Fan Made

A collection of talented Ah In fans’ work~

We welcome everyone of you who wants to contribute any kinds of Yoo Ah-in’s fanvideos that YOU made by yourself. And we will attach your name plus direct link to your own available sites/accounts (such blog, website, twitter account, ect) on your work as credit. Thank YOO!

[REMINDER] We respect copyrights and people’s work. Please do not download the video and upload it to some other sites for posting!! If you’d like to repost the video, please kindly use its original link and leave a comment to let us know where you are reposting. When reposting, please remember to include the information (the above attached source) and our website address. 

By Choipd~

성균관스캔들(Sungkyunkwan scandal) 걸오MV[Geol-o’s story] – 홍벽서의 후(吼)

Short Clip for Ahin – Part.1(유아인의 론치 마이 라이프)

Short clip for Ahin – Part2 (유아인 론치마이라이프 중)

Short clip for Ahin – Part3 (유아인 론치마이라이프 중)

Short clip for Ahin – Part 4 (유아인 론치마이라이프 중)

성균관스캔들 걸오MV[Geol-o’s story] – 슬픈 영화(影畵 : silhouette image)

Model Ahin’s Magnetism(유아인 화보&CF 편집영상-2)

성균관스캔들(Sungkyunkwan scandal)1주년기념MV – 반궁(泮宮)의 추억[수정본]

성균관스캔들(Sungkyunkwan scandal) 여림MV [Yeo-rim’s story] – 여림별곡(女林別曲)

패션왕(Fashion King) MV – 나는 강영걸이다 (I’m Kang Young-Girl)

패션왕(Fashion King) MV – 최고의 사랑 (For Young-Young Couple)


[LAUNCH MY LIFE] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[씨네21 관객과의 대화] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[CF 메이킹 필름] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[Magazine 메이킹 필름] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[Dancing film edit] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[Jack & Jill 메이킹 필름] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[완득이 대박 기원] 유아인 팬뮤비 by.KEIN

[걸오뮤비] 하동균 – I wish by.KEIN

[패션왕 영걸 뮤비] 비상 by.KEIN

By Shelly~

YooAhIn castle in the count

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