Yoo Ah In “Sports Chosun Travel Talk” Part 2: “Cheers from the crowd make me weak”

During the Blue Dragon Awards special photoshoot, September 22nd, Yoo Ah In had an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun. The interview was published on October 20th in 3 parts. Here’s part 2, translated by Yoo Ah In International Fans Community (See Part 1 here)   [Sports Chosun Travel Talk②] Yoo Ah In: “I received the … Continue reading

Six Flying Dragons Yoo Ah In’s Japan Interview 2016.09.23 Part 1: “If I have a chance, I’ll play again”

Previously reported here, “Six Flying Dragons” will release the DVD, both for rent & sale in Japan in November 2016 under the title, “Roots of The Throne”. Along with its trailer and promotions/ads, Yoo Ah In had a special interview with Japan e-magazine Navicon just recently on September 23rd. Here’s the interview translated by our … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits Sep.1~16: G-Dragon, Gong Yoo, “They Live” Exhibition, “Call Me, Baby” Facetime & Meeting with BewhY

Yes, yes, here we are back for the September news bits part 1!  🙂 Note 1: Most of the information here are already shared/posted in our Facebook and Twitter, so we advice you readers to follow both of our SNS accounts for the exclusive and freshly updates as well  😀 Note 2: Login to your … Continue reading

Female Co-stars Talk About Yoo Ah In’s Charms, Lee Mi Yeon is So Spot On

In the recent article, July 18, Sports Seoul listed a number of actresses who have worked with Yoo Ah In in the past under the title “Actresses Speak of Yoo Ah In’s Charm”. The article noted that every actress who worked with Yoo Ah In always praises him, emphasized that he left only good impressions … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Wins Best Actor in the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, Veteran And Sado Nab One Award

There’s no stopping for our best actor Yoo Ah In! Less than a week after nabbing the Best Actor of the Year award for his performance in the 2015 hit movie, “Veteran”, at the 36th Golden Cinema Film Festival last Sunday, Yoo Ah In once again is honored the best actor prize in the 52nd … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In NEWS BITS: From The Most Parents-loving Star And Best Friend, to A Thoughtful Senior

The News Bits session is back! Here we come with a little Yoo here and there 😀 Despite being absence from the dramaland and movie world, after Six Flying Dragons, Yoo Ah In still made headlines here and there. He’s the topic around the net, TV, and even radio programs, and he made some scenes … Continue reading

[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE MEN Hong Kong Interview Part 2: Extraordinary Life

Here’s part 2 of Yoo Ah In ELLE Men Hong Kong interview, May 2016, translated by our friend Oohhkkay. Thanks so much for always giving us a special permission to share them with Sikseekers/Sikseekland blog, Oohhkkay! 😀 (See part 1 here)     Yoo Ah In Elle Men Hong Kong (May 2016) Interview Translation (Part … Continue reading

[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In ELLE Men Hong Kong Interview Part 1

Following the fashion spread in ELLE Men Hong Kong, May 2016 issue (see here), here’s Yoo Ah In’s long interview, translated by our friend Oohhkkay! Thanks so much for giving us a special permission to share them with Sikseekers/Sikseekland blog, Oohhkkay! 🙂     Yoo Ah In Elle Men Hong Kong (May 2016) Interview Translation … Continue reading

[TRANSLATIONS] Shin Se Kyung: “Yoo Ah In Creates The Most Attractive Lee Bang Won”

Video►Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung “Six Flying Dragons” Farewell Messages Translations on Yoo Ah In’s message: “Hello everyone. I’m actor Yoo Ah In. What is the date today? Today is March 21, 2016. The long filming of ‘Six Flying Dragons’ is finally over. First, I must thank to all viewers for your support, … Continue reading

[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Wins Top Excellence Actor At The 2015 SBS Drama Awards, Gives The Best Speech

Yoo Ah In’s Vine clip from the SBS Drama Awards Red Carpet, Dec 31st. 2015, has hit 1 million loops, and been retweeted nearly 4,000 times at SBS twitter account @SBSNOW Yoo Ah In wrapped up and kissed good bye the 2015 with 3 acting awards and a special “favorite male” award at the 2015 … Continue reading