[W Korea March Interview Part 3] Yoo Ah In to A Critic: “A movie is not a brawl, and acting is not an audition”

This is Yoo Ah In’s special interview with ‘W’ magazine, March 2017 issue. He became the twin cover for ‘W’ Korea’s 12th anniversary special issue with Song Hye Kyo. See part 2 here Here’s part 3 or the last part, translated by our Sassy Translator of the Yoo Ah In International Fans Community and edited … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits February 2017: Studio Concrete’s exhibitions, house redecorating, Chicago Typewriter’s script reading, and more

Not much things went on in our Master Sik’s SNS-sphere during February. While mostly working with his artist group for several of Studio Concrete’s exhibitions, Yoo Ah In was preparing for the upcoming drama “Chicago Typewriter” too. In addition to his off-screen activities, he appeared as the cover for W Magazine with Song Hye Kyo … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In News Bits October-November 2016: The Most Eventful Months

As you can see, October has always been an eventful month for Yoo Ah In. Not only it’s his birth month (see the party here), October is also a fashion month (Fleamadonnna and Nohant Fashion Shows), and an important month for Studio Concrete’s new art brand CCRT Aerospace. His activities for the Blue Dragon Film … Continue reading

Ize Magazine: Redefining Yoo Ah In, The True Socialtainer

Ize Magazine chose the perfect timing to publish an article about Yoo Ah In, in the midst of South Korea’s political turbulence, and a day before he was absent from the Korean Culture And Arts Awards wherein he was honored the Prime Minister’s award. While the idea of celebrities involving themselves in politics or social … Continue reading

[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In is A Surprise Guest in MC Park Kyung Lim’s “Talk Concert”. Here’s the Story

Just a day after Yoo Ah In garnered attention from his participation in the mass rally calling for president’s resignation in Gwanghwamun Square, Yoo Ah In became a surprise guest star in MC Park Kyung Lim’s Talk Concert. Park Kyung Lim is a famous MC, entertainer, and comedienne known for her wit and kind behavior. … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Attends The Blue Dragon Awards Hand Printing Ceremony, Asked About “Secret Love Affair”, “Burning”, And More

Yoo Ah In and all the 2015 winners of the Blue Dragon Awards reunited again at the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand-printing Ceremony. The Blue Dragon Film Awards is a prestigious film awards ceremony in Korea. Held for the first time in 1963, it aims to promote and develop the domestic film industry, and … Continue reading

“Secret Love Affair” & Choi Soon Sil: a coincidence or a genius real-life storytelling? Yoo Ah In silently denouncing the current political corruption

Protesters wearing masks of South Korean President Park Geun-hye (front) and her confidante Choi Soon-sil (back) perform before a candle-lit rally Credit: AFP/Getty Images   In recent days, you may have heard about a scandal involving President of South Korea Park Geun Hye, which has provoked public outcry, bigger than any other government scandals. The … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In’s Japan Interview 2016.09.23 Part 2: “Six Flying Dragons satisfies me as an actor and a human being”

Yoo Ah In had a special interview with Japan e-magazine Navicon just recently on September 23rd for the “Six Flying Dragons” DVD promotion. Here’s the second part of interview translated by our YAI International Fans Community fellow Yasuyo, for all Sikseekers ^^ Read Part 1 Here   Part 2: Yoo Ah In “Lee Bang Won” … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In “Ilgan Sports’ Drunk Talk” Interview Part 2: “My Honesty Always Caused Trouble”

Here is “Ilgan Sports’ Drunk Talk” Interview with Yoo Ah In Part 2, translated by our dear translator from Yoo Ah In International Fans Community. We added some translation notes [T/N] on the brackets, to help us all grasp his thought better. (See Part 1 here)   Part 2 [Drunk Talk②] Yoo Ah In, “My … Continue reading

Female Co-stars Talk About Yoo Ah In’s Charms, Lee Mi Yeon is So Spot On

In the recent article, July 18, Sports Seoul listed a number of actresses who have worked with Yoo Ah In in the past under the title “Actresses Speak of Yoo Ah In’s Charm”. The article noted that every actress who worked with Yoo Ah In always praises him, emphasized that he left only good impressions … Continue reading