Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting Story Part 3 [End]

Here we are again with the last part of our story! To refresh your memory, check Part 1 HERE, and Part 2 HERE.

Thai Translator: Gift
English Editor: @Furbabe


– Ah In’s Room game –

Β [FANCAM BY iidoktong] Yoo Ah In Making Tea For Lucky Fan


MC: “Jeonha will make a tea like a scene in Jang Ok Jung” [Fans laughed]

YAI: “Normally, a king wouldn’t do this by himself. But for this special occasion, for everyone, I’ll do it^^”

[MC tried to break the silence during the tea making by commenting what Ah In was doing with funny voice, and added exaggerated explanations which made fans laughed. For example,
“Here comes the tea~”
“Add two spoons of tea leaves… 3 spoons… oh pour it all~”
“Pour the water from Hokkaido~”
“The water’s temperature is 118 degrees Celsius~”

When Ah In was pouring the hot water into the teapot, it spilled out, and we shouted.]

Ah In: “Ooooh!!” [everyone laughed hard]

MC: “Jeonha is pouring the water…out of pot! Please be careful. It’s hot” [Ah In kept smiling]

Ah In finished pouring the hot water into the pot and put the lit on.

MC: “Wait around 1-2 minutes”

[Ah In shook the teapot seriously ^^]

MC: “If you don’t want to wait, just shake it” [fans laughed again]

[While waiting for the tea to blend well, MC asked Ah In]

MC: “Do you like drinking tea?”

YAI [still holding the pot and shaking it] : “Yes… I like drinking Au-Ong Cha (translations note: ‘cha’ means ‘tea’). Are there any ‘Au-Ong’ tea in Thailand?”

MC: “Women love drinking ‘Au-Long’ tea. It helps burning fat” [Translations note: I guess he meant to say ‘Oolong’ tea]

YAI: “I love Au-Ong tea too because it helps losing weight”

MC: “Besides Au-Long Cha, what other beverages that you like?” [Fans answered for him, “Beer!”, “Soju!”]

YAI [explained further more]: “In Korea, it’s called Au-Ong Cha, not Au-Long Cha”

[MC repeated the words and said with the correct pronunciations]

MC: “Au-Ong Cha. We go to Seven Eleven and ask for Au-Ong Cha comfortably, but we won’t get it” [Fans laughed]

YAI: “They areΒ not the same thing”

MC: “I misunderstood it! I thought Au-Ong Cha is Au Long Cha”

YAI: “Do you understand? Does everyone understand?”

MC to fans: “Do you all understand? Don’t you? …”

YAI [waved hand]: “Pass pass pass pass!” [Everyone laughed]

YAI: “Pass pass~” Kkkkk

MC [confirmed again]: “So, Au-Ong Cha and Au-Long Cha, are they the same thing?”

YAI [answered in English]: “Different different different” LOL!

MC to fans: “It’s different!”

MC to YAI: “So now everyone understood”

[Everyone laughed, Ah In smiled widely to MC, like he wanted to say ‘you did a good job for trying hard to make it clear.’ LOL]

[Ah In poured the tea to the cups]

MC: “And now, it’s time to find the lucky fan, only one lucky fan, to sip the tea made by Yoo Ah In, only one lucky fan will be on stage. It’s very easy. Turn your cellphone on and the volume up, Yoo Ah In will pick one phone numbers from the box and call you!”

A table was already set at one corner of the stage. Ah In randomly picked a piece of paper contained of a phone number from the box. Then he made a phone call. There was a ringing sound from the far right back of our seat. Someone picked it up, and Ah In said, “Come here”. Fans screamed!


[FANCAM BY PRUI] Ain’s Room [Sipping Tea With Lucky Fan]

[FANCAM BY iidoktong] Ain’s Room [Sipping Tea With Lucky Fan]


The lucky fan was a middle-aged lady, and she got on the stage. Ah In hugged her and fans screamed.

MC: “What’s your name?”

