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  1. Yoo Ah in tweeted and replied to tweets a lot 20 hrs ago? is there translation already? i’m having a hard time reading all of it. please translate it to english because i’m very interested about what he tweets. ^_^ tnx for the reply. keep us updated.

  2. Hi, may i know where I can watch “Tin Head” online with English Sub? Thank you

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi thanks for dropping by. “Tin Head / Kangchulie” hasn’t released yet, probably will be down in Korean cinemas in the middle of this year. It may even take longer time for international fans to watch this movie online with English subs. But we’ll keep you updated. Thanks 🙂

  3. minkie says:

    I’m sorry but What does seeksik means?

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi, thank you for dropping by. Yoo Ah In is known as a poet and smart in making pun. Seeksik is his twitter name that’s derived from his real name “Hong Sik” + “Seek/look for”. So “Seeksik” can mean “looking for Sik” (he’s looking for/seeking himself). In Korean ‘Seeksik’ means “gasping for breath”. Hope that helps you 🙂

  4. Julie Ha says:
    This is the line of the picture of the photo book for the drama JOJ,LIL.
    Do you know where can I buy those things

    • Furbabe says:

      It’s not a photobook. It’s a photographer’s blog who got the task by SBS to take JOJ photos and post them in her bog for the purpose to promote the drama.

  5. Julie Ha says:

    I hope this drama will have the photo comic book like a few drama before, as secret garden, arang and the magistrate

  6. Tiwi says:

    Actually I’m reall curious about Yoo Ah In’s love life…Would u please share? 🙂

  7. Veronica says:

    Hello~~ do you have an email address where i could be asking you a few questions? Thank you

  8. ggtabs says:

    hi, do u know the music played at the end of the secret love affair drama. the music is also played while showing next weeks stuff.

    • Furbabe says:

      It’s the OST of Secret Love Affair itself. Arranged/composed by Secret Love Affair Music Director Lee Nam Yeon, the title is “The Window Composition”. And appears in the opening and ending title of the drama.

  9. AChrisVille says:

    Hello, can anyone tell me the piano piece that SJ played for HW near the end of episode 8 when HW was lying in his bed with closed eyes. Thanks so much. Would appreciate it. 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      It’s the OST of Secret Love Affair itself, the “finale theme song” that frequently plays on the background since episode 1. We don’t know the exact title yet but it’s composed by SLA music director Lee Nam Yeon too.

  10. rich says:

    i wanted to watch the fanmeeting of Ah in where Joongki surprised him…
    do you have that clip?

  11. rich says:

    Do you also like have a fanmeeting with Ah In?

  12. leena says:

    yoo ah in you kindly man i like you you have honestly face i like add to my fan i wish to you all work susscfull hail hall i wish you you have goo dlife gold belss

  13. Alexandra says:

    Hi, because I am a new fan of Yoo Ah In (since last year) I am a little puzzled about his statement in the Sohu TV interview about his piano playing skills. He said: “Honestly, I don’t play (the piano) at all“. On the other hand, in his biography on the DramaWiki ( appear as hobbies: Writing, piano, movies, music, snowboarding, swimming. I know he doesn’t write his own biography on DramaWiki, but he knows about this? By definition, a hobby is a regular activity done for pleasure.
    Thanks for this site!

    • Furbabe says:

      As far as we know, he played the piano for leisure, but it’s not like he plays everyday/takes it seriously. Could be his childhood hobby that he doesn’t do it anymore now. So he said to Sohu TV that he doesn’t play piano. I may add that his statement refers to Secret Love Affair. In this drama he didn’t actually play the piano, he only did the fingering/finger movements correctly according to the music pieces. That’s why he told them that he didn’t actually play the piano at all. On another hand, we can see that he plays the piano from this short clip (he was practice playing the piano for SLA):

  14. Kaci says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is already addressed on this site but the secret love affair DVD promotion team is asking if anyone is interested in buying the Director’s Cut DVD. They’re wondering if you can help spread the word on this site. International fans that would like to order the DVD can email or visit their facebook page at Secret-Love-Affair-밀회-DVD-Promotion.

  15. sunny says:

    아인존 sunny 입니다
    다름아니라 저번 써포때 쓰고 남은 총알을 어떻게 하면 좋을지 의논하려고 합니다
    우선 제 멜 주소(로 전번을 남겨 주시면 제가 전화를 드리겠습니다
    연락 기다리고 있겠습니다~~~^^

  16. babyvip says:

    hi, was wondering if you know where i can buy the nohant new kidz products designed by yoo ah in? does the online store provide international shipping?

    • Furbabe says:

      They said so far they don’t provide international shipping. So if you want to buy the shirt it’d better if you ask your friend who lives in Korea to buy for you.

