Yoo Ah In’s fans donate 10 million to Childhood Leukemia Foundation on his birthday

Once again, Yoo Ah In fans celebrated his birthday in a very meaningful way, this time with ten million won donations in his name!   Yoo Ah In’s fans from Daum Cafe (DC Yoo Ah In Gallery) donated a large sum of money towards pediatric cancer (also known as childhood cancer) treatment expenses in an honor … Continue reading

SikSeekers Drama Project Report – Supporting Yoo Ah In And “Secret Love Affair”

Hi SikSeekers~ I am sure all of you enjoyed Ah In’s performance in the recently finished drama Secret Love Affair. His superb acting as Lee Seon Jae with Senior Actress Kim Hee Ae along with Producer Ahn Pahn Seok and writer Jeong Seong Ju created a well-made drama which was full of beautiful music! And finally, after … Continue reading

Sikseekers’ Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration Report

Hi SikSeekers~ remember SIKseekers’s Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration? Here’s our final report for this project! For this project, SikSeekLand joined force with AINzone (Ah In Korean fans in Daum Cafe), and Japanese Fans again to raise money to help in preparing for Yoo Ah In’s Tough As Iron Movie VIP Press … Continue reading

[TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram/Twitter Updates December 2013 Part I: Mr. Wise Guy is Back!

AINyeong SIKseekers~^_^ We finally have time translating and posting Yoo Ah In’s tweets after quite a long overdue. Woot woot! But since his tweets consisted of a looong chat and tweet, we will post the translations in 2 parts. First part is only about his Instagram and “philosophy” tweet updates. After his last Instagram update … Continue reading

[PHOTOS/UPDATE] Merry Christmas from Yoo Ah In [Sikseekland]!

It’s Christmas! It’s the time of the year when we spend some quality times and do the family and friends bonding. That’s what Yoo Ah In is doing for this year’s Christmas, besides posting more pictures on his Instagram, and tweeting more wise words on his Twitter, and even having a sweet 10 minutes of … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Lends His Voice for ‘The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow’ Anime Movie

Yoo Ah In will be back to the wide screen sooner than expected this winter! The news has been circling around fans for a while since early last month that Yoo Ah In is currently working on the 2011 production animated feature called ‘The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow’. Wait…2011 anime? Correct! And you’re not … Continue reading

[FAN FICTION] SoonJung Couple: Live Again For Love

This story is dedicated by SIKseekers Yosinta Christie Setiabudi for all of us. It’s a warmhearted and romantic fanfic. Enjoy the treat Sikseekers! 😀 Audience Rate: G Disclaimer: This fanfic was written using background from Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Drama and using real names of the actors & actresses. With all due respect, … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In to Appear on SBS Power FM’s Gong Hyung Jin’s Cine Town + How to Watch/Listen to It

Oh la la~ so many good news for this week I can’t even! Here comes another one: Master Sik will transform to the cool DJ Ain next Wednesday, SIKseekers! DJ Yoo Ah In is in the house yo! Yoo Ah In will appear on SBS – Power FM 107.7Mhz Gong Hyung Jin’s Cine Town as … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Gracing the High Cut, Talking About Kim Tae Hee & Hong Soo Hyeon, and We Love it!

Doooooong~~~~~ ! Speechless. I’m speechless looking at Yoo Ah In’s pictures on the latest issue of High Cut style magazine. It’s just beyond my imagination.. I’ve been bewildered by those cold, ferocious yet bewitching pictures of Sik.   On this High Cut Vol.106, Sik appeared with uncommon theme “The Contrary of Yoo Ah In: Indulge … Continue reading

[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Update On Yoo Ah In’s Drama Jang Ok Jung Week XI

Woohoo~! I love this, SIKseekers! Episode 21 and 22 bring back the awesomeness and the goodness of ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’ to where it first started airing when the story makes sense and the characters have sanity and their love left viewers grieving in a good way. Dongpyeong is the best sidekick and … Continue reading