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Welcome to SikSeekers Home~

Hey~ You are in SikSeekLand!!  Welcome~ If you are like us who love everything about Yoo Ah In, then welcome to our SikSeekers family~SikSeekLand is a fan based for Ah In’s International fans!  And if you are just wondering upon here, we are happy to be able to share our love of Ah In with you … Continue reading


Vogue Korea December 2016 Interview Part 4: Yoo Ah In’s ‘Aerospace’ Filming & Studio Concrete’s Expansion

[This is a special interview with Yoo Ah In and Studio Concrete artist group by Vogue Korea for December 2016 issue. The interview was conducted by Vogue Editor In Chief during the Aerospace episode 1 “Fragile” filming in October, written by the end of November, and published in December 2016. This special feature was also … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In graces the cover of “W” With Song Hye Kyo, talks about philosophy of love and life

Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo become the twin cover for W Korea March issue, which is also the 12th anniversary special issue with ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ version combined in one single book. The cover of the magazine will be M and W (for man/woman) with a solo photo for them respectively. In addition … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In confirms for his first fantasy rom-com drama “Chicago Typewriter”

tvN’s “Chicago typewriter” (“시카고 타자기”, tentative title) has officially secured its main leads. Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo confirmed to star in the drama. All the casts as well as the production team will meet for the first script reading this week. The drama team has made sure that Yoo … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In’s military service issues Q&A summary: Staying true to facts

The majority of Korean people understood and sympathized with Yoo Ah In’s condition after he released his official statement (read here) regarding his military service postponement. But, there’s still a few people (particularly the international readers) who failed to grasp the meaning of his statement, and drew the wrong conclusion. A daum article released the … Continue reading


[FULL TRANSLATIONS] Bone tumor is benign: Yoo Ah In releases his own official statement + Netizens support

It escalated quickly in less than 24 hours, and praise the Lord we got a good news. Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor, but it is benign. Due to the overwhelming reaction of the public, Yoo Ah In’s rep once again stepped up to explain further. However, despite the clarifications, misunderstandings have … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In’s shocking struggle with bone tumor: UAA says recovery is possible, colleagues speak up + netizens comment

A sudden information was obtained by the media earlier this Wednesday from “the hospital insider” regarding Yoo Ah In’s recent military service and health issues. [Note: It’s illegal to have access to medical records without the consent of the patient and guardian, however certain Korean media or hospital insider is revealing Yoo Ah In’s personal … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In News Bits January 2017: The Legend Hall of Fame, Therapy and More

Welcome to another round of Yoo Ah In’s news bits for January. Not much went on, besides the ‘W’ Korea magazine interview and photoshoot, the “Burning” casting news and his military enlistment updates during the month, and yet he still got to stand with Korea’s best movie stars in the legends hall of fame 😀 … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In News Bits December 2016: Colorful End of The Year

Sorry for the late recap, guys! We’ve been very busy during Christmas and New Year 😀 Yoo Ah In has been lying low since December 2016, especially after UAA released the statement about his military service postponement due to his shoulder injury. It’s best to stay quiet, especially when he became the target of Park … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In is in Talks For Lead Role in Upcoming tvN Drama “Chicago Typewriter”

Yoo Ah In’s military enlistment is coming up, but he may get one more project in before he goes, as the lead in tvN’s upcoming drama, “Chicago Typewriter” (“시카고 타자기”, tentative title). In response to reports about his appearance in the drama, a source from Yoo Ah In’s side clarified, “It is true that we … Continue reading


Haruki Murakami’s film adaptation “Burning” starring Yoo Ah In starts filming August + Update on Enlistment

With all the confirmed-unconfirmed-confirmed news every month, Lee Chang Dong’s most anticipated movie “Burning (버닝)” could most likely be accused of trolling the movie buffs and actor’s fans. Sadly, the director is no troll. The situations around him are trolling him. On January 24, news outlet reveals that the director Lee Chang Dong’s movie “Burning” … Continue reading