  17. Elle says:

    Hi do you guys know how or where can i get the love city tshirt that Yoo Ah In has designed? Would you guys be taking international orders for fans? 🙂

  18. Ann Crowell says:

    Is “Tin head” a movie? Is it another name for “Tough as Iron’? Will there be a DVD I can buy? Do you have archives I could search for info on “Fashion King,” JOJ,LIL, “Punch,” Elegant Lies”?

  19. Ann Crowell says:

    I want to read reviews, interviews, Yoo ah In’s comments, etc., about “Fashion King.” where could I look for this?

  20. Ann Crowell says:

    thanks a bunch – just had a great time reading here and there as you suggested!

  21. cecile lumer says:

    can you please explain the environmental award YAI received.

  22. Szabó Erika says:

    Hello dear Furbabe and SIKsikeers Team
    I’m here for a while, and I read a lot of information about films for 4 years and Yoo Ah In. I watch movies, dramas that are available in Hungary. I want you people here in my country get to know Ah In, so please share the news, and interviews on here. Please, you have the license to do so.

  23. Szabó Erika says:

    I would like to get to know many people in Hungary Yoo Ah In.
    Sincerely, Erika from Hungary.

  24. kan says:

    I am quite interested in AIN’s works. I would like to know the Korean meaning of the name Hong Shik and tell me a web sight to watch the movie Shim’s Family.

  25. Im Marinella from Philippines. I want to join in your group. But i dont know how. Can i ask some information on how can i join? i really love him. and i want to see him in personal

  26. Hi! I’m surprised I haven’t seen this question asked in here! but I remember watching ssk scandal and liking joong ki and ah in a lot, so I decided to watch other stuff with them, but yoo ah in stood out for me, he is interesting both as an actor and as a person, not that joong ki isn’t, but hongshik it’s so natural and raw, that he let me wanting to watch more of him.

    So looking about him I found in an old blog that he did a reality show with mnet (Launch my life) and I was getting really into it, but I found that only 3 episodes where subbed :s searching a little bit more I found your blog, and I see that it is still running so I’m happy about that because when I saw that the other blog stopped updating some years ago I thought I couldn’t contact anyone else about this show.

    Do you know if someone ended subbing the project, and where to find it? because I was really enjoying seing someone as honest and bold as him, something rare for a south korean celebrity, that’s my only question, other than that, thanx for running this blog 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi~ Thank you for dropping by^^ Actually the ones who subbed and uploaded LML were my friends (stacy, ancientkingdom, mathed). If you watch the subbed episodes from “Mathed2003” youtube channel, she’s the owner/administrator of this blog 😊

      However, due to everyone’s hectic life, the subbing stopped on episode 3. It was quite complicated task, so I’m not sure if we could continue without the help of other Korean native speakers who also fluent in English who have time in their hand. I couldn’t find anyone else did the subs so far. But I promise to let you know if I find the videos.

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Thanks once again^^

      • wow! thanx for the fast answer ^^ and yeah, I enjoy the blog a lot, I’m getting to know a lot more about him.
        I understand, I tried using aegisub once to help with a project, but I spent 30 min. subbing 3 minutes worth of video, so I know the struggle 😐
        I hope you can find more people/time, and thanx again for such a nice and fast reply 🙂
        (it’s the 3rd time i’m trying to send this, hope it works because wordpress acted werird yesterday :s)

  27. Gloria says:

    I just rewatched the drama Jang Ok-Jung, Living by Love. I came across this video and I really wanted to understand what the actors and actresses were saying because of the chemistry they had together, but it wasn’t available. Do u know where I can find the video with English subtitles? Thank you so much!
    [VID] Yoo Ah In & all casts – One Night TV Entertainment (English subs)
    Yoo Ah In – Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love Actors… by mathed2001

  28. Gloria says:

    Thank u so much ( :

  29. Hello, I really want to watch YooAhIn in “The Making of 6 Flying Dragons”. Those videos uploaded by SBSNow can’t be viewed in Malaysia. Can you guys reupload it so that we can watch it? If it can be subbed with english sub is much appreciated. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  30. Ann says:

    Seeing “Six F.D.” has made me want to watch my “Tree with Deep Roots” DVDs again. I also want to see “King Sejong the Great” but can’t find it. Do you know where I could see it or buy even a used copy? Thanks so much for the link to the history commentary given on tumblir.

