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Welcome to SikSeekers Home~

Hey~ You are in SikSeekLand!!  Welcome~ If you are like us who love everything about Yoo Ah In, then welcome to our SikSeekers family~SikSeekLand is a fan based for Ah In’s International fans!  And if you are just wondering upon here, we are happy to be able to share our love of Ah In with you … Continue reading


[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In Exudes Sexy Charms In mise-en-scene 2015 SS

Mr. Sexy Sik is back with Mise-en-scene (Mijangsen) 2015 Spring/Summer Hair Trend Code! This Spring/Summer, men’s hair trends fall into 4 style categories; from classic two block, natural wave and straight pomade, to natural dandy pumps, which exudes a modern, masculine and free spirit of a man. Mise-en-Scene is bringing back Yoo Ah In to … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In Launches A Restaurant, Son Dambi, Song Hye Kyo, Jung Yumi Among The Guests

As we previously reported here, Yoo Ah In and his creative team from Studio Concrete just worked on the new launched fried&bar place in Itaewon called “Too Much Information” or TMI, a healthy fried food with mushroom-oriented restaurant. But now we discovered that TMI actually belongs to Yoo Ah In and his friends! Definitely a … Continue reading


INSTAGRAM UPDATE & TRANSLATIONS 1-7 APRIL 2015: Carlin, Murakami & Too Much Information

And so we’re back with another episode of Yoo Ah In’s SNS on the first week of April! Yay! (*but but what about his comeback to dramalalaland?* Ssssh! Master Sik is busy with his personal projects! Think about his future business, okies!) There are 2 highlights from his instagram posts which might be his way … Continue reading


Instagram & Twitter Update February-March 2015: Musics, Leisure, And Works

AINyeong #SIKseekers! We are back againnn… with a whole 2 months of Master Sik’s (and his related-works) SNS activities. While he’s been busy creating the 2nd issue of Tom Paper magazine and building his new office, Yoo Ah In managed to introduce 3 different songs from 3 awe-inspiring genius musicians whom he likes much. Note … Continue reading


[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interview on Sat Zone Thailand 150321

Yoo Ah In appeared in Thai program Sat Zone Special on the March 21, 2015 broadcast. It’s none other than his special interview in Thailand prior to his Thailand Fanmeeting Tour, November 27, 2014. The program shows several clips from his press conference and fans interviews, to a clip of the fanmeeting. You may skip … Continue reading


Director Yoo Ah In is Back For Tom Paper 2nd Issue With Jung Yumi

Though we had a slightest hope that he will make a comeback before heading to military service, it’s pretty clear that Yoo Ah In won’t be walking around the dramaland anytime soon. Despite taking one of the roles from piles of the script offers, Yoo Ah In has been keeping himself busy as the creative … Continue reading


Oh, snap! Yoo Ah In’s “Veteran” Pushes Back Opening Date to 6th August

  Remember when we said Veteran will be down in cinemas on May 14th? Scratch that date and fix your eyes on the August 6.   The movie distributor CJ E&M decided to join the summer box office battlefield by pushing back the film’s opening date, again. Originally set on May 14th for the première, … Continue reading


[REVIEW] The Satellite Girl & Milk Cow in 2015 New York International Children’s Film Festival

  Since its première on February 2014, The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow (voice actors Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi) has been screening in a lot of domestic festivals, such as Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), the Muju Mountain Film Festival, and International Children’s Film Festival in Seoul. On the 5th August … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In Receives Endless Love Calls Before Heading Into Army

News on the group of young actors heading into the army has been circulating in the internet like crazy these days. Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, and Juwon are names often mentioned as the talented actors who will be greatly missed when they’re away for the two years national service. (Fun fact: A recent … Continue reading


So Ji Sub to Appear in “Sado” As Yoo Ah In’s Son

Wow wow I didn’t expect this would come. When Yoo Ah In appeared in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, many people said he had this So Ji Sub vibe. And here we are, having both in one film -which hint that they’ll be having a family tie due to their resemblance- which is yay! Actor So Ji Sub … Continue reading


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