receiving standing ovation after the film finished~


Before and after the movie premiere/screening~


And finally Yoo Ah In closed the day by having dinner with his “soulmate” Lee Chang Dong and bestfriend Steven Yeun~


Check more photos and updates of Yoo Ah In in Cannes International Film Festival 2018 in our Twitter.

The next day after the Red Carpet, Yoo Ah In attended “Burning” Cannes Photocall, Cannes TV Interview and Official Press Conference with foreign media. We’ll post the articles soon! Meanwhile, have fun in Cannes, dear Sik! 😀 


Source: CJ CGV, Film Burning instagram, [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6], and instagram

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    As a person who is involved in the film industry, its been awe-inspiring to watch this unfold and learn from it. LCD is a remarkable storyteller and these actors light-up the characters (pun intended) – I’m hanging onto the trailers, the speculation and what was said in the press conferences.

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