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This is a Yoo Ah In’s International Fans Community.  We love everything about Yoo Ah In.  Find yourself attracted to Yoo Ah In? Join Us and let’s get attached! Let’s show and share our love to Yoo Ah In in this SikSeekLand.

Here are our administrators:

Yoo Ah In International Website “SikSeekLand”:
Mathed2001 / Furbabe / SweetGodzilla / Jamie K / AncientKingdom / Sikgongju / Iloveyooai

Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Facebook:
SweetgodzillaFurbabe / Mathed2001 / Mochimochila / Admin M

Yoo Ah In International Fanbase/Sikseekers Twitter:
Anne-So / Furbabe / Admin Gift / Admin M

Yoo Ah In International Fanbase Tumblr:

We are promoting a South Korean multi-talented Actor Yoo Ah In. We come from different backgrounds, places around the world and ethnicity, but we’re united as one called “SIKseekers”.

We love Yoo Ah In and respect his work.  We also respect the fans who dedicated their artworks for Yoo Ah In. All posted pictures/videos/articles are given proper credit by indicating clearly the links of sources.  In most cases, we do our best to obtain permissions from the original owners.

Please feel free to share our love for Yoo Ah In!!  But please follow our reposting rules below:

1. Include all credit information that are posted here.
2. Include “Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand” URL.
3. Do not modify any of the artworks by fans unless YOU contact the owner and obtain the permission.
4. Leave a comment with an URL for us stating where you are going to repost.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

11 Responses to “About Us”
  1. leena says:

    beuti my fan

  2. gadis says:

    very nice blog. Luv it so much

  3. Janice says:

    Mastering the evil role in “Veteran”, ‪#‎YooAhIn‬ is becoming popular for his quote, “어이가 없네 (That’s absurd)” in the film. Comment on the following link with the most absurd (good or bad) event that happened in your life for a chance to win a “Veteran” poster signed by the cast! Opening at CGV 9/18!

  4. Eden says:

    Love this site!!! the best!

  5. Thank you so much guys for providing this!!! Just diggin’ more about him here and he is slaying my life so hard.

  6. neener123 says:

    I love this site! Anyways do we have any forum that we can talk about him like to discuss topics, etc.?

  7. Abigail Cobbah says:

    I hope to hear more inspirational things about Ah In. He really paddles my life. Nice site.

  8. bobbiejean says:

    First, THANKS for all the hard work you do. Excellent site.
    Question: Do you know if YAI has a specific religion or spiritual belief he follows at any level. Haven’t seen it mentioned in anything I’ve read. Just curious. Thanks for your time.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi bobbiejean 🙂 It’s never mentioned here because he also never mentioned it either. Perhaps because religion or spirituality belief is a private matter to him. All I know is that he is spiritual but not religious. He reads various philosophy and spiritual books too like Bible, Confucius, Buddha series, etc.

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