SIKseekers Love Project For Yoo Ah In Bangkok Fanmeeting


AINyeong SIKseekers~! You all must have heard about Yoo Ah In first fanmeeting that will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, November 29th.

Since this will likely be his last fanmeet before heading to the two-years active duty, we’d like to make this fanmeeting a special and memorable one for both Ah In and fans. We plan to make the “Love Project” that will be launched right in the fan meeting event!

So if you love Ah In and enjoy his works, here is your chance to participate in a project that shows him all the love of fans from all over the world!!

We will present SIKseekers/Yoo Ah In International Fans Community LED banners and 4 gifts for Ah In at the fan meeting. The 4 gifts are:

1) A customized t-shirt with SIKseekers/YAI International Fans Community logo and a small card tagged on the shirt.

2) A special “poem-art” written by one of our members.

3) A special clay art made by one of our members.

4) SIKseekers Love Greetings Video Project. Thanks to Yoo Ah In My Heart (Thai Facebook fanpage), our video clip gets permission to be presented right on the stage as a part of the segment in the fanmeeting, in front of Yoo Ah In!


Our project goal: To collect Ah Inโ€™s love greetings for the video clip and to present the video clip in the fan meeting.


The “Love Greetings” video is free entry. However, we will apply some requirements which related to the time constraints and editing process ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s the details on the “Love Greetings” Video Project:
1) Video clip duration is only 30 seconds-length (therefore, we cannot feature a long wish or greeting).

2) We will feature the Still Photos of you in the video with collage style.

Please, follow this format:
– When taking your photo: pose in any nice background (outdoor/indoor. etc) while holding a piece of paper/tag/mini banner of “I love you” or “Be Healthy” or “Be Happy” (pick one), written in your own/local language. Examples:

– You can hide or show your face. You can take a group photo or individual photo.
Photo is preferably sized to 1024×768 pixels or greater. (Note: lower resolution images may look blurry when we upgrade our video to a higher resolution or view it in full-screen mode)

3. Submit only your ONE photo file in JPG or PNG image formats to email:

Email subject titled: โ€œYAI Love Greetingโ€

Include the following items in the email: Your Name, The Country You Are From, English Translations of Your Greeting For Video Subtitle, and Attach Your photo.

Project deadline: November 07th, 2014


Come and join us now! Let’s show our love to Master Sik! Fighting!


4 Responses to “SIKseekers Love Project For Yoo Ah In Bangkok Fanmeeting”
  1. MARIANA says:

    Go go go!!

  2. Amanda says:


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