Fan: “Ying”

YAI [repeated]: “Ying”

MC: “Ying, you are a lucky fan. You will have a date with Yoo Ah In-ssi”

MC: “Yoo Ah In-sii will pour the tea in these two cups, and I’ll be the waiter…”

MC [to fans]: “Errr… What do you call it in the palace?” (translations note: how to call the facilitator in the palace)

Fans [laughed and screamed]: “Kantee!” (T/N: Kantee means Eunuch in Thai)

MC: “I’ll send those cups of tea to you two at that table. It’s your 1 minute date~ in one minute you can do anything~ but don’t molest him!” [we laughed] “For example, you can talk to him, sip tea together, or ask questions within that 1 minute. You can do eye contact too”

YAI [pointed at the table]: “Taking the cups there, right?”

MC: “Yes. Then, Ah In-ssi, please come this way to pour the tea, and I’ll serve it”

[While Ah In pouring the tea from the teapot to the cups, MC continued teasing him, “Oh, the tea looks very clear!” [we all laughed]

[After finished pouring the tea, Ah In was about to carry the cups to the table on the corner of the stage, but MC put down his microphone, took both cups and carried them with both hands. Seeing this, Ah In helped him carrying the microphone while walking to the table. He looked so cute! Fans screamed for his small kind action.]

[While MC arranging the table and putting the cups on the table, Ah In immediately pulled out the lucky fan’s chair at the table so she could sit first, and then he sat down too across her. Fans screamed wildly!!]

MC: “Oh you are so gentleman”

MC teased the lucky fan: “Please move closer in case you want to molest him” [Ah In moved closer too. We screaammmmed!!]

MC to fan: “When I say start, the timer will count down to 1 minute. If you want to say something, please speak up. I’ll stay with you, and Jaeyon will stay there with Yoo Ah In”

YAI [smiles at fan and nods]: “Yes”

[Fans from the row front screaaaaaaamed!]

MC to the screaming fans: “What are you screaming for? It’s not you!” Ha! πŸ˜€

MC to lucky fan: “Make eyes contact with him, please. Are you ready? Get set…If I said start, do it! … I mean, ask him the questions!”

MC: “Ready~~~ Start!” [the clock started ticking]

[Fan sat still and seemed nervous, she didn’t say a word]

MC: “Ask him if you can touch his hands”

[She stretched her right hand. Ah In reached her hand and touched it with his left hand. We all screaaaaamed so loud!!!]

[Ah In raised his cup with his right hand, smiled at her, and sipped his tea while his hand was still holding hers, and kept looking at her deeply. Aaaaaaarghhh! MC told her to get closer, but she was too shy and just shook her head. Fans kept screaming and screaming!!!]

MC to YAI: “She’s so shy! Ain-ssi, do you want to hold her hands?

[Ah In leaned his body toward the table and held her hand closer, and looked at her face even closer with cute smile. Meanwhile, this shy fan couldn’t look back at him and just bowed down her face]

[Fans screamed louderrrrr!!! Ah In laughed πŸ˜€ ]

YAI to fan: “Yes?” [He was waiting for her response, but she was just getting embarrassed]

MC to fan: “Hold his hand with both of your hands”

[At first, Ah In was going to reach her left hand too, but she drew it out]

MC: “Time is ticking! Don’t be shy. Ask for more hand-touching”

[She shook her head because she was too shy. But Ah In encouraged her by hovering his hand, mimicking the both-hands-holding gesture to her. She finally cupped her left hand upon Ah In’s hand. Then Ah In moved his hand up on hers and cupped both her hands while laughing embarrassingly. She finally moved her hand again up on his. Fans screaaaaaamed wilderrrrr!!!]

MC [counted down the time]: “Time’s up! Separate!

[Ah In put his hands up while still laughing, then he turned his body to see the audience. Fans screamed again]

MC to lucky fan: “I would like to tell you that you used that 1 minute in vain” (because all she did was nothing but smiling and being shy πŸ˜€ ]

[While MC was talking, Ah In raised his cup and did the toast with her, and then they sipped the tea together. Fans screaaaaaamedddd!!!]

[She gave him a thumb up, and Ah In replied by giving her thumb up too ^^]

MC: “This thumb up can mean it’s really great or angry with you!”