  31. Ann says:

    Thanks so much! I have just watched 2 episodes…

  32. Hello! I have a question, do you by any chance know how Ah In derived his stage name from? thank you in advance ^^

    • Furbabe says:

      Hello! Yoo Ah In was trained as an idol in his debut days, so his management wanted to create a pretty stage name for him that fitted an idol image. So they told him to change his name. He picked ‘Yoo Ah In’. The ‘Ain’ part was adapted from German, which means ‘Ein’ or ‘One’, which implies number one. He said he wanted to be the only one and number one, and had to live up to his name 🙂

  33. Melissa Linda Bandiez says:

    Six flying dragon is over and I hope that there will be another drama for Yoo Ah In.I would like to make a suggestion that his upcoming drama will be a romantic comedy with Kim Sun ah.a remake of a Gangsters Wife or My wife is a Gangster.somewhat like there a possibility?or a clash of both strong personality, a clash of gender and who is the winner either it’s him or her, no one dares to give in or to retreat.. I hope that my suggestion will happen…

  34. Melissa Linda Bandiez says:

    Does Yoo Ah In able to read our comments here? Thanks

    • Furbabe says:

      One of us (admin) has met him directly and told him about our website address. We’re sure he has visited this website. Everyone is able to read the comments here including Yoo Ah In. But of course, no one knows whether he did read the comments or not.

  35. Belinda Marimar says:

    I don’t see YAİ’s Facebook Fan page in facebook:( Why? I’m sorry, I know very little english 🙂 See u later 🙂

  36. Hager says:

    just wanna know is Ah In’s name meaning an infant or little kid? or what sometimes when I translate some tweets about him written in Korean it refers to him as infant or toddler.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi! “유아인” [“yuain” without space] in Korean language literally means “children”,”toddler”, or “infant”.

      Yoo Ah In’s real name is Uhm Hong Sik. Yoo Ah In was trained as an idol in his debut days, so his management wanted to create a pretty stage name for him that fitted an idol image. So they told him to change his name. He picked ‘Yoo Ah In’. The ‘Ain’ part was adapted from German, which means ‘Ein’ or ‘One’, which implies number one. He said he wanted to be “the only one” and live up to his name.

  37. Dilu says:

    Just wanted to appreciate your hard work translating and maintaining this blog with Ah In’s day to day events.
    I wonder if Yoo Ah In himself knows about your effort? Has he or his agency been in touch with you at any point?

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi Dilu, thanks for dropping by ^_^ We’ve been doing quite a lot of support projects for his dramas/movies, and every time we do that, we discussed about it with his management first/his manager, and automatically YAI knows about us. Our admins have met him too several times, and told him about this website 🙂 For more info on our past support projects, please go here

      • Dilu says:

        Appreciate you reply and thank you for sharing the post.
        Once Yoo Ah In enlist in the military will he be still available on Social Media? I mean, in general once Korean celebrities enlist can they be active on Social media like Instagram, Twitter etc? Or is there a restriction as per military regulations in South Korea?

        • Furbabe says:

          You’re welcome 🙂
          AFAIK, Koreans are not allowed to keep and use mobile phones during their compulsory military service, and Internet access is restricted too.

          • Dilu says:

            Oh! That’s sad. We will miss him!
            So I guess there won’t be any public appearances on TV or anything for two years. 😦
            Anyways thank you for the info.

            • Furbabe says:

              YOO are welcome ^_^

              • Hasi says:

                Hi again,

                I was wondering if this International Fan Community is planning anything to show our support for Yoo Ah In’s new drama Chicago Typewriter.

                As there had been many contraversial opinions regarding his casting this drama why don’t you plan something to show our love and support? (I am sorry if you have already planned, but since I didn’t know). Keep us posted.

                • Furbabe says:

                  Hi, Hasi^^ Thank you for your kind thought. As you know, we always made the support project for all his dramas. At the moment we’re in a discussion to see if making a support project for Chicago Typwriter is possible ☺ We’ll let you know once it’s settled.

  38. YAY says:

    Thanks for the high quality content! ❤ ❤ I love him so much! My heart is broken when I read that he has a girlfriend.

  39. Christmas says:

    Hi, I’m your fans from The Philippines! I used to be a fan of Lee Min Ho. But after I watched your dramas, I fall in love with you hard. I read your interviews and realized how smart, talented, and deep thinker you are. I’m officially converted to become Yoo Ah In’s fan. Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work! 😀

  40. Hager says:

    Hi there hope everything is okay with you and with our Ah Inie <3.
    I want to know the number of episodes of Launch my life?

  41. oh my God, just discovered him by Chicago Typewriter, where I have been really (disappointed to myself) haha. Sikseek means Uhm Hong-sik seekers right? Hong sure is sick, I mean in such brilliant way. He is slaying my life. How can I contribute fan vid of him? Thank you!

