Fan Arts

We welcome everyone of you who wants to contribute any kinds of Yoo Ah-in’s fanarts that YOU made by yourself~ picture/edited pic, video, photo, poem, GIF, animation, etc.

We also receive banners contribution for our rotating header. The size of the banner should be 960 x 120 pixels. Here’s the example of our banner:

Kindly note that you cannot put the illustration/picture on the right side of the banner, since the “search” tool attached on the top of header area will cover it. Post a link to the banner you design on the comment box below, so we can use them.

If you’d like to share your artworks with us, DO let us know by posting a comment below with your links to your artworks.

We will feature your fanarts in this section. And we will attach your name plus direct link to your own available sites/accounts (such blog, website, twitter account, ect) on your work as credit.

Thank YOO!

Take a look at our fanarts collection in Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand Facebook page: YAISikSeekers !

And here are some examples of fanarts that we gather from YAI DC Gallery 2012:

by 나무늘보


[REMINDER] We respect copyrights and people’s work. If you’d like to repost/take these pieces/pictures, please leave a comment to let us know where you are reposting. When reposting, please remember to include the information (the above attached source) and our website address. Thank you!

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