[Ah In laughed and said something to her, like asking what she meant by her thumb up]

MC: “The true meaning is: very good”

YAI [gave a thumb up to her again and said in English: “Very Good. Kobkun krub [thank you]”

MC: “Ah In will give a presigned poster to fan too”

[Ah In gave her a poster, then he hugged her πŸ™‚ Fans applauded]

[Ah In and MC came back to the center stage while staff removing all the tables out of the stage]

MC: “That’s not a really worth one minute” [Ah In laughed]

MC: If it were me, I would ask ‘can I hold your hands?’ or ‘let’s do a selfie together”

Fans from the floor shouted: “Can I remove the table?”

MC repeated: “Can I remove the table? Or can I have a hug?” [Fans screamed louder]

MC: “You can do many things in one minute! That was not worth one minute!”

YAI [laughed and pointed at MC]: “Bad boy! This one minute may have no meaning for Pee Q (Translation Note: pee means older brother, Q is the MC’s name), but it was a very precious time for fan and me” Awww~~

[Fans screamed and applauded]

YAI: “I’m being true!” [being true about his feeling/what he said]

MC [joked]: “Today I’m a Kantee. I’m a bad guy, I’m everything!” [Sik and everyone laughed]

MC: “Let’s have another game!”


– Fans Elimination game –

In this game, all audience in the auditorium had to stand up from their seats. Ah In turned his back on us, and he began mentioning the conditions one by one to eliminate/select fans, until 3 persons left standing. The game began~

These were what Ah In said,

“Those with single seat numbers stand up, and double seat numbers sit down, please”
“Those with Long hair sit down, please”
“Those wearing pants sit down, please”
“Those with glasses, please sit down”
“Those who do not wear the necklace, please sit down”
“Wearing dark clothes, please sit down”
“Wearing skirt below the knees, please sit down”
“Wearing hat, sit down please”
“Wearing sneakers, sit down please”

[The selection was totally intense! After he went down with 9 conditions, Ah In turned his head around a bit to see us, and asked how many fans left standing. He saw there were five persons left.]

Ah In to MC: “Is it okay if we get 5 persons (instead of 3)?”

MC: “It’s up to you” (lol)

[The staff said it’s alright. So finally they got 5 winners in this game]

[One of the winners was a fan from China. She was the only Chinese fan who came to this fanmeet and one of the last five persons standing, and got his present and his hug. She said, “Every time Ah In mentioned the condition, I felt I was going to die. I didn’t know for how long I could endure it. I was going crazy! They finally stopped for five persons instead of three, and I did it! My God! I came up the stage to get the Love City tee, and he hugged me! The MC asked me where I came from. I said I’m a Chinese fan. Everyone applauded ^^”]


Β – Lucky Draw for 3 Lucky Winners –

It seems this was an additional game. After the elimination game, there was a lucky draw to get three lucky fans. Ah in drew out names from the box, and the 3 names that he drew out got his Nohant Love City tee and a merchandise bag each.

Ah In: “It’s so easy to get both bag and t-shirt, while on the last game [elimination game] we played very long time for only a t-shirt!” Hee! Blame it on the EO!


– Fans Video Project by YAI In My Heart and SIKseekers/Yoo Ah In Sikseekland! – πŸ˜€

MC: “We’ve prepared a video for you. Please take a look at it.”

[Ah In turned his back to the giant screen. MC made a hand gesture to fans to keep silent.]


[FANCAM BY PRUI] Yoo Ah In Watching Fan’s Project [SIKseekers video starts at 3:30]


[When the video was almost over, MC gave a sign to us to raise our mini banner, and we all raised our banners together]

[After the video ended, Ah In turned around with big smile but then he looked so surprised! πŸ˜€ We all screamed!]

YAI [lauged]: “What is this?

MC [shouted] “Surprise!!”

[Ah In saw all fans were holding the banner written in Thai, “Love you, Keng” and in Korean, “Please take care. Have a safe journey. AIN Thai Fans.” Ah In looked totally stunned!]

MC: “Please go closer to see~”

YAI: “Where am I suppose to go?” [He laughed hard πŸ˜€ There might be 2 reasons: the sentence on the mini banner didn’t look clear to him, or it had ambiguous meaning :p]

MC: All I can read is the first line “Love you, Keng”

YAI [laughed]: I’m very surprised! These come from the bottom of your heart?”