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi CM! Sikseek is our wordplay for his twitter handle ID “@seeksik”. And yes, Sikseek also means “seeking Sik” (his real name is Hong Sik, but he & his friends call him with nickname “Sik”) 😀 So we call ourselves “Sikseekers”. Yes, he slays! 😀

      We’d be glad if you contribute any fan vids of him. Normally we shared nice fan videos in our Facebook ( which connected to our twitter (, and posted the videos in this blog. So, if you want to make his fan videos, just let us now via our SNS, we’ll take a look and share them ^^


  42. Hiiii! Im a new fan of Yoo Ah In I hust recently god attracted to him while watchinh his latest drama Chicago Typewriter and my question is he in a relationship/dating? Im just really curious. 😭

  43. Hi! Yoo Ah In Experts… I came across a translated poem he wrote last time. It is called “thirty”. Do you happen to know where to find the original?

  44. Mariam says:

    Hello I’m writing because I must ask if using the name
    Sikseekland to my IG fanpage for Yoo ahin is okay 😊 or if I should change it?

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi! Thank you for asking 🙂 But, we’re sorry that we can’t allow you to use Sikseekland to your Instagram fanpage. It’s because YAI Sikseekland is the name of Sikseekers fandom website, and invented by the first members/founders ^^ Hope you find more interesting name for your fanpage!

  45. kiarart says:

    I ask a favor to some avid fans of Mr. Yoo Ah In. Would you please recommend him Immanuel Kant’ s Aesthetic theory ? It is classical and basic for many problems of the Beauty. I admire Mr. Yoo Ah In’s way of thinking, very natural but so rational and keen, like a born philosopher. But I’m so old and feel not qualified to comment on his Instagram. Thank you.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi kiarart 🙂 There’s no age restriction to comment on instagram 😀 Feel free to write your thoughts/suggestion/comment on his instagram ^^

      • kiarart says:

        Thank you so much for your gentle reply! Unfortunately I can not use Instagram, refraining myself from too much SNS these years….anyway I thank you repeatedly for your kindness♥.

        • Furbabe says:

          You’re welcome 🙂 Somehow, I have feeling that Yoo Ah In has read Immanuel Kant’ s Aesthetic theory, because he loves books and philosophy ^^

          • kiarart says:

            Surely? No, sorry, I don’t think so…he is mainly interested in pragmatism and sociological philosophies about art and beauty. If he had read Kant, his questions would sound boring for himself, like as ordinary questions prepared by school teachers. I thought he was developing his own free thinking without reading Kant, very brightly…that’s better.
            As you say, Mr. Yoo Ah In is a book-lover and so intelligent that he would be able to choose his best “watermelons” for his life. I hope and I’m sure. Grazie mille e ciao ciao!!

  46. swarna gurung says:

    I just finished secret love affair. Why were so many things left unexplained? did the old man get a jail sentence too? did madame Han go to jail? how long is OH’s sentence is it 1.5 yrs (acc to jo) or 10 yrs acc to the prisonmates? also were the prosecutor husband doing double agent siding with both OH and the old man and Han? please help

  47. Beverly says:

    Hey- where was Ah In today on Facebook today???? There has never been a day that i’ve Not seen him on my Facebook page. He is missed!!!

  48. KJB says:


    Is there a place where I can read a detailed plot description for Burning?

  49. EFaccioli says:

    I know that a few days ago there was a fan event with the korean fansclub. I was curios to know.. how do you know when there is an event to meet Yoo Ah In? And is it only open for the korean fanbase?

    Anyway, amazing website, thank you!

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi! Yes, it was “Burning” screening with Korean fansclub. Normally, if it’s a public event, like fansign events with McCafe, Burning stage greetings, etc, we’ll find out through Naver news or the official website of the brands several days prior to the event. However, if the event is held by his Korean fansclub AINESE, they’ll share the information only among the members and via Twitter @ainese2004. But you have to register as the member first to join their events. Here’s Ainese fancafe:

      Hope that helps 🙂

  50. Barbara Justice says:

    Question: Does Hong Sik practice a specific religion? He appears to be a spiritual person. Just curious. By the way, you all are AWESOME. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

    • Furbabe says:

      Hi Barbara! Thanks for your kind words and your support too!

      As far as we know based on his interviews, he described himself or was mentioned by the reporters as “freethinker”, “humanist” or “naturalist”, to mean that he seeks to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs and is having an open mind about religious belief, especially the existence of God. It’s totally different from atheist/doesn’t believe in God at all. As we see, he still follows the Korean ritual tradition/ceremonies (Shaman) when he’s about to begin shooting a movie or drama. And he said he still leads the family ceremonies at home. He also reads many spiritual books, from Christian to Buddha, and religion philosophies. So, he’s a very open-minded person about religions, and of course, a spiritual person 🙂 You can check some of his literature collection here:

      Hope that helps!

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