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Welcome to SikSeekers Home~

Hey~ You are in SikSeekLand!!  Welcome~ If you are like us who love everything about Yoo Ah In, then welcome to our SikSeekers family~SikSeekLand is a fan based for Ah In’s International fans!  And if you are just wondering upon here, we are happy to be able to share our love of Ah In with you … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits June 1-18: Oscar Wilde, Sergei Polunin, More Chicago Typewriter & Throwback Photos

Here is another most eventful month of June! Yoo Ah In has been on a roll with the insta posts in June 😀 Therefore, we divide the June News Bits post into two parts, just like the May News Bits. Here’s Part 1 from June 1 to 18~ [Note: Most of the information in the … Continue reading

Im Soo Jung Talks About Yoo Ah In, Chicago Typewriter broadcast in Japan this month + BTS clips

Actress Im Soo Jung graces the covers of InStyle, May 2017, and Grazia, July 2017 edition. In the interviews with both magazines, she talks about Yoo Ah In and Chicago Typewriter. Let’s find out what this lovely lady has in mind about our smexy Han Se Joo/Seo Hwi Young~^^   In the May interview with InStyle, Im … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits 21~31 May 2017: poetry discussion with a fan, Chicago Typewriter’s ice cream, and a business savvy

Picking up where we left off, here’s May News Bits Part 2 (from May 21 to 31)!    [Note: Most of the information in the “News Bits” posts are already shared/posted in our Facebook and Twitter, so we advice you readers to follow both of our SNS accounts for the exclusive and freshly updates. We have posted some information/his SNS … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits 1~20 May 2017: Donations for Children & Women, A Message to the New President, Chicago Typewriter BTS, and More

Moving on from April News Bits, here comes the most eventful month of May! Since Yoo Ah In was very active in updating his instagram, we divide the May News Bits post into two parts. Here’s Part 1 from May 1 to 20~ [Note: Most of the information in the “News Bits” posts are already … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits April 2017: No.1 TV Performer, Chicago Typewriter, jTBC Newsroom, MMA Rebuts Paperworks Delay, Diesel & More

Picking up where we left, here’s another eventful month for Yoo Ah In and his Studio Concrete 🙂 Check them out! [Note: Most of the information in the “News Bits” posts are already shared/posted in our Facebook and Twitter, so we advice you readers to follow both of our SNS accounts for the exclusive and freshly updates. We … Continue reading

[FULL TRANS] Yoo Ah In’s Agency to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors About His Military Exemption

Finally. It’s about damn time they speak up, stand up, and do their job properly. On July 3rd, Yoo Ah In’s agency United Artist Management (UAA) announced its official stance and will be taking firm action against blind speculation, insults, slanders, malicious rumors, comments and accusations being made against him and his health which brought … Continue reading

[FULL TRANS] Oh My News: The discriminatory attention towards those who are exempt from military. Yoo Ah In doesn’t need to apologize

There’s a general resentment regarding exemption, since ordinary Koreans claim that it’s beyond rare for non-celebs to get exemptions no matter what. Famous and rich people often find ways to dodge the draft and that pisses them off a lot, so these people lash out their anger towards exempt people, assuming they have an easy … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits March 2017: from the meanie Yoo Ah In & heartbroken fans to the acting & kissing god

Welcome to another round of Yoo Ah In’s news bits for March! Yes, we’re back to our monthly ritual namely “Yoo Ah In News Bits” after three months of “postpone” because we were too busy watching and gushing over “Chicago Typewriter” 😀 If you lost track, first read our previous Yoo Ah In’s February News … Continue reading

[FIXED TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Exempt From Mandatory Military Service After 5th Medical Examination + Full Agency’s Statement

(Note: Half of the article below is translated by soompi, but since soompi translation is lacking important words and forgot to add several facts, we made a bit corrections. The words that we bold are our corrections)     On March 15, the Military Manpower Administration ordered the fourth military service physical re-examination/check-up for Yoo … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In records highest number of food trucks during “Chicago Typewriter” filming

Sending the food truck, snack truck or buffet to actors in the filming location is the part of Korean fans culture called “fans support”. They keep crews fed when there are no lunch boxes or nearby restaurants available. They play an important role, accommodating irregular mealtimes according to shooting schedules, feeding dozens of crew members … Continue reading