Sikseekers Charity Project For Yoo Ah In’s Birthday: Come and Join Us!

Hi fellow Sikseekers! We’re back with another project for our beloved actor Yoo Ah In 🙂 As we know, currently Yoo Ah In is taking a hiatus due to his health. And we have shown our support in any way we can, including sending supportive messages to his instagram posts everyday. Now, we decided to … Continue reading

[FAN STORY] Sikseekers’ Snack Truck Support For Yoo Ah In & Six Flying Dragons Crew

As you know, we have just held our support project for Yoo Ah In and Six Flying Dragons crew last January 19th (report is HERE). One of our friends, Yasuyo, shared her experience when she joined the project and delivered the snack trucks with the others to Yoo Ah In at Six Flying Dragons filming … Continue reading

[PROJECT REPORT] SikSeekers’ Snack Truck Project – Supporting Yoo Ah In & “Six Flying Dragons” Crew

Hello Sikseekers! As you already knew, Yoo Ah In International Fans (us aka Sikseekers!) planned to hold a project to support Yoo Ah In and Six Flying Dragons drama crew (read here) with Japan fans (J AHIN Friends YOOAHIN君を応援している日本のファン一同) and Korean fans (Ainzone 아인존 Daum Cafe). I’m happy to report that our project has taken … Continue reading

SikSeekers’ Snack Truck Project – Supporting Yoo Ah In and “Six Flying Dragons” Crew

Hi SikSeekers~ I hope all of you have been enjoying all of Ah In’s great news and his excellent acting!  As the drama is airing now, we plan to join a Coffee/Snack Truck Project with Japanese fans to show our support of the drama along with AINZone.  Some of you might remember that we did not use all … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting Story Part 3 [End]

Here we are again with the last part of our story! To refresh your memory, check Part 1 HERE, and Part 2 HERE. Thai Translator: Gift English Editor: @Furbabe   – Ah In’s Room game –  [FANCAM BY iidoktong] Yoo Ah In Making Tea For Lucky Fan   MC: “Jeonha will make a tea like … Continue reading

SIKseekers Love Project For Yoo Ah In Bangkok Fanmeeting

AINyeong SIKseekers~! You all must have heard about Yoo Ah In first fanmeeting that will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, November 29th. Since this will likely be his last fanmeet before heading to the two-years active duty, we’d like to make this fanmeeting a special and memorable one for both Ah In and fans. We … Continue reading

SikSeekers Drama Project Report – Supporting Yoo Ah In And “Secret Love Affair”

Hi SikSeekers~ I am sure all of you enjoyed Ah In’s performance in the recently finished drama Secret Love Affair. His superb acting as Lee Seon Jae with Senior Actress Kim Hee Ae along with Producer Ahn Pahn Seok and writer Jeong Seong Ju created a well-made drama which was full of beautiful music! And finally, after … Continue reading

SIKseekers DRAMA PROJECT – Supporting Yoo Ah In and “Secret Love Affair”

Hi SikSeekers~ Our Ah In has bee quite busy these days with the movie and the drama and everything else! As the drama airing date approaching, we are invited to join a Lunch Project with AINZone (Korean fansclub) to show our support of the drama along with Japanese fans.  This will likely be our last … Continue reading

Sikseekers’ Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration Report

Hi SikSeekers~ remember SIKseekers’s Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration? Here’s our final report for this project! For this project, SikSeekLand joined force with AINzone (Ah In Korean fans in Daum Cafe), and Japanese Fans again to raise money to help in preparing for Yoo Ah In’s Tough As Iron Movie VIP Press … Continue reading

[PHOTOS, NEWS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In ‘Tough As Iron’ Press Premiere 2013.09.25

After a sweet vacation in Thailand last week, Yoo Ah In is all ready for his upcoming movie ‘Kangchulie (Tough As Iron)’. On September 25th Yoo Ah In attended the Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere in CGV Wangsimni. For the first time the full movie was previewed special for the media in order to … Continue reading