[PHOTOS/VIDEO INTERVIEWS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Attends Cannes 2018 “Burning” Photocall, TV Interview & Official Press Conference

Picking up where we left off, after the première of “Burning”, wherein the film earned about five-minute standing ovation at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival, May 16th, Yoo Ah In and “Burning” delegate posed together in front of the Cannes Lumière Grand Theater and at the hotel. 


photos: “Burning” staff instagram


“Burning”, which was released around the world through the official screening of the Cannes Film Festival, received abundant of praise from filmmakers all over the world immediately after its release. News1 gathered audience reaction towards “Burning” right after they watched the première. All of them praised the movie, and some of them praised Yoo Ah In’s acting as well.


Audience reaction after “Burning” première/screening in Cannes 2018


On the next day, May 17th, Yoo Ah In, director Lee Chang Dong, Steven Yeun and Jun Jong Seo attended “Burning” Cannes Photocall, Cannes TV Interview, and Official Press Conference. In the Photocall session, the MC couldn’t help but admire Yoo Ah In’s strong presence and confidence facing quite a big numbers of foreign photographers. Check out the video~^^

“Burning” Cannes 2018 Photocall (English Voice Over)


Here are some Yoo Ah In’s delicioussss photos from “Burning” Cannes 2018 Photocall event~


After the photocall session, they jumped right to the interview with Cannes TV. When Yoo Ah In walked toward the venue, some people asked for his autograph/signature, saying they are fans 🙂

Cannes 2018 News: Yoo Ah In Giving His Autograph + Press Conference Highlights


In the interview with Cannes TV, Yoo Ah In was asked about how he recognized his character, whether or not his character (Jongsu) resembles Korean youths today. He answered, “Not only Korean youths, I wanted to express the ambiguity young people feel today as in everywhere.”

To the question asking how director Lee rehearsed him to express his character, Yoo Ah In answered, “He didn’t ask me to express my feeling outwardly, he just asked me to be there to exist.” And when asked whether it was hard to perform the love-making scene in that movie, he said, “I had difficulties [in performing that scene], because she (Jun Jong Seo) is just beginning her career in Korea, so she’s got a lot of attention and expectations. I wanted to help her, because I understand how it feels when you begin your career in Korea.”

Let’s watch the full Q&A video~

Warning: Spoilers alert.

Interview with Cannes TV (ENG Voice Over)


And finally, their last schedule on May 17th was the official press conference with foreign press/media. The official press conference was held at the Cannes Palais de Festivals, where Yoo Ah In and team “Burning” met with reporters from around the world and told their stories about the movie. Since the interpreter didn’t fully interpret what they said, here are some additional points from the Q&A:

Lee Chang Dong revealed that initially he was asked to film a short story by Murakami Haruki for NHK Japan, and he gave the task to a young director instead, but it fell through in the end. He also thought the novel could not be easily filmed at first, but the mystery in the novel could be extended to the youth universally.

To the question asking how he felt working with director Lee Chang Dong for the first time, Yoo Ah In answered, “I love director Lee Chang Dong. It was a great honor for me to work with him. As a great fan of the director, I came with absolute faith in my director during the filming and complied with all the director’s suggestions. I looked at him as an earthly god with full authority at the filming place. I felt I was peeled off/stripped off as an actor layer by layer during the time of filming.”

When a journalist asked how he would react when he found himself in the same situation like Jong Soo, Yoo Ah In laughed and replied, “Naturally, I would behave like Jong Soo.”

A journalist asked why didn’t Jong Soo express/show his anger instead of holding it in, because it was easier that way, Yoo Ah In answered, “You said ‘explode with anger’. Jong Soo didn’t externally explode, but he had a series of internal explosions within himself. So, what’s more realistic for me was to enable the feeling to explode deep within me rather than exploding in apparent way. He was confused. Isn’t that close to reality? In reality, we don’t live where we could explode our angers. At that moment of anger, where the emotions should be burned, I suppressed and restrained my feelings, instead. So, the internal explosion was a more realistic expression for me, especially young people.”

Now let’s check out the full video~

Warning: Spoilers alert.

“Burning” Cannes Official Press Conference (English Voice Over)


After the press conference, some journalists asked for Yoo Ah In’s signature as well. Let’s check out some photos from the Cannes official press conference of “Burning”~

again, giving the signatures/autographs to the journalists who asked for them


See more Yoo Ah In’s photos at Cannes International Film Festival in our Facebook in the album “2018 Cannes International Film Festival”.

Next up: Korean, Japanese, French and Chinese media photoshoot & interviews with Yoo Ah In in Cannes Festival.


Translated by Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

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  1. Kyi Kyi Soe says:

    Thank you for your collection of Hong’s visit to Cannes. It’s also very good that I have subscribed all your website news to send to my email. Now, all the news about our Prince of Charm are kept with flags in my email. So, it will be easy to look back once I want something to read about Hong. Great 👍
    Thanks again.

  2. Sophie says:

    He’s super gorgeous and confident although it was his first time there. And he gave smart answers! I can see the host liked him so much 😀

  3. EP says:

    Thanks a million for the additional translations. It’s hard to hear what the interpreter says in the videos.

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