Fans altogether: “Yessss!” πŸ˜€

YAI [bowed]: “Kamsahamnida”

MC: “This time, your visit here will be more memorable than your every other visit. You are the one who make fans smile and laugh and cry when watching your movies and dramas. And please know that every time you feel tired, come here to Thailand, and you’ll always receive these encouragements.”

YAI: “Time flies so fast, I’m sorry to say goodbye. Thank you all for these great memories. I would like to have this opportunity again. I promise I’ll be back~”

[Before finishing his touching little speech, we heard the background song. Ah In laughed]

Ah In: “Is time almost up?”

[Jaeyon then translated all MC’s speech to Ah In. Fans applauded and screamed loudly]

MC: “Do you want to take photos with fans?”

YAI [in English]: “Suuure!”

MC: “Everyone, raise the banner and let’s take some photos!”

[Ah In squatted in the middle of the stage facing the cameras with us all. We posed raising our banners while he was posing with “V” sign and smiling wide. The photographers took our photos from 3 angles. After that, MC came back to the stage]


After the photo session, MC said, “And this is our last segment. Yoo Ah In will sing a song for us! Let’s give him a big round applause!!” We screamed and clapped.

Ah In stood at the center stage with lights showering on him. When the music began, he said, “Fighting!” and laughed bashfully. Kkkk~ Check the videos out~

FANCAM: Yoo Ah In Singing

FANCAM: Yoo Ah In Singing [close up]



He sang “Thought Of You”. He sang wholeheartedly. Sometimes he chuckled and covered his face in the middle of his performance, because he was so shy. Uber cutenesssss!!!

We all waved our hands following the music to encourage him, we screamed and laughed and cheered him and finally gave him a long roaring applause when he finished! πŸ˜€

Ah In laughed, bowed down, and waved his hand as if saying good bye while walking off the stage. Everyone screams frantically!! Some screamed, “Don’t gooo!” Kkkk…

The lights turned off. Ah In disappeared from stage. We chanted and shouted out his name over and over again!


– The staff announced that this was the last segment: “High Touch” –

Ah In reappeared. A table was already set up on the stage again. He stood up behind the table. We were not allowed to record or take a picture during this moment.

Fans came up the stage in a queue with this order~ the last row came up first, followed by the second rows from the last, and so on, down till the front rows. After doing the High Touch, we had to get down the stage and exit the auditorium immediately. Since we sat on the first front row, we could watch him high-touching with most of all fans. They had to do it real fast, because it was a high-touch.

Staff kept reminding us not to hug or grab him, just lightly touch his hands. However, as the event went by, the high-five turned to hold both hands tight! We still had to do that fast, though.

During this event, Ah In never ceased smiling. There was a cute moment~ a little girl, perhaps around 4-5 years old, wearing a tutu, came up the stage following her mom. While her mother high-fiving with Ah In, she jumped and jumped high so eagerly to reach his hands too. She made super cute scene! We laughed. Ah In laughed too, and bent over the table to reach the little girl’s hands, and making funny face for her. Awww so sweet!

When it was our turn, our friend Gift said “Saranghae!” to Ah In, and walked by. Ah In turned his head to her and replied, “Thank you!” and laughed. Awww he’s so sweet!! He gave his sweet smile to me too πŸ˜€

We went out with happy heart and big smile on our faces. Yoo Ah In went out through the VIP door, so no one saw him leaving. Many fans still took pictures in front of his giant banner in the hall. Some of them got to take picture with the host too. Also, it seems the host and Ah In became good friends~ they took photos together behind the stage ^^


Several hours later Ah In posted his fanmeeting photo on his instagram, saying thank you for the fanmeeting ^^ [check the photo here]. Thank you for giving us the beautiful memory too, Yoo Ah In!!



Check more photos from Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting Tour in our Facebook album here

PS: We will post the report on SIKseekers/YAI Sikseekland Love Project for Yoo Ah In Fanmeeting, including details on our video and presents soon!


Photos: MC’s instagram, fans instagram accounts, Neo Creation, baidu, YAISikseekland

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